Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Penny wants to say hello to her love, Toby.


I am a little worried about Stinky. I noticed that one of her pupils is bigger than the other. My hubby thinks she just got hit in the eye when wrestling with Phoebe.

016This is the best photo I could get. She closes her eyes for the flash so I turned it off. It is her right eye. If it doesn’t improve in a couple of days then we will be heading to the vet. She is acting fine other than that though. Has anyone else ever had a cat with this problem?

Tummy and Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a tortie and a tummy for you today, but first a medical update. I took Spooky and Millie to the vet yesterday. I held off as long as I could because neither travels well. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, Spooky didn’t poop in the carrier. Unfortunately, Millie did.

They both needed bloodwork for their hyperthyroid. And Spooky also needed his blood pressure taken to make sure he is on the correct dose of medicine. The tech told me it was 160 and the vet will call today after the thyroid tests come back.

Now for the tortie:009and the tummy:

010Well, a little tummy and a little toesies too.

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Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher

Happy tummy and tortie Tuesday everyone! There will be a tortie and some tummies, but first we want to tell you about the great prize we won from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody :  They always have great giveaways, they are having one for Lola the Cat’s book right now.

We won the Kitty Couch Sofa Cat Scratcher by Feline Be Mine. Joanie claimed it before I could even get it out of the box and plastic it was wrapped in.010012She knew what to do with it right away.

027Sammy knew too- he has powerful paws and it did stood up to them quite well.

002Prancie003Snowball006Stinky 012Phoebe

The others just like lounging and bathing on it. It is never empty, there is always a cat on it. Stinky was hogging it so I had to move her so Joanie could get it back, she was so happy she even showed her tummy.


Sammy is 20 pounds and can nap on it so it is a generous size. You can get your own on sale with free shipping on Amazon by clicking here : cat scratcher

002Penny wants to remind everyone to get their free coffee at McDonald’s today ( and many other places too) for National Coffee Day. She also wants to say hello to Toby ( .

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Tortie Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today is Tortie Tuesday instead of tummy Tuesday. One of our kitty readers requested seeing more of the tortie with the hope of getting to know her better so here is Penny:


Here she is hanging out with Flat Scout Charles ( one of these days we need to mail him home) . And here she is enjoying the valerian heart that Katzenworld sent us. We won a Posh Graffiti Christmas ornament in a giveaway and they were kind enough to send us this heart too. All the kitties have been loving it and drooling on it too. It also makes a great pillow. If you want your own, you can order here:


This is the ornament that I won. It is beautiful and when you buy one you are helping a rice farming village in Bali to supplement their income.


Tortie Tuesday Giveaway

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your sympathies on my Lucy. I will always love her and miss her every day. I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of cat loving friends to help me through this difficult time. When my KaChoo went to the bridge in 2010, I did not have all this support which made it all the more difficult. Lucy is part of my heart and will always be part of this blog too. We had a couple more books read to do reviews on that will be featured as well as some unpublished photos.

Thank you Nellie ( ) for this beautiful picture of Lucy and thanks to all of you who paid tribute to Lucy on your blogs.


Penny has been looking forward to having a giveaway ( clearly not thrilled about the photo part).  I named Penny after the character on The Big Bang Theory. New episodes start next Monday so we are having a giveaway for these great socks- one pair has “Soft Kitty” on them. Just leave a comment today and/or tomorrow to be entered and she will announce the winner on Thursday ( if Phoebe lets her have a turn). 019 021

Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tuesdays are medical days so I will give you an update on my kitties. Fortunately, things have been going well ( knock on wood ,three times).  I brought Polar Bear in for his blood work and his thyroid medicine seems to be at the right dosage. He has even gained over a pound since he started on the medicine several months ago. He always has sneezing and runny eyes which are from his herpes. The vet said in an ideal world I would get a test to see if there are any polyps causing this. Being that it is not an ideal world and he has been like this for the 7 years that I have had him, I am not going to do that.


