Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone!!Time to get hopping, we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that I got to see my Grammie on Wednesday. I love her so very much and I get sad when I don’t see her.

  I am in the bunk bed because I am all tuckered out from the Kits, Kritters and K9s Valentine’s K-oss dance. My purrince and I had a wonderful time. Click here to see photos and please remember the camera adds 10 pounds and they are all on my butt-phooey!

Mom sometimes write articles for The Daily Mews , but this month I decided to give it a try. I am svelte so I am just the one to give dieting advice to Mom and KaTwo. They haven’t followed any of it though. Click here.

And for Sammy’s Poetry Day , featuring the letter J, I have written a poem about Jinx.

Jinx is a handsome mancat
there is no denying that.
He likes human, rabbits and dogs
I bet he even likes frogs.
There is one thing he does hate
other cats, he won’t tolerate.


Mom is skipping the movie hop this week because it is Shakespeare adaptations and she hasn’t seen any. Here are the fill-ins for tomorrow, Mom came up with the 1st two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the 2nd two.

1. Snow ___________________.
2. My favorite kind of soup is ______________________.

3. When no one is around, I                                      

4.                      is my                         .


Grumpy Phoebe

Hi everyone! I am in a mood.DSCF2449

Here is my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter M. Mine is a haiku titled MAD.

I am Mad at Mom

She told Grammie no more treats

until Halloween!!!!!

Can you believe that? She said we need to ration these to last until then- PHOOEY!!!! I haven’t seen Grammie since Sunday and now she is going to be busy with ” The Great One” so I don’t get to see her until Saturday. I love her so very much too!


Plus I caught Snowball and Prancie having a meeting with suck-up Brody.

DSCF2460 (2)

Mom wrote about him this month too for The Daily Mews: Click here

Today’s question for P.S. Annie’s 19-Somethin’ Challenge is, what celebrity death upset you the most? Mom says she remembers Elvis died when she was 8, but she wasn’t really upset about it.

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow, Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. I can’t wait for the new season of ___________________________ on television.
2. In my home, ____________________needs to be repaired.
I thought I lost ________, but ______.
4.Once, I found _______.

Phoebe’s Thursday Report

Happy Thursday everyone! I decided to upgrade my Christmas stocking this year.

001My small last year’s one is next to it, but you can barely see it. I figure I have been mostly good this year and I do a lot of work around here so I deserve a big stocking.

I helped Sammy with his Cat Scout service project, sending cards to people in rehab centers and a hospice. 002 003Sammy did do some of the work too.

Stinky went to the vet Wednesday. She can see that the retina in her bad eye is flat, but she can’t tell us why. She gave Mom the number for a kitty eye specialist about an hour away so Mom is going to call today. She is hoping to get in for Monday or she may have to wait until after Christmas. Mom was actually a little relieved because she would rather have a problem in the eye than in the brain. Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. We will keep you posted.

I haven’t seen my Grammie since Monday. I love her so very much, I hope she visits today.

Mom wrote another article on The Daily Mewz There are lots of interesting articles on that site.

We snail mailed and emailed our Christmas card and tried to get to everyone. If we missed you, we are very sorry. Please take this:


Mom heard about a little girl that was burned on 75 % of her body in a fire, the girl lost her father and 3 siblings in the fire too. All she wants for Christmas is cards, the address is on this link:



Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tummy Tuesday everyone!I was hoping to do another plant quiz, but didn’t have time to take photos. Hubby and I decided to “forage” and had fried Queen’s Anne Lace blossoms, they were tasty with a hint of lemon. I am going to get a book from the library on foraging because I know many things looks similar, but some are edible and others are poisonous.

We went to Nellie’s 5th Blogoversary party and to thank us, sweet Nellie sent this beautiful badge that we will proudly display on the sidebar.

5thBlogoversaryThank you Nellie and family!

I told you on Sunday that our fill-in was used this week on Lou Belcher’s Blog and here is the cartoon:Crazy Cat Lady 2

And if you haven’t read Millie’s story on The Daily Mews, here is the link: The funny part of his story is that I have fought my hubby to get every cat in this house- except Millie-hubby rescued him 🙂 There are a lot of great articles on the site.

