Marc Maron and Howard Stern Love Cats

So much to write about today. I started my children’s book illustration class last night and it was fantastic. There was only one other person so we got lots of attention- plus I got a free palm reading from the other student 🙂

Today is behavior day and I am going to write about cat behaviors that boggle my mind. I don’t have ( or need ) solutions to correct them, I just wonder why they do these things. First off, why do the need to go to the bathroom with us? Sometimes, I have 3 at a time in there with me. Once in a while, I get in alone and my big boy, Sammy will turn the handle.The first time he did that, he scared the heck out of me. I had no idea a cat could use such force on turning the door handle. I actually warn guests about this so they don’t think we are trying to get in on them.

Another odd behavior is sitting on the newspaper. I know it isn’t just for attention because they lie on newspapers whether we are reading them or not. Although Joanie does have a gift for knowing exactly where I am reading and blocking it. Feel free to comment on what behaviors boggle your mind. I will be drawing a name tomorrow morning so be sure to comment if you haven’t yet to be entered to win a Frolicat Sway toy for your kitty.

Marc Maron is on tonight, I am thinking he won’t have any cats on because he is going to try yoga this week. Coincidentally, my hubby and I are starting a 5 week yoga class this Saturday. While on the subject of comedians, I recently read in Cat Fancy that Howard Stern and his wife, Beth have 5 rescue cats. I probably won’t start listening to him as he is too crude for my taste, but at least I don’t totally hate him now.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!