Wednesday’s ROARS

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you all for your care and concern about Stinky. She is going to the vet this afternoon. I will update on Facebook as soon as I know anything and I will post an update here Thursday.

Last week’s flash sale went so well that I decided to do it again to help 2 different causes. Please don’t feel obligated to buy something, I just thought someone might want these items and help cats at the same time.

First off, Phoebe’s Purrince’s Mum told us about a gofundme page to help rescue 40 cats that were abandoned a month ago by a home owner. Their story will break your heart, I am glad they are getting help now. Here is the link

And the other is for Marg Holiday Badge Margs Animals [Large]

I have a Troll bead  “kitten”, I couldn’t get a good photo, but you can see it on the Troll bead site  It sells for $31 and I am selling this for $15, free shipping in the USA. If you buy it, I will have you pay the $15 to the gofundme to help the 40 cats.

And for $10 ( free US shipping) 006 You get a catnip mat, 2 catnip Christmas ornaments, A book of Catmas Carols and a Cat Owner’s blank book to keep your cat’s information. Whoever buys this can pay with paypal for Marg’s Animals.

Phoebe will be starting her Christmas giveaway tomorrow. Please say a prayer and ppurr for Stinky.

Happy Birthday to Mom !

Happy Thursday everyone and Happy Birthday to our Mom! Grammie even helped us get a gift for Mom- I love her so very much ( Grammie and Mom).

017 020

Mom and Grammie are off to Boston today to audition for a commercial. And can you believe this? Dad said, “I hope you both break a leg”. Can you believe it? And she didn’t even get mad. I sure don’t want my Grammie to break a leg, or Mom either.

My sweet purrince wrote me 2 more poems,one he emailed to me and the other was in a thank you card. Here is one of them:

To mee Phoebe:
Wee were meant to bee,
it was ritten inn thee stars….
Wee has a love so strong,
whether near of afarss….
Our love iss timeless,
just like the planet Marss!
****paw kissess**** an ~~~head rubsss~~~
Yur Poe-etick Purrince, Siddhartha Henry <3 <3 <3

 I am such a lucky purrincess. And you know who else is lucky? The winner of our giveaway for a Friskies Pull ‘n Play- and that is:


ROAR for S

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is S day on the a-z blogging challenge. It is also ROAR day so I am combining them.


S is for Sissy Shelly who is the  very sick sister of Linda who writes “Our Rainbow Friends” every month. Marg from Marg’s Animals is organizing the auction, if you have anything to donate, the instructions are above. I donated a Lia Sophia necklace. The auction begins next week for anyone interested in bidding.

Phoebe will announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow- you can still enter today.