Sunday Selfies

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop .

Rosie is a little grumpy. She is trying to figure out how to change the channel to the red string.

Sammy scored some corn on the cob. He had to go to the vet for his tummy itching and he has a boo boo on his foot from a fight with Brody. He got an antibiotic shot and will have prednisone briefly.

Gremmie took his selfie on a play date ( hubba, hubba). No worries that he doesn’t have a mask on as Barbies don’t carry COVID.


Tomorrow is Black Cat Appreciation Day so Trouble, Drake and Jinx will be featured.


  1. Great Selfies. We’re glad Sammy got to have corn and that Gremmie and Barbies don’t have to wear masks. Rosie, we hope you find the right channel.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Woohoo, Sammy. Good job getting some corn on the cob. We hope your boo boo heals soon, and your tummy stops itching. Gremmie, you are quite the ladies’ man. 🙂

    Oh, andRosie, let us know if you figure out that remote. We have our fave channels, too!

  3. Oh dear…….at least Sammy got some corn on the cob to make up for the boo boo and vet visit. Rosie will smile once Mom helps her find that red string I bet!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. OH our Robin used to love corn, but she never bought to try it still on the cob!!
    xox Katie Isabella

  5. Sammy, you lucky cat with the corn on the cob! Hahaha… Gremmie looks so happy and it’s good to know Barbies don’t get covid. I’m wondering how Joanie feels about Gremmie on his play date with the Barbies… LOL! Prednisone worked for our Holly Cat. I gave her shots and her tummy cleared up pretty quickly. Fun selfies this morning!

    1. Joanie missed Gremmie, she rubbed him with her chin all over when he got back. He is taking pill form, it seems to be helping already. XO

  6. I hope Sammy is soon feeling better from his booboo and itching.

  7. It almost makes it worth going to the vet to get the treat. Almost.

    Sounds like Rosie doesn’t like it much when it’s time for someone else’s show to come on.

    Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

  8. Lovely selfies ! We wonder why we cannot see the other comments on your blog… Purrs

    1. Thank you. Not sure why you can’t see the other comments. WordPress is so quirky. Sorry about that. XO

  9. Great NO Fantastic selfies. Hope Rosie don’t be grumpy, you’re to pretty to be grumpy + being grumpy and frowning gives you wrinkles. Smile, everyone will think you’re up to something. Hope you figure out how to get red string back.
    Sammy, we are so sorry to hear you have a boo-boo on your foot from fighting with Brody. You know good Kitty Cats don’t fight. Well we hope your foot gets better real soon. Hope your corn on the cob was delicious Sammy.
    Loved the selfie of Gremmie and the Barbies.

  10. It will be exciting if Rosie does learn to change the channel! Awww at Sammy nomming on the corn! Hopefully he will feel better soon. XO

  11. Hey Sammy that corn looks soooo good. Rosie you will get your string right after the next infomercial for “Put Brody in His Place the Easy Way” and Gremmie. Keep on Gremmieing (is that a thing?)

  12. Lookin guud there Sammy with THE cobby corn! An Rosie mee hopess you find THE Red String channelle….
    Gremmie iss quite THE Lady’ss Poe-ta…Man….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  13. Mom would love to be able to buy some tasty corn like yours looks. The really good local corn here has a very short season.

    We hope Sammy’s itching gets a lot better soon.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Our Tucker used to love corn on the cob, and we’d let him have a few bites. Thanks for the memory, Sammy.

  15. We have faith that you can work your magic on that remote control, Rosie! And I love that Sammy eats corn on the cob. None of my furbabies will eat any vegetables, not even the dog. And Gremmie, you sure look popular! Purrs to all!

  16. How rthe hooligan pups here would love to nosh on somew corn! MOL!

    Rosie, don’t be too grumpy or you might have to go to your room instead of a turn at the red string!
    Sammy. sure hope you’ll be feeling A-OK real soon, with no itchies and um…please don’t squabble too much, OK?!
    Brody, you need to be more gentleman-like…yup…Hah!

    Cute Gremmie, flirting with Barbie and crew! Tee-hee…did he have a ticket to let him ride in the Barbie-Mobile?

    1. I always get my red string after the news- as long as the power is not out. Sammy thanks you and Gremmie does too. XO

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