Cat Toys with Treats Inside

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope my USA readers had a nice 4th despite the heavy rain in many areas ( ours included). Today is product day and I am going to recommend 2 items that my cats love. They are both cat toys with treats inside.

First off is  the Trixie pet solitaire game for cats. It is a games with 7 holes to put treats into. Then you cover them with 7 little domes and your kitty has to move them to get to the treats. Joanie and Sammy are really good at this. 001

The other, is SmartyKat Knock Out Treat: This is a weighted egg that reminds me of a weeble- it wobbles, but it doesn’t fall down. Phoebe is the only one that was smart enough to use it, but Sammy and Joanie kept watching and they can use it too now. 002Phoebe gets her egg twice a day, at 3 PM and 10 PM- she always lets us know when it is egg o’clock.

We are off to our first yoga class-if you don’t know me personally then let me fill you in. I am not a physically fit person and I HATE too sweat. Plus after watching Marc Maron’s show the other day, I am afraid to pass gas. Hope you all have a nice Saturday.


    1. I will be writing about the yoga experience on today’s blog. For anyone who told me that I would love it- you were very wrong!

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