Special Guest Post by Author Patricia Fry

Happy Tuesday and a big welcome to Patricia Fry and her Tortie, Sophie:


Thank you for inviting me here on Tortie Tuesday to tell my story. I’m Sophie—as you can see, a Tortie—and I like to eat ribbon. My mom and dad don’t let me play with ribbon because they say it could make me sick. There’s no more of that sweet-tasting curly ribbon on packages in our house. I used to love eating that stuff. Mom hides the satin ribbon she uses for sewing projects. She won’t even let me around her yarn. But this Christmas I discovered a new type of ribbon I like.

When no one was looking, I hid under the Christmas tree with the packages and chewed on the pretty bows—they’re so fun to nibble on. Well, the other cats, Max and Lily didn’t seem to think so, but I sure enjoyed crunching on those bows.

Then one morning, when I woke up I didn’t feel so good. I got sick all over the place. When Mom and Dad saw what had happened, they got really worried and upset. You see, what was coming out of me was pure blood. They thought I would die.

The man in the blue coat didn’t know what had happened to me and I wasn’t about to fess up. He told Mom and Dad to watch me closely. And it was then that they found out my little secret—that I had been eating all the pretty bows on their packages. Mom said something about the metallic bows cutting me up when I swallowed. Do you know what she did? She took all the bows off all the packages. She then threw away the leftover bows. She said, “There will be no more bows or ribbon in this house.”

I can’t say that I’m sad. I have plenty of other things to do and toys to play with. And I sure feel better than I did after eating those bows. A couple of days ago, I got excited, though. I saw a package all wrapped and ready to go someplace. And there, on top of the package was a pretty red bow. I rushed to the package, when no one was looking, of course, and started to take a bite when I noticed it wasn’t a bow at all. It looked like a bow—but it was actually a picture of a bow on a sticker. Hmmph, I guess that’s Mom’s compromise. She can still use bows on her packages but it isn’t one that I can eat. She can be smart that way. sophie 011

My advice to other torties (and the rest of you cats), don’t eat bows. They can do awful damage to the insides of a cat. I’m lucky I’m still here to spread the word.

Sophie lives in Ojai, CA with a Lily, a tabby and Max, a big snowshoe-type kitty—all rescues. Mom, Patricia Fry, writes the Klepto Cat Mystery series, featuring Rags, a kleptomaniac cat whose discoveries often help local authorities solve crimes. Available at Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1kAI8I2 Print versions available here: http://www.matilijapress.com/Klepto-Cat-Mysteries

Thank you Sophie and Patricia, we hope you will visit us again sometime.

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  1. Wow, it is a good thing you figured out what was making you sick. That could have been horrible. We have read some Patricia Fry books and always enjoyed them very much. Nice interview.

  2. Very important post. I used to be a vet tech. I have seen what bows, ribbons, string, thread, ties, etc. can do. Thank you for this reminder. I agree. Hug.

    1. It is important, I have always let my kitties play with bows and had no idea how much damage they could cause.

  3. Nice meeting you, Sophie! Sparkle LOVED ribbon, and I hear it rarely made an appearance in the house! I mostly like food things, and the occasional paper product.

  4. Lucky kitty that the ribbons didn’t cause something even more terrible. I’ve had one kitty (Raven) eat a long strip of fabric and we were Very Lucky that it passed through her and she didn’t need surgery. Ribbons, rubber bands, string, thread, dental floss…all those long stringy things are safely stored away in our house.

    1. I agreee, I used to worry about floss getting picked out of the trash, but now we use a water pik so no worries.

  5. veree nice ta meet ewe sophie N we R glad ewe R doin much better…we noe that had ta be veree scaree for yur mom & dad….we haza cord chewer heer in de land oh trout sew nothin stays plugged in ! we will have ta sneek over ta amazon & chek out yur momz bookz !! ♥♥

  6. Sophie, our boy Chuck tries to eat anything ribbon-like; cords on mini-blinds, the fringe on winter scarves, even the tie to my pajama bottoms! After eating a piece of rope (which reappeared without the help of surgery, but a lot of help from the vet!), we humans do all we can to keep stringy things hidden away. Glad you are okay!

    1. That is awful that CHuck had to have surgery to remove his string. Glad he is OK too.

  7. Hi Sophie…Oh I love to look at curly ribbons on packages the remind me of piggy tails which remind me of bacon and I love bacon.
    Hugs madi

  8. Sophie, we can see why you would like the bows, we think they would be interesting to chew on, glad you are okay. I’m not trusted with string and bows as I like to chew on those things.

  9. It was a pleasure sharing Sophie’s story. We both hope it helps to save many other dearly loved cats out there. Sophie used to chew on the blind cords, too, and I found her once with dental floss. She outgrew most of those bad habits. She didn’t know better. You see, Sophie didn’t have a home until she was ten weeks old. She lived on the streets in a cat colony. When we adopted her from the vet who trapped and spayed her, she took to our other cats immediately, but had trouble warming up to the humans in the household.
    She’s 10 years old now and a total love-bug.
    When I create a story for the Klepto Cat Mystery series, I draw from the antics, experiences, and purrsonalities of the many cats I’ve known over the years. Rags, the klepto cat, is patterned partly after my mother’s large grey and white part ragdoll cat. Some of the sweet cats in the stories are inspired by our tabby, Lily; our big, grumpy snow-shoe-type, Max as well as Sophie. They are all teachers, as Sophie was in this blog post, and advocates for the feline species.
    So glad some of you are enjoying the stories. Watch for “Mansion of Meows” to debut soon. There’s lots of scary action.

    1. “Mansion of Meows” sounds great. I am so glad Sophie was rescued by you. Thanks again for the post.

  10. Fankss Sophie fur sharin yur storey bout thee bowss! LadyMum wil not let bowss an stuff into thee place wwther 😉
    Mee luvss to shred thee tisshue papurr an sumtimess try to eat it so LadyMum watchess mee like a hawk. When shee goess out thee tisshue papurr iss put away.
    Wee do keep our Hu’manss on their toess don’t wee? 😉
    T2 Phoebe…are you excited??
    Luv Siddhartha Henry <3 <3

      1. Mee-you Phoeobe an Lady Ellen mee LadyMum hass had katss since shee wass a child so shee knowss allott of fingss bout katss. Shee told mee shee adoress mee an doess not want mee to put meeself inn danger as kittiess can….so shee watchess mee good 😉
        **pawkissess** Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxx

          1. Mee-you Phoebe frum thee barn to a place of mee own with a LadyMum an not have to share mee food an toyss an can snuggle with LadyMum at nite…an shee luvss mee allott (shee tellss mee efurry day)…mee iss BERRY lucky!
            See you tomorrow….
            Luv Siddhartha Henry <3 <3

  11. Sound like fun books! We are careful with ribbon, string, rubber bands etc. here…our gang would eat them up! Argh! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

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