And now for that tummy: 004Joanie wanted to be cool with shades, but they were a little big so I had to hold them up for her.


Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I will announce the winner of the book and some catnip toys at the end of this post.012 014Sammy stole my favorite spot so I took his.

Mom and Dad have decided to have supper in the dining room because for some reason they don’t enjoy this: 006Do you see a problem with this?

My Grammie is going to watch us tomorrow so Mom and Dad can go to the movies. I am very excited, I love her so very, very much.

Mom wrote about Millie in The Daily Mews:

And Lou Belcher’s blog:

asked for people to fill in the sentence ” You know you live with a crazy cat lady when ______________________ and Mom’s answer will be featured on his blog, we will post the cartoon here on Monday.

Please pray for my Purrince and his Mum, they could use prayers and purrs right now.

And the winner of the book and some catnip toys will Cat Scout Charles-Congratulations!!! He doesn’t have a blog, but you can find him on Facebook :






Happy Friday everyone! Lucy doesn’t have a book to recommend this week, but she is thrilled because my article for this month’s Daily News is about her. I write a column about Life With 15 Cats and she was my second official kitty so it was her turn this month. Here is the link: .

It has been very cold lately so Lucy rarely leaves the heated throw for fear that another kitty will take it over: 002

The other day I came across The Story of a Street Cat Named Sabrina by Sheryl Lee. It was free on Amazon that day, but it is currently $2.99. This got my attention because I had a cat named Sabrina who passed away in 2012 ( of old age) : brina1

This was a short read of 39 pages that is based on the writer’s cat. She found her cat, Sabrina on the streets of Egypt as a kitten in very bad shape. She was thin, dirty and full of fleas and worms. I don’t like sad stories, but I am glad this had a happy ending for her kitty. It does break my heart to know that there are so many street cats in Egypt and no programs that are helping to TNR. A lot of people feed these cats which is kind of them, but I don’t know why no one can get a program started to get them fixed. Here is a link to the book:

Don’t forget to comment today and tomorrow for more chances to win the Chinese New Year giveaway.007Phoebe will announce the winner on Sunday.

The Story of Fester Cat

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book day and Lucy and I are both recommending The Story of Fester Cat by Paul Magrs. I finally got the book from the library, but I liked it so much that I am going to order my own copy.


As you know, I don’t like books that make me cry. I will let you know I cried briefly, but the book is so uplifting that one cry was worth the rest of it. Fester is 12 years old when he decides to move in with Jeremy and Paul. Prior to that, he is basically on his own because the other families that he has lived with don’t really take good care of him. The 3 of them become a family and Fester tells us how it all came to be from his days on the street to life with Paul and Jeremy.

This book really hit home with me because it reminded me of our Spooky. He lived with 2 other families on our street until last year when he decided to move in with us. Spooky doesn’t try to get out, but if he did, I would stop him. Fester is allowed to go out, but always returns to his friends. This is a wonderful story about the power of love and friendship. It shows that our true families are those we choose to be with ( even if they are furry). I think every cat lover will enjoy it.

If you are looking for something else to read, The Daily Mews has all sorts of cat articles including mine: and Katzenworld does to: I know a lot of you already read these, but I thought I would list them in case anyone missed them.

Have a great weekend everyone! Make sure you visit Phoebe Sunday, she is planning a fun contest. And tomorrow is Art day 🙂



Friday-One More Day to the Grumpy Cat Movie

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a nice holiday. I am off to fight the crowds of shoppers to save a few dollars.

I was thrilled to be asked to write a review of The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson for The Daily Mews. Here it is:

Lucy and I are both recommending the Grumpy Cat movie called The Grumpiest Christmas Ever that will premier tomorrow night ( Saturday the 29th) at 8 PM on

Lucy is going to sit on my lap for the whole movie ( I hope)

You can pre order the dvd version to be released December 16th at Barnes and Noble :

Amazon probably has it too, but I am mad at them for cutting me off as an associate because I had no sales. The one sale I did have, I didn’t get credit for because I had the link wrong or something.

023Phoebe likes Grumpy Cat too 🙂