Blizzard 2015

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am writing this Monday night and apologize if I don’t get to visit tomorrow. We are expecting a “blizzard” in New England and the power where we live always seems to go out. A few years ago, it was out for a full week! We have a generator, but if the power is out, I won’t have an internet connection πŸ™ Fingers and paws crossed that doesn’t happen.

Today is medical day and I want to bring up the topic of heart murmurs. Several of our cats have them and we have followed up with the ultrasound to check. So far, we haven’t needed to use medicine or surgery. Prancie really needs a dental, but the vet suggested we do an ultrasound even though she had one less than 2 years ago and it has remained a grade 3. The vet explained to us that murmurs in cats don’t work the same as in dogs. A grade one murmur can be very serious yet a cat could have a grade six murmur and have a heart that is working normally.Β Prancie’sΒ ultrasound won’t be until February 10th now due to the storm. I am curious to know how many kitties out there have murmurs and if you have a diagnosis as to the cause.


Don’t forget to measure those tails. So far Waffles is in the lead with 15 inches, but you have until Saturday to beat that. Hope you are all warm and safe. I am praying for all the poor feral and stray kitties outside in the blizzard.




  1. You guys totally have me beat – my tail’s only a foot long! But I’m a little cat, and my tail is well-proportioned to my body – I wouldn’t get in finals in show rings if it wasn’t.

    Paws crossed your power stays on!

    1. That is pretty long for your size and it is a beautiful tail. Keep those paws crossed- thank you.

  2. Hmmm….need to get out the tape measure here, MOL!

    Stay safe in that blizzard, OMC πŸ™

    We are nit getting more than a few flurries, though sometimes we do get dad snow storms…Nor’easter’s are the baddies of them all.

      1. Yup, she arrived and was so happy to be let out of her dark box…but, when she saw dog-guy she almost tried to get back in, MOL! She jumped safely to a shelf til we can find out how to live peaceably together…

        Our tails are 6 inches and 10 inches…sheesh, we thought we had really long ones, um…not so, MOL!

        1. Sorry, I asked before I read my email and saw that she had arrived. Your tails are adorable, just the right size. Thanks for measuring.

  3. I hope the snowstorm is not as bas as forecast and you don’t lose your power. I will have to measure Flynn’s tail, but I am sure it was shorter than Waffles when they posted about it some months back.

  4. The blizzard is making headlines over here! We hope and pray you are all safe!!

    PeeEss I had a feeling that Waffles would win the tail thing!! πŸ™‚

  5. Hope you’re all staying safe and warm – the blizzard is amazing up north and we were blessed to only have a few inches of snow and NO high winds here….glad you have a generator!! As for heart murmurs – Sam’s doctor has said his was “no big deal” and in fact sometimes he doesn’t hear it AT ALL when he’s examining Sam. He feels it’s age-related.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. That happened with one of my cats, one vet heard it and another didn’t-strange?

  6. Please be safe. I am so grateful that you have a generator. I always get stressed thinking about the ferals and strays. It haunts me.

    1. I know what you mean, there is no way to round them all up and save them so all we can do is pray.

  7. Don’t forget to add me to the tail contest : ZERO
    We hope you do not lose power.
    In Florida we have to worry about power losses from Hurricanes.
    We’ve had a few.
    Purring for less rather than more snow.

    1. Your prayers are working, there is less than a foot of snow, but we can;t get a measurement because it is blowing around. Hurricans are scarier than snowstorms.

    1. It is not bad at all, weahte rpeople always make things sound worst than they are so you will keep watching.

  8. Levon’s tail is ten inches long, Malou’s is nine inches long, Mitalee’s is eleven inches, and Esme who is only four pounds, has a ten inch long tail! LP was very surprised,,,she thought Levon’s tail appeared much longer, and Esme’s much shorter!
    We are sad when we think of ferals and abandoned cats who have to survive cold, winter months. They are in our thoughts too. We hope your power is on and all is well despite the blizzard!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. We were lucky with only 7 inches of snow, places an hour away got 31 inches. Thanks for doing all that measuring, you deserve a prize just for doing that πŸ™‚

  9. Purring for Prancie and we so hope that your weather will be better than what is expected/forecasted…Paws crossed for y’all!

  10. My Angel Bobo first had a murmur when he was approx 12. It became progressively worse and ultimately became HCM which ended up being what ended his life. Not all murmurs are serious, but many are. I pray for you that that isn’t the case.

    1. I am sorry about Bobo, I hope Prancie’s isn’t that. She is scheduled for Feb 10th ( weather permitting).

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