Selfie Sunday: The Cadbury Bunny Auditions-Part 1

Hi everyone! I saw my Grammie today and she emptied another treat bag. I love her so very much.

This year we are bringing back -Selfie Sunday: The Cadbury Bunny Auditions. Here are our first 7.



Spooky and Joanie


DSCF0751 DSCF0754 DSCF0756Prancie

Sammy and MIllie


DSCF0757 DSCF0758 DSCF0760Penny

And Daryl the Feral wasn’t quite ready for his audition, but he did try on the St. Patrick’s Day hat. DSCF0744 Mom is thinking of changing his name because he is not very feral. Brody may be  his new name-what do you think?

I am starting an Easter Giveaway today, comment now through Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday, that is D-Day! Dental Day- phooey!


The Easter giveaway is for a catnip mat and 2 crocheted catnip pears eggs . I will announce the winner on Thursday.

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Wordy Wednesday

Hi everyone, I have a lot of medical updates today. I will start with the bad. Spooky’s blood work showed that his kidneys are in rough shape. I was so upset that I don’t remember the numbers, but I will get a copy of them all when I bring him on for fluids. I am going to learn how to do it and he will get them every other day for 2 weeks then we will retest his blood. He is also going to start on a kidney diet. I am hoping he will eat it because he has been getting pickier by the day.

I am very scared, he is acting like Lucy right before the end and will eat something one time and then not want it. He did eat almost a whole 3 oz. can of food today and some turkey lunch meat and some treats which is a lot compared to the past few days. I am trying to stay optimistic which is very hard because my husband is a pessimist.

DSCF0661 I am not giving up on him until he is ready to give up. All prayers and purrs are appreciated.

In better news, Millie’s thyroid was fine, actually better than last time.. I have been really trying to get those pills into him and haven’t been finding them on the floor when I sweep.

Daryl the feral is doing well. He is leaving the drain alone and eating everything I give him.

We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn who has had some tough days lately. I know Lexi has been having a tough time too so we have been saying extra prayers for both of them- and Spooky too.

Just For FLYNN


The $400 Feral

Hi everyone! Yesterday was vet day. I dropped Daryl the Feral off at the vet in the morning then I went to the dermatologist with my hubby. When we got back, I had to bring Spooky and Millie to their appointments. I had all 3 for the ride home. I must say, Daryl is a perfect passenger, he didn’t meow or poop. Millie sings the song of his people for the entire 20 minute ride and as an added bonus, he poops. Spooky ended up vomiting and pooped as soon as we got there.

When I brought Daryl in to the shelter to get fixed, he had wounds which is why he is quarantined. That wound turned out to go all the way through his neck and was very infected. He now has a drain until Thursday. I had him get the Convenia because I didn’t think I would be able to get the pill in him twice a day. He does have pain meds that taste good so he had no problem eating that with his dinner. They sedated him because it was painful for him so he was getting upset, but overall, he is not that wild.

DSCF0635 I took this photo on Sunday, I think he will be wearing a hat in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I also had him FELV/FIV tested and he is negative.

Spooky and Millie were both due for thyroid blood work. Spooky wasn’t eating much over the weekend so I wanted him to get an exam too. My husband noticed Spooky is always so tired after his meals and figured he was getting too much blood pressure medicine. He was right because Spooky;s bp was on the low end of normal -it should have been quite high because he gets so upset in the car. They gave him fluids and he ate quite a bit tonight. We are waiting for his blood test results. We are also waiting for Millie’s tests too. They both had the senior panel because it comes out cheaper than doing an individual thyroid test.

I wonder why the shelter didn’t offer an antibiotic for Daryl’s wound? I wonder if he would have died if he had been released?


Downton Tabby Winner

Hi everyone! Downton was great last night. I will announce the winner soon, but first I want to show you what we won from Cats of Wildcat Woods. They had a contest for their Blogoversary and we answered one of their questions correctly. DSCF0632 Get out of the way Miss Piggy Joanie !

DSCF0633 Mom won a cat coloring book, markers and stickers. We won 2 bags of treats and some fun catnip toys.  Thank you for the great prizes!

DSCF0634 We already finished one bag of treats. When Grammie was here, she used up almost the entire bag on us. I love my Grammie so very much, I can’t wait to see her today.

Mom has to bring Daryl the feral to the vet because he scratched those neck wounds and now it is oozing and infected. And Spooky may be going to the vet too because he didn’t want to eat today ( Mom hope he is just constitated).

And now for the winner of the Downton Tabby book. We had 8 of you that got all the answers correct so we had to draw a name. The 8 of you were- Kitties Blue, Toby, Annie, Annabelle, Seville, Critters in the Cottage , my Purrince and The Island Cats. And the winner is : The Island Cats– congratulations!!! I will make sure Mom adds some crocheted toys too. Thank you to everyone who played along and answered the questions. It was a great show, we love happy endings. Although Mom was a little disappointed that Bates isn’t a secret sociopath. DSCF0628

Artsy Saturday

Hi everyone! I didn’t edit any photos today, but I have a lot of “art” to share with you. First off, Daryl the feral has been the inspiration for some wonderful poems.

Pipo and Minko wrote this:

Darryl the Feral,
No longer in ‘peril’
You might need to wear some apparel,
Or bob for apples in a barrel…
Your eyes are like beryl;
Loved and owned, now; not feral!
Yes, you are mancat Dapper-Daryl!!

And from Turtlelover

Daryl looks so mad that he could spat
maybe he wants his own Dr Seuss Hat
I’m sure he wants Phoebe to be ok and all that
until then he’ll sit up here like a bat

DSCF0529Daryl the Feral thanks you, he is really happy.

A while ago I donated to a Kickstarter campaign for a comic book about rescue cats with special powers to help other cats in need. The amount I donated included a printed copy and it arrived yesterday. The art work is very nice, here is Joanie admiring it.

DSCF0531 To learn more about it click here

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