Hi everyone! Today we are joining the Chewy Hop hosted by Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier.

This month, I chose Sheba Perfect Portions Grain -Free with Snowball in mind. I knew it was something everyone would enjoy, but Snowball is toothless so pate is her favorite and she can eat it at a normal pace so Sammy doesn’t have time to snatch it.

DSCF1502Poor Joanie, she is always the first to investigate when a Chewy box arrives, but this time, she got nothing. She can’t eat any kind of canned food without yacking, probably because she eats it so fast.

DSCF1640 (2)   Penny liked it DSCF1642 (2)Millie did too DSCF1643and so did Phoebe

And most importantly, Snowball loved it:

DSCF1517  Out of 13 cats, 11 liked it and the other 2 didn’t try it. My kitties tried the turkey and the chicken flavors , both were a hit. My only complaint was pulling the foil off the top is tricky and most of the time I got the juices on my hands-ick!

If you are interested, it is on sale this month at Chewy for $8.82/ case of 24. Shipping is always free on orders over $49 .

*Disclaimer: We received the product free in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own. e9637f75-2322-429f-b8cf-e87bee99673eAnd before we go, Joanie wants to show off her tummy today ( and her toesies too! )




    1. That is too bad he had allergic reactions. As long as there is something he can eat- even if you have to feed it to him.

  1. Love the paws and tummy. Always good for a photo! If you have a toothless kitty, you are kind to try to find something that works. I have few teeth but can still chew on one side, but mama is so happy to learn of this food for kitties with teeth problems. I wish the people I lived with before I found mama and papa had paid attention to my poor little teeth.

    1. Snowball can eat any pate very quickly, but if I get her shredded, it takes her a long time to eat it. Joanie is glad you like her tummy and paws. I didn’t realize you had a family before your Mama and Papa, I am glad you have them now.

  2. I don’t have too much trouble with that kind of container, but I always splash myself with the pop top cans! Seriously, no one else does this, but I always get something splattered back at me, sigh.
    Looks like it was a hit!
    Have you tried those slow down bowls for Joanie? they make it impossible for the kitty to wolf it down by having to work it out, either from around a dome in the middle or a bunch of little sticky-up things all over. (saw on Jackson Galaxy) Wonder if it would help?

    1. That is funny, I can do the cans, but not this foil. The first few times I got it on my shirt too.:) I should get onee of those for Joanie, I sometimes put a golf ball in her food and it helps. I never tried on canned food though. Thank you for the idea.

    1. I didn’t know Hannah doesn’t have teeth, I knew she loves her chicken though 🙂

  3. Oh that sounds rather yummy – maybe Mom will get some of that for me to try out. I’m super duper picky. Looks like it was a big hit at your house. Thanks to Joanie for sharing that tummy and her toesies too – VERY nice of her to do that!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. I hope she will get you some to try. Glad you like Joanie’s toes and tummy, she loves to show off her tummy. XO

  4. Wow! Thanks for showing all of our Loves today!!! We always love to see them! The food sounds yummy and we’ll see if we can get mom to order some!! Joanie looks extra luscious showing off her tummy and toesies!!

    1. I hope you can get some, you will love it. Joanie is glad you like her tummy and toesies- she hopes Simon likes them too 🙂

  5. Aww. I was feeling sorry for Joanie not getting any until the end where she showed her belly 😉 No, I’m just teasing. Bear is a food snarfer too. He’s always been that way. At first, I thought it was the homeless cat in him, but he still does it ten years later. Opening a new bag of kibble makes it worse. At the beginning of the bag, he’ll eat a bowl a day … toward the end, it will take him three days. I should do a better job of overseeing that.

    1. Joanie and Sammy are both like that, they are siblings and I figured at one point in their life they were starving.

  6. Great review! My angel Rosie loved Sheba food. But, believe it or not, not a single one of my young kitties will touch it! I’ve tried all the flavors, and even these little servings. Bur, they won’t have any of it. I am glad all you kitties like it, though! Purrs!

  7. Great review! Sheba will go on our list of foods to try since both of our cats are going through a new finicky phase.

    1. It is so troubling when cats get picky, I worry they are sick. I hope your kitties like this as much as mine did.

  8. Phoebe mee sweet gurl that food lookss nommie good! Have sum fur mee mee Purrincess!!!
    An Joanie yur tummy an toesiess are cute just like you!!
    An Purrincess Phoeber you are still thee cutest most beeuteefull kittygurl inn thee werld!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ****paw kissesss**** yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Eleven out of thirteen make for a pretty convincing argument! 🙂 We are especially glad that Snowball loves it 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. awesum ree view guys….we all loves pate style heer….frank lee we like de gravee stuff two, but we eat de gravee N leeve de food !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  11. OH! That tummy and FOOTOE!!! Mom is swooning. She is such a pushover for kitty feets!

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