Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

I used Lunapic’s Crayon Effect for my art. The puzzle is below.

And we are up to the letter G in The A-Z Blogging Challenge. 

G for gift wrapping supplies. This is another area I have under control. This is the changing table from when I was a baby ( I guess that makes it an antique). I use it for storing all gift supplies with emergency gifts on the top.

Bows and tissue paper
gift bags
Boxes and misc.

And the gift wrap:

How do you store gift wrapping supplies?



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  1. WOWSER…mama loves giving things at odd times and normal times and has a tall basket with roll of paper stuck in it and Amazon gift bags, etc. but mama just hands over the gift sometimes without wrapping it at all, but boy, are we impressed with your organization. BEAUTIFUL. Your baby changing furniture is a gift in itself!

  2. We still have the changing table from when our sons were babies…it is now the holder of my extra blankets and pillows. My gift wrapping stuff is in a few big shopping bags. One for birthdays, one for Christmas and another for miscellaneous.

  3. You are so well organised! The changing table is lovely too. That is a pretty effect for the art. I haven’t tried crayon yet.

  4. Awwww….sweet that you have your “babyhood” changing table. It makes a lovely gift storage area – looks nice and neat too! I have an L.L. Bean Canvas bag that I keep my gift wrapping.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Good idea! Never thought of that/ Not the long rolls of course but all else.

  5. I am envious! My long rolls of gift wrap are in a container standing in the walk-in closet that I use as a pantry. The bags, are also in there on a shelf. That’s where I part ways with common sense. All else is scattered throughout the house. Hard to find and difficult to wrap things except on the dining table. Labels, cards, twine, ribbon, tape…you name it…here and there.

  6. Very organized. When I moved I downsized my “gift wrapping” stuff. Tossed a lot of bows (most were squashed anyway). I don’t buy rolls of paper anymore as I usually use a bag. I have a cool bag container that hangs on a rod in the closet. The few rolls that I didn’t toss are in a plastic container for wrapping paper. I really need to downsize that.

  7. You are so organized, Ellen! I use large plastic bins for wrapping supplies and all the stuff we want to store. We’ve both moved several times thus the reason we have so many bins and they are very handy.

  8. Great idea! I never get my wrap stuff organized. I do have a three drawer chest that isn’t being used right now since I got rid of all my Athleta stuff. It would be perfect for all the wrap, bags, tissue and bows instead of throwing it all in the corner of the closet in bags!

    1. Thank you. SOunds like you have the perfect chest to use for wrapping stuff. 🙂 XO

  9. I love your Caturday art.
    What a grand idea to have an emergency stash of gifts. Your antique changing table is purrfect
    I have this thingie that is like a hanging clothing bag but it is actually for gift paper, bows, tape scissors. Lots of compartments.
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. I like your “antique” changing table! In my spare room closet I have a kitchen garbage container looking thing for my stand up rolls of paper and something that looks like a square laundry basket has all the gift bags and tissue standing (almost neatly) up in that. Then I have a cube shelf in the room where one “cube” is for the bows. I like your way better!

  11. Furabuluss organizin there Aunty Ellen! An you reepurrposed yore Change Tabell which iss dubbel furabuluss!
    Wee use a small tote that dubbellss as a step stool fore mee. BellaSita not need as much giftie stuff like you due. Shee has bagss inn bottom. And a tim with ribbonss an little Catmass Ornymentss. There are a few giftiess stored there an of coarse TISSHUE PAPURR 😉 An shee has Catmass cardss an stickurss inn a bag so they are seppyrate an cleen.
    You both get A+ inn Giftie Organizin Stuff!!!
    Lovelee artwerk two!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  12. That really is such pretty art, very pleasing! WOW, you’re sure lots more organized than we are.

  13. How sweet that you have that changing table! Looks like you put it to good use. And the artwork is great. The colours are so nice! xo

  14. That’s a nice filter.
    We have our wrapping supplies in a drawer under the couch. Most of the rolls fit too. TW threw out some tissue paper today cos she said she has way too much and I don’t play anymore.

  15. Your baby changing table is very beautiful, we would buy one if we saw one like this😺 We keep our wrapping supplies (the big roles) in the attic so we can’t see it🙈 All the other stuff is in drawers…also unseen😸 That’s a great filter for your artwork. More Pawkisses for now🐾😽💞

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