Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade. I used Fotor to make this poster with the clue for the scavenger hunt for Raena’s 3rd birthday.

There are 7 blogs with clues to collect by June 5th then you can enter to win a prize.  To learn more click here.

I also want to tell you about my friend Cathy’s children’s book. She writes the blog, Curious as a Cathy and today is her 9th Blogoversary. To celebrate she is offering a free Kindle version of her children’s book, The Tale of Ole Green Eyes from June 1st-5th. I loved it, you can read my review byclicking here. And to get your Kindle, click here.


  1. I think Garfield has the right idea – tubs full of lasagna sound pretty good to me!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Garfield has his own Comic Strip(1978-Present).
    Also Sylvester the cat(1954-1962), Heathcliffe(1973-present), Catbert from Dilbert comic strip(1989-Present) just to name a few but Garfield is my top one.

    1. You need to collect all 7 answers and post them on Dezi’s blog on June 5th. Good luck.

  3. Prancie, you make the cutest poster! I see all the hints you’re dropping there. There are actually quite a few cat comics (I think of Felix, Heathcliff, Bucky from Get Fuzzy, Mooch from Mutts, Kit ‘N’ Carlyle ), but Garfield was the first one I thought of.

  4. Fanky fank you fur postin’ the question fur mine’s scavenger hunt awnty Ellen. Seems you found one kitty that has a comic strip. There’s more than one right answer. But, this isn’t the kitty we were thinkin’ of. MOL A clue fur others who might wonder who we thought of, we wrote the question the same way we googled it. The kitty in question comes up furst. See ya’ at the pawrty. Big hugs

    Luvs ya’

    RaenaBelle and Dezi

  5. Garfield is a hint, huh…MOL 😀 We can’t download the free sample of CK’s book, it says only books from our Country🙄Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to all of you🐾😽💞

  6. Thank you s much for posting Raena Belle’s Scavenger hunt questions!
    Purrs to you and your family from Pete, The Girls and the Formerly Feral Kitties!

  7. Oooh I think I know the answer to that one, though Mrs H did warn me that there are a few cats with comic strips, so I best go and do some research, and maybe catch up on a nap or two, too 😉

  8. There is so much fun stuff in this post! Now, I’m going to go read up on the scavenger hunt and Cathy’s book. I had no idea Cathy was an author, and so I’m incredibly excited to check out her book. Purrs!

  9. Wowy, you and Garfield look so-o much alike. Maybe you two are related?! I luv Garfield! Mom says her Grandma had the comic books when Garfield first came out years ago and she let Mom read them as a little girl. My Auntie collected plushy Garfields for many years. Hugs and purrs.

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