Tummy Tuesday

Hi everyone! Joanie was being shy and didn’t want to show us her tummy so Sammy volunteered.

DSCF2154 His fur is finally growing back from his surgery. He has been meaning to thank Kali and Shoko for offering to send him some of their furs. He appreciated the offer, but he has been enjoying his air-conditioned tummy in the hot weather.

Thank you all for wishing me luck with the allergy shots. My first allergy shot went well, no swelling or anything. Hopefully, they will all be that easy. I go again Thursday morning, apparently it is twice a week for the first 15 weeks.



Books I Don’t Recommend

Hi everyone!Thank you all for your words of wisdom and suggestions for Brody yesterday. I do believe he was sent to me to teach me patience which is something I have never had. I will keep things as they are for now and hope he continues to get braver. And as my other cats find their new positions after so much change, maybe they will accept him.

When I was reading lots of cat books for The A-Z Blogging Challenge, I found some books that I didn’t like. I figured I could do a post on those now that the challenge is over.

One of them was going to be my U choice. An Unlikely Cat Lady: Feral Adventures in the Backyard Jungle by Nina Malkin was disappointing. I thought it was going to be how a group of feral kitties converts a lady into a cat lover. In a way it was, but she is a jerk. She may have helped some cats, but at one point she traps a Tom Cat and thinks he is ugly so she lets him go. I thought that was so mean, she could have brought him in to be neutered while she had him trapped.

Another book that was very disappointing was the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat edited by Amy Newmark. There are 101 stories so they are not all bad. I was annoyed that some of the stories were chosen. In the first section of the book, there is a story about a lady who hated her boyfriend’s cat. There was another story of a lady cat sitting who abandons the cat because it tried to attack her. She figures it will be fine for 2 more days without food. I think you should at least be a cat lover to have your story included in a book like this.

And one other book that bothered me was My Street Cats by Raphaella Bilski. In the book, she tells about the feral colony she fed in the 1990’s at her home in Jerusalem. It is very sad because many die very young. I also don’t like her attitude that all cats should not be spayed and neutered. She feels there should be a happy medium between fixing them and letting them live as naturally as possible. I would think after seeing first-hand what happens when cats are not fixed, she would be all for TNR.

Sorry about this rant, I just wanted to let you know what didn’t make the cut for the A-Z challenge. joanie2Joanie thought you may like a tummy shot for Tummy Tuesday.


Tortie and Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tortie and Tummy Tuesday! Penny is here to show off the beautiful Thanksgiving card that her sweet boyfriend Toby sent to her.

005 There is a picture of Penny and Toby together on the card dressed as Pilgrims- very cute 🙂 Penny says thank you Toby!

And here are those tummy shots Joanie promised you:

001 002She was stretching for a sunbeam here.


Tummy and Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a tortie and a tummy for you today, but first a medical update. I took Spooky and Millie to the vet yesterday. I held off as long as I could because neither travels well. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, Spooky didn’t poop in the carrier. Unfortunately, Millie did.

They both needed bloodwork for their hyperthyroid. And Spooky also needed his blood pressure taken to make sure he is on the correct dose of medicine. The tech told me it was 160 and the vet will call today after the thyroid tests come back.

Now for the tortie:009and the tummy:

010Well, a little tummy and a little toesies too.

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Loving Care for Cats

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day and I have some resources to share with you full of tips to keep your kitty safe.

First is an online Home Safety Guide: http://www.expertise.com/home-and-garden/pet-safety-guide . This is a comprehensive guide to the many dangers in our homes from poisonous plants to foods bad for them. It includes charts and links to other sites with more information. There are also suggestions for problems like sneaking in cabinets or small places.

The other resource is a book that I won from our friends at Fur Everywhere. Cat Skills: Loving Care for Cats by Leslie Goodwin is also a comprehensive guide for pet parents. I like that it isn’t too wordy, she gets right to the point and gives the information you are looking for. It is only 135 pages, but covers so many topics from nutrition, litter box issues, aging issues and so much more. There is also a CATalog at the end with useful websites.

You can purchase the paperback new at Amazon for under $10, and under $5 for the Kindle edition. Here is the link: Cat Skills .

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014 ( Spooky not included)

And Joanie wants you all to see her tummy: 004

Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher

Happy tummy and tortie Tuesday everyone! There will be a tortie and some tummies, but first we want to tell you about the great prize we won from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody :

http://www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com/  They always have great giveaways, they are having one for Lola the Cat’s book right now.

We won the Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher by Feline Be Mine. Joanie claimed it before I could even get it out of the box and plastic it was wrapped in.010012She knew what to do with it right away.

027Sammy knew too- he has powerful paws and it did stood up to them quite well.

002Prancie003Snowball006Stinky 012Phoebe

The others just like lounging and bathing on it. It is never empty, there is always a cat on it. Stinky was hogging it so I had to move her so Joanie could get it back, she was so happy she even showed her tummy.


Sammy is 20 pounds and can nap on it so it is a generous size. You can get your own on sale with free shipping on Amazon by clicking here : cat scratcher

002Penny wants to remind everyone to get their free coffee at McDonald’s today ( and many other places too) for National Coffee Day. She also wants to say hello to Toby ( doggiecaperz.wordpress.com) .

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Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is tummy Tuesday and Joanie has all her t’s covered this week. Lucy still has tummy issues too, but not the good kind. I am glad she is eating again, but she still has troubles when she uses the litter box floor. We will be seeing her vet today, I don’t mind any of the vets where we go, but I do prefer this one as she has been there for years.

Tuesday is medical day too so I wanted to share a warning I saw recently on another blog called floppycats.com : http://www.floppycats.com/ragdoll-cat-poisoning-from-bath-and-body-works-plug-in-air-freshener.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+floppycats%2FmheS+%28Floppycats+Blog%29

A cat was poisoned from the fragrance oil leaking out of a Bath and Body Works plug-in. I had one of those in the bathroom , but only plugged it in when company was coming ( not often).  When I read this, I tossed it in the trash immediately.

And here is Joanie showing her tummy, toesies and tongue too:


Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Joanie is ready to show you her tummy, but first I will tell you about Lucy’s tummy troubles. We were doing pretty good for a few weeks with no medical news to report. I have been getting increasingly more worried about Lucy though. She is a kitty that has always cleaned her plate and lately she does not. I also noticed her stool is a little runny ( sorry, hope you are not eating). 007

I held off making an appointment because I do tend to rush there over every sniffle ( and it drives my hubby crazy) plus her blood work was excellent 2 months ago. I am glad I decided to bring her in though because she has lost a pound and a half over the past 2 months. I was thinking she may need an antibiotic, but she was actually given a probiotic. I was giving her yogurt at home, but it was only a small amount and wouldn’t have been enough. I have to give her some paste for a few days and sprinkle the capsules on her food for a week. Only problem is there are no directions on how to get the paste out and the tube is apparently human proof. 008

Has anyone else ever used this? I am praying it helps. I can also give her 1/4 of a pepcid tablet which I haven’t done yet because she wants to eat and doesn’t have trouble holding it down. She also hasn’t had a dental in a little over a year so some teeth look like they could be a problem, but we will deal with that once we get the tummy settled.

And here is that tummy you have been waiting for , she promises not to bunny kick 🙂 007

016She also wanted to do a #tongueTuesday too !