Wednesday’s ROARS

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you all for your care and concern about Stinky. She is going to the vet this afternoon. I will update on Facebook as soon as I know anything and I will post an update here Thursday.

Last week’s flash sale went so well that I decided to do it again to help 2 different causes. Please don’t feel obligated to buy something, I just thought someone might want these items and help cats at the same time.

First off, Phoebe’s Purrince’s Mum told us about a gofundme page to help rescue 40 cats that were abandoned a month ago by a home owner. Their story will break your heart, I am glad they are getting help now. Here is the link

And the other is for Marg Holiday Badge Margs Animals [Large]

I have a Troll bead  “kitten”, I couldn’t get a good photo, but you can see it on the Troll bead site  It sells for $31 and I am selling this for $15, free shipping in the USA. If you buy it, I will have you pay the $15 to the gofundme to help the 40 cats.

And for $10 ( free US shipping) 006 You get a catnip mat, 2 catnip Christmas ornaments, A book of Catmas Carols and a Cat Owner’s blank book to keep your cat’s information. Whoever buys this can pay with paypal for Marg’s Animals.

Phoebe will be starting her Christmas giveaway tomorrow. Please say a prayer and ppurr for Stinky.


  1. You are so kind, always thinking of others and finding such wonderful ways to benefit such great causes! I love these flash sales and what they stand for, and I’ll be keeping my eye on all the items that you post.

    And, of course, we are sending all of our purrs and prayers to Stinky. I’m glad to hear that she has a date with her doctor. I’ll be thinking of and praying for both you and her all day.

    1. Thank you for the purrs and prayers, we still have no answers after our visit to the vet. 🙁

  2. We are EVER to anxious to hear about Stinky’s eye and what the vet has to say……………….Mom says please email her when you know!

    Love, Sammy

    1. Thank you for wishing us luck at the vet, we still have no answers 🙁 And thank you for the compliment.

  3. I will send $20 to you to split between the 2 causes for a turkey leg and an ornament… let me know if we have a DEAL (big grins here) cindyannb99 AT sbcglobal DOT net woot woot oh plus tell me how to send you the $20

  4. Oh, no…was this “homeowner” the one who ran the notorious “shelter” called Selah Ranch All Rescue, in Virginia? What a mess that is. I hope the animals are all safe, every one of them. I hope she has no animals, after what she did.
    Bless your heart for helping as you do. HUGS.

    1. Hello McGuffy Reader….I saw your comment & wanted to reply. This is happening in Holland Centre Ontario & there were 40 cats left to fend for themselves. The man is a Mental health person & was evicted for many reasons. He did not take any of the cats. The property owner said he would assist Feral Cat Rescue here with costs & once Nikki & the others started to live trap & remove the cats the owner backed out & sad ‘Just stop feeding them & they will die by Spring…” This is FOR REAL!!!! So these cats have been abandoned twice & we are working to live trap all of them & get them medical care & spay/neuter & find them new homes/barns where they will be cared for.
      Here is the link to the story:
      If you want please stop by Purrince Siddhartha Henry & Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad & leave a comment on our blog. Each comment is worth 75 cents & will go straight into the Feral Cat bank account to assist with medical costs. I am not physically able to help so do as much online as I can as a group member! Thank you for your interest!
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

      1. That is sweet of you to do a commentathon. Phoebe will tell everyone about it on the blog tomorrow. XO

  5. stinky… manee blessings oh st francis two ewe….we hope yur home chillaxin on de sofa in noe time & everee thingz aye oh kay with yur eye ♥♥♥

  6. Mee-you Lady Ellen an Purrincess Phoeobe fankss fur ROARIN fur Feral Kat Rescue group here inn Owen Sound! This meenss thee werld to us!! Thiss iss thee group what saved mee an Tyerrone an Tangerine’ss life when wee were onlee a month old…
    Wee hopess Marg’ss Animalss doess well all so…shee iss one pawsum Lady!
    An mee purrin an purrayin fur deer Stinky to bee OK!!!!!
    **paw kissesss** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ an all mee <3 LUV <3
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, someone donated $15 to each group which was very kind. I wish I could donate, but now I need to pay for an MRI for Stinky. Thank you for the purrs and prayers for Stinky. We still have no answers, but her eyes had no damage so it is something with her brain which is very scary. Phoebe sends her love and kisses XO

      1. Mee-you MANY fankss to thee people what doe-nated $15. each!! That iss berry kind an sweet of them! Wee appursheatess all an any help wee getss…..
        Wee iss goin to pray long an hard fur yur sweet Stinky gurl.
        **puts pawss together** PleeseBuudha Kat make Stinky better….
        LadyMum sends her LUV an purrayerss all so.
        Mee sends all mee <3 LUV <3 to mee Purrincess Phoebe <3
        **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry thee purrin purrayin littul Purrince xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Thank you for your prayers. That was very sweet of the lady to donate, if you read the comments, you will see where she wrote it. XOXOXOX

          1. Mee goin to keep purrayin!!! Mee luvss Stinky as shee iss mee Purrincess’ Sisfur an wee want her here with us! Wee DID read thee commintss on thee GoFundMe an wee had leeky eyes Lady Ellen 😉
            ****paw kissesss**** Siddhartha Henry

          2. Sorry we gave you leaky eyes. Thank you for the prayers for Stinky. She is acting like herself so we are trying to stay hopeful. XO Phoebe sends her love and paw kisses.

    1. Stinky is home, but we have no answers. She is going to need an MRI, I need to find a place nearby that does that. Thanks for caring.

  7. Those are boff pawsum causes. Weez sendin’ lots of purrayers fur Stinky. She not only needs a new name, she needs to get all better. Lots of hugs and take care.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you for the prayers, they are needed. We have no answers and she will need an MRI to figure it out. XO

  8. You are very generous with your flash sales. I will keep purring for Stinky and hope the MRI will give answers and you can get treatment for her.

  9. Oh, My:((
    Sorry you didn’t get any answers and no good news either, so that further testing is needed…that MRI, sheesh:(

    We will amp our purrs to the highest level we can, Stinky, we are purring so furry hard fur you. Hugs to your pawrents too.

  10. Thank you for wanting to help these two wonderful causes. Reading some of the comments it sounds like there are no answers on Stinky. Does the vet think it’s potentially serious? I sure hope not.

    1. It does sound like it could be a brain tumor or some kind of swelling in her brain. The only way to know is with an MRI.

  11. My goodness! so much is going on with everybody. We wish we could help but stuff is going on in our house, too. Blessings on everybody who is so generous and kind. We are praying for Stinky.

    1. Nee-you cute LadyBird you do not have to spend a cent…no no no…if you just come bye mee bloggie an leeve a commint fur mee 1st Gotcha Day LadyMum will doe-nate 25 cents an there are 2 other ladies who are goin to match each commint…..
      Wee knowss people have tuff times…that iss why wee set this up so efurryone can pawticipate an not spend $money$!
      **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

      1. That was very sweet to let people be able to help by just commenting. I am glad you have 2 ladies to match with you. I hope it is going well. XO and paw pats.

        1. Mee luvss doin Commint-athon’ss Lady Ellen an Phoebe. It iss a good way to raise $money$ an people take part an are a part of thee fundraisin effortss….so far there are 60 commintss an thee toe-tal between LadyMum an thee 2 other ladies iss $45. Iss better than nuffin rite???
          ***paw kissesss*** an <3 LUV <3 Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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