1. I am finally back!! So behind, I’ll just pick up here…else I will get even more bogged own, LOL! I made some vegan broccoli cheese soup before I sat own, we’ll have that tomorrow, even though our boys were told to stay home on account of our terrible weather. The roads are treacherous. I hope my trip to work on Christmas will be a better drive by then. (Eight miles of back roads).
    We will try to have our gathering on Monday instead.

    Beautiful art of Angel Snowball. She sure doesn’t look like a monster…

  2. Love love love the colors in that photo! I’m working on a piece of art and its nice to see how the colors work together. Purrs and xo
    Tommy and Teaghan

  3. Purrple is one of my most favourite colours and Angel Snowball looks absolutely majestic in this hue along with her coordinating Santa Hat. May all of your family including the angels bring you Joy and a sense of Peace this Christmas.

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