Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I got to see my Grammie on Wednesday so I am very thankful. I love her so very much. And look what she got for me, well, the purple bag is all mine and the others are for sharing.   And Mom is thankful for these two cute mugs she won from Andy and Dougy’s Dad, if you don’t already follow them, you should check out their blog,they are two adorable Persian brothers.

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

This week for Sammy’s Poetry Day, our Sammy wrote a poem for the letter P.

I like to pee in the tub
I pretend I am in a sub.
When I am mad I pee on the couch
that makes Mom a grouch.
Angel Lucy taught me to pee on the bed
that is something my folks dread.
The pen may be mightier than the sword,
but a well placed pee is never ignored.

And Mom is joining Wandering Through the Shelves’ Thursday Movie Picks, this week is a TV edition of Period Drama. Here are her choices:

  1. Downtown Abbey ( 2010-2015)- Covers the years 1912-1925, about an aristocratic family and their servants.
  2. Mad Men ( 2007-2015)-  Set in the 1960’s, follows advertising men working on Madison Ave.
  3. Homefront ( 1991-1993)-  I like the clothes, cars, etc. from the 1940’s so I loved this show. It was set in a small Ohio town after WWII.

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. The first thing I think about in the morning is _________________________.
2. The last thing I think about before sleep is _____________________________.
3. I am looking forward to                                 .

4. I am so pleased                                   .



  1. Well we certainly agree with your poem…..especially the last line. We’re glad you got to see your grammie AND got your own bag of treats!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Your Grammie sure is the best of the best, Phoebe. But, we bet you already know that. You know what else is pretty darn fantastic? That poem of yours. We never would have thought that pee could be so purrfectly poetic. Also, this human here loves period dramas. Downton Abbey is one of my favorites. I somehow have never watched Mad Men or Homefront, but now I really want to. And, as always, we cannot wait to fill in these fill-ins!

    1. Sammy wrote the poem, glad you like it. I am a lucky girl. 🙂 You would enjoy Homefront and Mad Men. 🙂

  3. Your gran loves to shower you with treats!! I love Sammys poem!! BobbieSue agrees, too, that pee is mightier than any other weapon. Hey– what if instead of shooting people they peed on each other instead. Do you think that would stop violence and wars? ? Just a thought.

    1. I have my Grammie wrapped around my little paw. Does BobbieSue do the same thing? That is an interesting thought, maybe wars would end.

  4. Love your poem today! Pee is certainly one way to be SURE of getting attention!!!!! Nice that you got a pile of treats too from your Grammie!

    Love, Angel Sammy and Ted

  5. Sammy’s poem… LOL! Peeing on the bed is not a good thing, Sammy! We had a kitty that liked to pee on everything soft. He stopped after a couple of years and we were very HAPPY! No UTI, I think it was a behavior issue that resolved itself. Phoebe, Grammie and treats… life is good!

    1. Sammy doesn’t do it often. Lucy used to do the same thing when she was mad at me.

  6. It looks like you and Mom hit the jackpot pretty Phoebe, well, except for the tub thing! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Mee-yow Sammy that iss a ‘pawsum’ pee poe-em!!! LadyMum laffed an laffed! Mee likess thee ‘flow’ of thee poe-em; pun inn tended 😉
    An mee deerest Phoebe of course you gotted thee Purpull bag of treetss; after all you ARE a Purrincess!
    ***nose rubs*** an ***paw kissesss*** an LUV, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you. MOL! YOu are a punny guy. High fives!

      My turn now, your purrincess here. Yes, I like the purple bag the best, today. I will probably like something else tomorrow. I am fickle with treats, but never with my love- you are my only. XO and paw kisses

  8. While I could never get into Mad Men despite a couple of attempts it was a well put together series with nice detail. Perhaps if I start fresh from the beginning one day I’ll be able to reevaluate it.

    Love Downton Abbey! I anxiously anticipated it every week and was sad to see it end though it was the right decision to bow out while the quality was still high.

    I saw a few episodes of Homefront but back in the days before VCR’s and DVR’s it was on the wrong night of the week so I could never be a regular viewer despite liking what I saw.

    When I think period drama I automatically think British TV first and so that’s where my choices came from today.

    Poldark (2015-present)-In the 1780’s Ross Poldark returns to his ancestral home on the Cornish Coast of England after fighting in the American Revolutionary War to discover in his absence the advent of several distressing facts. His father has died leaving their lands in disarray, he himself had been presumed dead and Elizabeth, the woman he loved in despair has married his cousin. Times are hard and Ross has to find a way to rise out of penury, resolve his feelings between the now out of reach Elizabeth and Demelza the woman he has turned to while dealing with a despicable and shameless foe. Brooding and frustrating at times but consistently interesting.

    Call the Midwife (2012-present)-Wanting to help others young, well to do Jenny Lee becomes a midwife in London’s East End during the late 50’s and early 60’s. To do so she must live in a convent among sisters trained in midwifery as well and slowly loses her naiveté about the way the world really works. Terrific mix of pathos, joy, triumphs and sorrows played by a cast of great British actresses with nice period detail. Based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs and narrated by Vanessa Redgrave.

    The Grand (1997-1998)-As WWI comes to a close the Bannerman’s reopen the family’s hotel The Grand in London after a refurbishing done in hopes of revitalizing business in the postwar boom. They are also hoping to provide a comfortable return for their soldier son who has come back from war with what was then termed battle fatigue. However problems quickly arise forcing the inclusion of an unwanted partner. From here the series deals with the conflicts that arise within the family and the guests, some of whom are there for a day and others long term. The excellent ensemble includes the great Susan Hampshire and as the shell shocked son Stephen Moyer who is better known as Bill Compton from his years on True Blood.

    1. I am not familiar with any of those, they all sound great. I am going to see I can get Poldark through Netflix.

  9. I’m glad you got to see Grammie. We all know you love her very much.

    Love the pee poem. I laughed out loud.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ☺

  10. sammy we iz at a standin ovayshunz heer in de land oh trout for yur pee poem two day…itz awesum witha caPatull Z!!!! 🙂 ♥♥

  11. Your poem had me laughing so hard, i’m glad i didn’t have a sip of water in my mouth!

  12. Lots of good stuff going on at your house (treats, mugs, videos). But I’m sure everyone could live without the naughty peeing.

    1. He hasn’t done it in quite a while. As long as he gets lots of attention, he behaves 🙂

  13. A whole package of treats for youself, Phoebe…and the others have to share…MOL…you are to funny? The pee poem was very funny too. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend☺❤

  14. Yummy treats, huh, Phoebe??!

    We think Sammy is a furry good poet! And um…we sure hope there isn’t *too much* pee in wrong spots:)

    1. I am lucky 🙂 Mom has been lucky too lately, he has only peed in the tub and not the other bad places. XO

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