I also brought KaTwo in for her rabies shot. She had a little bump on her head too that I wanted to be sure wasn’t a mast cell tumor-it was a scab 🙂  She does need to be on a diet though, 15 pounds is too much for her size. I won’t mention any names of who fills her bowl when they come to visit ( hint: Phoebe loves this person very much).


I will probably bring Lucy for blood work fairly soon. She is 16 and I know at that age, 6 months is like 2 years to us. Other than needing thyroid levels checked, hopefully we won’t need any other visits to the vet.

And here is Penny for a tortie Tuesday photo:007Around this time 3 years ago, she appeared in our yard. We asked around and no one was missing a cat so finders keepers 🙂


Special Guest Post by Author Patricia Fry

Happy Tuesday and a big welcome to Patricia Fry and her Tortie, Sophie:


Thank you for inviting me here on Tortie Tuesday to tell my story. I’m Sophie—as you can see, a Tortie—and I like to eat ribbon. My mom and dad don’t let me play with ribbon because they say it could make me sick. There’s no more of that sweet-tasting curly ribbon on packages in our house. I used to love eating that stuff. Mom hides the satin ribbon she uses for sewing projects. She won’t even let me around her yarn. But this Christmas I discovered a new type of ribbon I like.

When no one was looking, I hid under the Christmas tree with the packages and chewed on the pretty bows—they’re so fun to nibble on. Well, the other cats, Max and Lily didn’t seem to think so, but I sure enjoyed crunching on those bows.

Then one morning, when I woke up I didn’t feel so good. I got sick all over the place. When Mom and Dad saw what had happened, they got really worried and upset. You see, what was coming out of me was pure blood. They thought I would die.

The man in the blue coat didn’t know what had happened to me and I wasn’t about to fess up. He told Mom and Dad to watch me closely. And it was then that they found out my little secret—that I had been eating all the pretty bows on their packages. Mom said something about the metallic bows cutting me up when I swallowed. Do you know what she did? She took all the bows off all the packages. She then threw away the leftover bows. She said, “There will be no more bows or ribbon in this house.”

I can’t say that I’m sad. I have plenty of other things to do and toys to play with. And I sure feel better than I did after eating those bows. A couple of days ago, I got excited, though. I saw a package all wrapped and ready to go someplace. And there, on top of the package was a pretty red bow. I rushed to the package, when no one was looking, of course, and started to take a bite when I noticed it wasn’t a bow at all. It looked like a bow—but it was actually a picture of a bow on a sticker. Hmmph, I guess that’s Mom’s compromise. She can still use bows on her packages but it isn’t one that I can eat. She can be smart that way. sophie 011

My advice to other torties (and the rest of you cats), don’t eat bows. They can do awful damage to the insides of a cat. I’m lucky I’m still here to spread the word.

Sophie lives in Ojai, CA with a Lily, a tabby and Max, a big snowshoe-type kitty—all rescues. Mom, Patricia Fry, writes the Klepto Cat Mystery series, featuring Rags, a kleptomaniac cat whose discoveries often help local authorities solve crimes. Available at Print versions available here:

Thank you Sophie and Patricia, we hope you will visit us again sometime.

And thanks to everyone who voted for the captions yesterday, I did a final count at 9:30 PM and the winner was number 3.

Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day, but first, a photo of our tortie, Penny:


When Phoebe was sick last week, I paid for the senior panel which is blood work and urine testing. She didn’t have a full bladder so we didn’t do that part and they sent me home with a cup. Once I found out Phoebe’s blood was fine, I decided to use the cup for Lucy’s urine. I carry Lucy to the bathroom twice a day to remind her to pee and she always goes on the puppy pad so it was easy to catch some. For the rest of the cats, it would be hard to get a sample unless I segregated one which is hard to do with so many. I am pleased to say Lucy’s test was good despite being around age 16.

Hope you have a great day. Don’t forget to compliment Phoebe for more chances to win the catnip mat and toys:004 005