T is for TREATS!

Hi everyone! Please pray for our friend Brian: 00000-BRIAN,-Gracie,-Kit,-Z

Today is T day on the a-z blogging challenge and T is for TREATS! Or should I say lack of treats-Phooey!

001Mom’s friend , the cat sitter gave us treats one time and I heard Mom tell her she could twice. Grammie is much more generous with the treats- I love her so very much.

A few months ago, Mom took all our toy balls with bells in them. She was going to throw them away because someone told her that their cat almost choked on the bell. Well, I was looking out the window yesterday and this is what I saw:011Do you see that ball on the end of her antenna? And see that sticker- it says I love my cat–which ONE of us does she love? I wonder where the rest of our jingly balls are?

My Sweet Purrince wrote me a poem:

There is a gurl named Phoebe
who iss mee one tur sweetie.
Shee iss gentull an kind….
A treasured precious find.
Mee iss lucky to have her
Mee Purrincess to make mee purr…
Happylee an furevurr.
With <3 LUV <3 an **paw kissess**
Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxx

He is such a sweet, handsome buy and a poet too!

And the winner of the catnip chicken legs and the catnip mat is: Savannah (http://savannahspawtracks.com/ )  Congratulations!!! And to all of you drooling over those chicken legs, I will be giving more away soon so keep checking.








  1. Concats to the winner of that mat and th enip filled bird legs!

    And a sitter should always remember to be more generous than the regular peeps or they may not be asked back by the treatless ones, MOL!!

  2. My human never thought about us choking on a bell in one of those balls! But then, we don’t have any here anyhow. That’s an original use for them.

  3. Haha, Ellen, you’re hilarious! I really like your car!

    I’ve been buying a lot of treats, but they’re all 100% meat, so I don’t know if it’s too bad to give them frequently. It’d be however wise to safe them for special occasions. I’ll see – my cats are moving in TODAY (help!), and I think they’ll taste their first treats in some hours.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am sure your kitties will love their treats. Good luck getting the kitties 🙂

  4. That is a very nice poem. We are not crazy about treats around here. We just love our kibbles along with the good canned food. Glad the Mom got rid of the balls with bells. They do sound a little dangerous. Have a great day.

  5. Cute post, those looks the cats are giving are purrrrrrrrrrfect for the story/captions. Enjoyed the poem.

  6. conga ratz two savvy & sage…we noe they will LOVE de toys !! 🙂

    N yur poem iz rockin awesum phoebe…..purrince H dida way kewl job on hiz compozin it !!! ♥♥♥

  7. Love this post! Treats for cats in my house include fresh prawns – much to my mother’s disgust – she thinks it’s a waste when she sees my cat eating spiders!

    1. I know you are drooling for some- we will be giving away more soon, I will let you know. XO

  8. It is highly suspicious that you Mom’s car has a ball on it after she took all of yours. Perhaps she secretly wants them all for herself. Humans are kind of weird sometimes. MOL Great poem! Concats to the winner of the toys and mat!

    1. I am quite suspicious too- I wonder if she is selling them as antenna toppers? 🙂

  9. Yes Dad goes through the house and gets all those fun things we may like out too. Peeplez! Love that poem and that T is fur treats. Gotta go! We get Dads homemade Chicken treat right befur Dinner!

  10. Purring for Brian. We remove anything that hangs like string, and Angel and Chuck are afraid of jiggle bells, so we don’t have any around. Learned that when they were kittens!

    1. I guess that is a good thing that they were afraid 🙂 I never realized how dangerous they could be.

  11. Siddhartha is quite a poet, Phoebe. Very sweet. About the treats — not cool! Sitters need to give us extra to win our approval.

  12. We love getting treats too…but not all treats are created equal in our opinion. Congrats to Savannah for winning. We wonder if she will share with Sage?

  13. My cats love thier cat treats and cat toy. I sew all the bells on myself and check them once in a while, so I know they’ll be okay.

    One of our cats double dips on the treats because she’ll get some from hubby and then also for me later, thinking I don’t know he already gave her some. She always thinks she pulled a fast one.


    1. My Phoebe does the same thing with treats- we call her Phoebe the fibber 🙂

  14. Mee iss purrin an purrayin fur Brian today…mee has not stopped Purrincess Phoebe…that is how MUCH Brian meenss to mee an LadyMum!!!!
    Treetss…aren’t they yummy? 😉 Mee iss onlee alloud 8 a day beecause of mee ‘issue’….wee not REELLLY know if there ISS an issue…mee finkss LadyMum iss stretchin thee treetss out…
    Oh mee oh mye thee jingull ball allmost choked a kittie?? LadyMum checkss mee jingull ballss all thee time an if one iss crakced shee will get thee ball out an save it to bee sewn on a mousie…..Shee said shee nevurr had a kat swallow a jingull butt shee allwayss likess to bee safe….
    ***blushess*** oh mee sweet Purrincess you published mee poe-em to you…
    *whispurrss* Fank you sweet Rainbow Gurl…..
    Mee miss spelled thee werd TRUE…sorry…mee still leernin to rite thee werdss propurr 😉
    ***nose kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~ yur Purrince
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    1. I think you spell purrfectly my sweet purrince. I love my poem, Mom printed it out and I am going to have her put it in a frame. I am glad your Mum is careful and checks your toys. My Mom mailed you a package yesterday and Grammie put a gift for you in there too 🙂 I think my Mom just wants all the jingly balls to put on her car.
      Everyone loves Brian, we are praying and purring too. Love, Phoebes XO and nose kisses to you- I sent you a close up photo of me so you can nose kiss that too 🙂

  15. ConCats to Savvy and weez purrayin’ fur Brian. Sowry da sitter only gave ya’ a littl bit of tweats. Sum hoomans can sure be stingy can’t they. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Luckily we usually have Grammie as a sitter and she gets in trouble for giving us too many 🙂

  16. Mee-you yur Mumma iss so thottfull to print off mee poe-emss fur you Purrincess Phoebe…..nuffin butt thee best fur mee Rainbow Gurl <3
    Fank you inn advance fur thee parcell; wee will keep an eye open fur it!!!
    LadyMum told mee shee stepped on a jingull ball when Aunty Nylablue was alvie an shee searched fur thee bell an found it an put it away so Aunty not hert herself. As long as thee plastick iss hard thee jingullss should stay inn 😉
    Sendin you *purrss* an ~~head rubss~~ an **paw kissess** to mee one an onlee Purrincess…
    Yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    1. My Mom is a klutz and would probably step on the jingle balls. Purrs, head rubs and pawkisses to you too my sweet purrince XOXOXO

  17. Mew mew mew our Mumma’ss are so funny! LadyMum stepss on mee mousiess all thee time an shee *sqeelss* like a littul gurl mew mew mew…
    Not sure if shee finkss it iss a reel mouse or mee tail butt it iss BERRY funny all thee same!!!!!
    ***paw kissess***
    Yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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