1. Thank you. My hubby’s father was a big hunter so I think it was to stuff squirrels or something-ick. Love to you all too. XO

  1. Creepy cool is what it is! It’s November, the month that celebrates Thanksgiving! I am so excited!!! Good Morning!

  2. It’s fun to find things from long ago. Have the time you don’t even know what it was used for, but it’s cool to find them.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ☺

  3. Might that be some kind of elixir? Not quite the thing you want to see the day before a dental if, in fact, that is dental related. You know, cavity and all. Cool bottle and yes, creepy too.
    Da Ryans

  4. Bet you could score some good $$ for that bottle; collectors would go ga-ga over it! I found some old rug beaters in our barn…which aren’t as cool as this bottle!

  5. Eek! What was Nitrol for?! That is cool! Mom loves old bottles, too, but she doesn’t have any at home. The house museum where she works has some old medicine bottles and things like “liquid bluing” that would whiten white clothes when washed. Hugs!

  6. PS, I’m so glad to hear that Dear Prance is doing better. She is a brave girl. Is there treatment for what she has? It sounds like something Momma’s cousins doggie has. UGH! I hope Prancie has a full recovery. Kisses for her.

    1. I think dogs get it more often. She does have ear drops for an ear infection, but for the most part, we wait it out, but she recovered quickly. XO

    1. My hubby’s Dad was a big hunter when younger so he probably stuffed something like a squirrel.

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