Children’s Books about cats and Contest Winner

Happy 4th to my readers in the USA and Happy Friday to everyone! Today is book recommendation day and being that I am taking a class on Illustrating children’s books, I thought it would be fun to recommend some of those. Lucy is relaxing today so Millie is going to recommend his favorite children’s book. I will also be announcing the contest winner.

Cats are inpatient so Millie wants to go first: 005Milton Goes to The Vet is his favorite story ( he thinks it was written for him). I wish taking him to the vet was as easy as it is in this book- he cries the whole way and usually makes a mess in the carrier ( sorry Millie, I shouldn’t tell all your business).

I am going to recommend 2 books that remind me of our cat, Spooky who used to be a neighborhood cat until we brought him inside. First off is Six -Dinner Sid  by Inga Moore and the other is The Cat with Seven Names by Tony Johnston. Here is the Amazon link . In both books, a cat goes to several families for food and they all think they are the owner of the cat which leads to some funny results.

And the winnerof the Frolicat Sway is……..The Florida Furkids-Congratulations and check your email as I will be contacting you for your address to mail it to. Thanks to all who entered please keep reading as I will be posting another contest soon.

Have a great day everyone and if you are having a party, make sure to keep your cat secured in one area. Also,I believe all cats should be inside, but if you let yours out, make sure he/she is in before fireworks time. Thanks for reading.


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