1. Oh goodness. Angel Barney is beautiful in pastels! What a lovely art! We’ll play with the puzzle now!

  2. Angel Barney was a beautiful kitty! I think the soft colors of the art work well in his picture. Happy Caturday to all! XO

  3. That is lovely art, and thanks for the puzzle.
    I did try to leave a comment yesterday but the timer thingy kept going round until it timed out. I had 4 tries so don’t know what went wrong.

    1. Sorry about that. Apparently others had trouble too. WOrdpress can be quirky. XO

  4. Read every word here. Thank you.. Bruce teaches NC History as well at his school in Charlotte. So having read what he wrote and added to al I have read as I am a history aficionado…I know these things. Didn’t know about the State of Franklin though until early last year. It was a “hold your breath” time during all of that with the settlers back then. WHAT a journey they all had to Statehood.
    Katie Isabella

  5. We always love the pastel shades from Lunapic. Beauty added even more beauty to Beautiful Angel Barney.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. The soft colors are very nice for Angel Barney. I have never heard you mention a Barney kitty. There must be many more that you helped and loved before I started to follow the Meowing Crew. Thank you for the puzzle.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Barney was here 2002-2013, She left us too young of cancer. XO

  7. That is a beautiful effect though, for Angel Barney.He was a handsome boy!
    xox Katie

  8. What a masterpiece! The colors are gorgeous, and of course the subject is purrfect. Purrs!

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