Nosey Rosie’s Tips-1

  Hi everyone! My best friend ( and sister) Penny is letting me have my own column once a month with tips on being nosey being that I am an expert.

My first tip is check the kitchen sink. I find the best snacks in there. In the morning, there is always a knife with butter on it. And I find a lot of spoons with baby food on them too. Prancie and Millie get to eat baby food, I am the baby, I should get the baby food. At least I get the stuff I find on the spoon.

One more thing.I am now an official member of The Tabby Cat Club.

Here is my badge. If you are a tabby, you should join too.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop

Living My Dream Thanks to Photoshop

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop today. This week I thought I would share a photo that my friend photoshopped for me several years ago. You all know how I adore Nicolas Cage and being that today is his birthday, I thought I would use this.

First off, the original taken on Christmas Eve 2009 of my hubby and I

and with a little photoshop magic

And before I end this, Joanie wants to show you all one of the m’s she got for Christmas to wear to The Tabby Cat Club. She is a calico, but has some little stripes on her leg so they accepted her in. She felt bad that she didn’t have the tabby M though so she asked Santa for one.

Toesie Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today is Toesie Tuesday over at the Tabby Cat Club. Prancie and KaTwo didn’t want to join in the fun, but Joanie is all set.


Sammy is not in the club, but he just looked so cute sleeping that I couldn’t resist taking some photos of him.

000_0048Look at that tummy.  000_0051 000_0052

Tomorrow we have a sponsored post and Thursday Phoebe will be having a Thanksgiving Giveaway which will include a crocheted drumstick or 2.

Phoebe’s Cinco de Mayo Giveaway

Hi everyone!! Today is my favorite day of the year. My Dad always gives me $5 on Cinco de Mayo and all I have to do is a little dance on my pole. Cinco6 I got to see my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I will see her on Mother’s Day too. Of course, the Great one will be here too so I will have to compete for attention- phooey!

You know how Joanie wanted to get into the Tabby Cat Club because of these stripes?

joaniestripesWell, they let her in. They asked if she had an M and she wrote back with this photo:joaniem I haz M.

So now she gets to go to their Cinco de Mayo party. I wonder if I roll around in black paint if I can join the House Panthers?


Being that it is my favorite day, I thought I would have a giveaway. I am giving away this adorable little pinata and it will be filled with little crocheted toys like these and catnip. Just leave a comment to be entered. I will announce the winner on Sunday.

Mom wrote to The Chicken Soup for the Soul people about those stories and she got a response she will share with you tomorrow. Sorry, it is my fault you have to wait because I wasn’t going to give up my day.

Please purr and pray for CJ:Purrs and Prayers for CJ Badge

She is a sweet kitty that was injured in a fire many years ago and is now having a hard time with her thyroid and not wanting to eat.

Shady Selfies

Hi everyone! I think my Mom has been getting into our catnip supply. rednose See this red nose- she bought it at Walgreens and expects me to pose with it- MOL ! I guess it was nice of her to buy because it supports charities for kids, but I am not wearing it. It also came with a free Red Box rental, but Mom doesn’t use The Red Box. Does anyone want the coupon? I will send it to the first person that says they want it in the comments.

Mom and Dad had to go to a party Friday night so my Grammie stayed with us. I love her so very, very much. I need to get her a very nice gift for Mother’s Day next week.

Joanie is a calico, but she thinks she should get to join The Tabby Cat Club because she has a tiny bit of striping on her paw- what do you think?

joaniestripes Can you even see the stripes?

Sammy and I decided to wear shades for our selfies today. We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.


We are sad to see another friend leave us, William of Mass Destruction


Happy Toesday everyone! Today at the Tabby Cat Club, they are celebrating toes. All the talk of toes reminded me of declawing and how awful it is. I cat sit for 2 cats that were rescued, but their former owner had a procedure done to them that is supposed to be less invasive than declawing. It is a tendon cut, which sounds pretty awful to me. These cats need to get their nails trimmed often because they can’t retract them. Has anyone else ever heard of this?


Another Lucy is in need of prayers Purrs Badge for LUCY

Have you heard Ghost’s story? It is quite touching and worthy of a movie deal. For GHOST and Family(1)

There is also a fund set up for him and his family: Ghost fund

And don’t forget to comment today and tomorrow to enter the giveaway:010

PS: Carol said I could share our photo from the cat show:012

PSS: Joanie wants to show her tongue this week instead of her tummy:joanietongue

Selfie Sunday

Hi everyone! Yesterday was Meow Like a Pirate Day and I got to spend the day with my purrince. 001

You can see our photo and Angel Lucy’s and lots of other cool pirates:

I am a little tired today. I am also a little miffed at Mom. As you know, Lucy left me in charge. Well, Mom keeps singing to Flat Charles and telling him he is in charge or our days and our nights. He is a lot of fun, but I am the boss.

Prancie and Sammy played Scrabble with him, but Prancie got mad and quit when they told her she couldn’t add an S to mouse. 003

005She knocked her part of the game right over.

I saw my Grammie yesterday and I will see her again today. I love my Grammie so very much. She is going to be a Great Grammie soon so her and Mom are going to a baby shower today. I think my Grammie has always been great.

The 3 Tabbies ( Prancie, KaTwo and Stinky) went to a Pirate party at the Tabby Cat Club and they got to take this badge for participating: TCCPIRATEDAYBADGEYou can see their photos here:


Thursday with Phoebe

Happy Thursday everyone! 001

Grammie was here on Monday so lots of treats were had by all. I love my Grammie so very, very much. And guess what? Mom and Dad are going to a wedding on Saturday so Grammie will be here to watch us again.

My brother Sammy shipped out ( the flat version) to visit 3 more Scout families yesterday. I will show you photos as they come in.

Yesterday, the tabbies celebrated NOMS day. That means Not of my Species- I would rather celebrate NOMS as in food-MOL. If you want to check it out, here is the link:

My sweet purrince wrote me another poem- he is so romantic.

P iss fur Purrty,
H iss fur Happy,
O iss fur Outgoin,
E iss fur Excellent,
B iss fur Beeuteefull,
E iss fur Excellent…
When you spell thee letturss,
PHOEBE spellss LUV…
***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Make sure you visit on Sunday, I have a special selfie Sunday giveaway planned.