Junk Food and Scavenger Hunt

Thursday already- time flies when you are fighting off fleas. I tried to set a flea trap as suggested by Kitty Cat Chronicles, but I just used a battery operated light and didn’t attract any. Tonight, I will try again with my turtle’s heat lamp.

I am having a lot of fun with Boris’ scavenger hunt, I am not doing all 75 items, but definitely every item that will be given to the animal shelter. Millie was helping me look for state quarters, 2005 nickels and wheat pennies: 015We found everything we needed-thanks Millie.

Today is behavior day and I want to touch on junk food.I put this under behavior because it is human’s bad behavior that allows cats to eat the junk food. Most of our cats have no interest in our junk food, but some of them could eat it all day. I recently read that 1 chip is equal to a bag for cats. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any evidence of this to back it up online. Prancie is our junk food junkie, she is orange and eats anything orange including Cheeze its, Cheetos and Doritos. After reading that, I only give her little crumbs to taste.

I am curious to know what kinds of junk food your cat likes so feel free to comment. Please read tomorrow as I will be announcing a contest. Thanks for reading.


    1. You are smart not to eat people food. I bet that was cute when Angel swiped chips.

  1. I don’t let my kitties eat human food but that doesn’t stop one of my kitties from trying to snatch food from my plate!

  2. We don’t get to taste my human’s junk food… unless you count KFC, and actually she mostly gets that for me!

    1. A little treat like KFC is good once in a while- your mom is good to you Sparkle.

    1. Your mom is right, but it must be hard to watch her eat them in front of you.

  3. I don’t like jumk food, but I do like to sneak and get a taste of the dogs food! Ha Ha.

    1. That is OK- I bet the dog steals from your litter box, ours used to do that-ick.

  4. Hi! Junk food and scavenging for it sounds like fun! Hee Hee!
    You kitteh are lucky you can jump up on the kitchen benches. BOL!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    Big apologies for being late with my comments – I’m late to everyone’s blog. *blushes*
    Always love your posts and appreciate your support. *fury hugs*

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