Monster in the Cellar

Hi everyone ! Thank you for all the Gotcha Day/Birthday wishes- I am a lucky kitty to have such a great family, friends, a purrince and a Grammie- I love her so very much and all of you too.


Mom doesn’t let us go in the basement. We used to get to explore until I someone peed on the wood pellet pallet. Well, I snuck down there the other day and there is a monster- a very big monster. I don’t mean the vacuum cleaner or anything like that.

006He is smiling, but I don’t want to get too close. Do any of you know about this type of monster? Should I be scared?

007There is a witch too! Where is my purrince? I need some help.

Giveaway and Bikini Update

Happy Thursday Everyone! I have a lot to tell you today. 012My sweet purrince is going to be one next month. I am putting together a nice package to send him to let him know how loved he is.

My Grammie was here every day this week, I love her so very much. Look what she got for me all of us:010She watched us so Mom could bring Dad to the Dr. and for an x-ray. He hurt his ribs when he was rototilling. The good news is he didn’t break them, but  he did get pneumonia from not taking deep enough breaths.Please pray and purr for my Dad, I love him very much.  I hope he is better for Father’s Day, all us kitties got him a nice present- I am sure Prancie will take all the credit though- Phooey!

Remember my bikini? Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)The Critters in the Cottage all gave it a try, you can see their post : . Every one of them looks adorable.The bikini is now on its way to The Florida Furkids. If you want a turn, just comment on their post when they wear it and you can be added to the list.

I am doing a mini giveaway, I wanted Mom to make a catnip mat, but she was busy so instead I am giving away 3 catnip fish and a book, Solomon’s Tale. Mom read it a while ago ( ). It made her cry so she doesn’t want it, but maybe someone would like to read it. I am also going to give away some of our seeds to grow your own special white and green grass mix. This is where she got the seeds: 013Joanie is modeling the prizes because I was busy checking on Dad.

See you Sunday !

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everyone!! 006

My Purrince wrote me another poem this week to make me feel better when I was afraid of the storm:

Chasin thee Rain Away
Mee deerest Phoebe,
do not bee afraid…
Thee rain will leeve soon
an the funder will fade.
Mee iss there with you…
Mee iss rite bye yur side.
Mee guardss you inn spirit
so pleeze do not hide.
Thee storm will pass
an thee stars will shine…
Do not fear mee Purrincess,
You will allwayss bee mine.
***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~
Yurr Purrince, Siddhartha Henry

I am so lucky- he is so clever and handsome. I have a book to keep all his poems in:

014019And I have his photos and some poems hanging on my bulletin board.

My Grammie came to see me Friday and Saturday. She took a special trip just for me on Friday and gave me lots of treats. I love her so very much.

Sammy wants a turn now-:022

My special friends, Cat Scouts Maggie and Fellix sent me some toys- thank you ! 015I guess I have to share.



Saturdays Are For Hopping

Happy Saturday everyone! Lets get hopping:

The statements:

  1. ___ tastes like ____
  2. ___ makes everything _____
  3. If ____ then ____
  4. One word to describe _____ is _____

My Answers:

  1. FENNEL tastes like LICORICE-yuck
  2. HAVING CATS makes everything BEARABLE
  4. One word to describe CATS is PERFECT

For Athena’s Caturday Art Hop:

Phoebe in a bottlePhoebe wanted to send her Purrince( ) a message in a bottle to thank him for the beautiful poems he writes to her. I used because it is so easy.

“Comfort” is the theme for The Lazy Pit Bull’s 52 Snapshots of Life and any photo with a cat brings me comfort and here is my Sammy all comfortable. 52 Snapshots of Life


We are joining Rascal and Rocco’s Parade too:Pet Parade #bloghop for #petbloggers #cats #dogs #pets any #animals

Please visit Phoebe tomorrow she wants to show everyone her purrince’s latest poem to her.


Happy Thursday everyone!Phoebe here reporting from under the covers.010

I have had a rough week, Tuesday night we had heavy rains and then yesterday Mom decided to use the vacuum. Shouldn’t there be a law that if it rains, you can’t use the vacuum for a week? Mom and Dad keep telling me that we aren’t supposed to get rain, but I don’t believe it.

I haven’t seen my Grammie since Sunday. I love her so very much, I hope she visits soon.

My Purrince and I have been keeping in touch and we are already planning our Halloween costumes. It is never to early to plan for Halloween. He has a new nickname for me too, his little buttercup- isn’t that sweet?

Sorry to cut this short, but you never now when the rain is coming

Please pray and purr for Milita of Fur Everywhere: milita


Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day 6.4.2015Happy Thursday everyone!! And Happy Hug your Cat Day too- thank you Ann of Zoolatry for the adorable badge. I don’t know who invented this day to torture us, but I am not amused. 008Geez Mom, you could have put on a little makeup or brushed your hair.

I am having a bad week, my Purrince’s Mum has a broken laptop so he has been unable to write to me and tell me how pretty I am. Phoooey!

I did see my Grammie- I love her so very much. And she even bought me some bigger clothespins for my bulletin board- and they have pink flowers on them 🙂 Thank you Grammie. 005

And now what you have been waiting for- the big fish:

017It is nice and long for bunny kicking. It even has pretty blue eyes. I hope my Mom will make one for us. Just comment between now and Saturday ( you can comment once a day for more chances). I will announce the winner on Sunday.

PS: Prancie is going to post on The Tabby Cat Club for Hug Your Cat Day :  and Sammy will have his at Cat Scouts.



Rain and Vacuums and Dragons- Oh My!

006Pssst! It’s me, Phoebe- hi everyone. I am hiding from the dragons. I told my sweet purrince ( I am afraid of rain and he said he would protect me from rain and dragons. I didn’t even know about the dragons so I am hiding.I hope my Grammie is safe from them, I love her so very much. Gotta go- and you should all go hide too. Be safe and I will see you Sunday.


Well,being that Phoebe is hiding I thought I could slip in a couple things. First off, a huge thank you to Dezi and Lexi’s Mom ( for all the help she gave me on the phone with WordPress. I have been blogging over  a year and couldn’t figure out how to put badges on the sidebar so she called me and talked me through it. I will be forever grateful for her kindness. She would make a great teacher. Thank you to Sammy’s Mom ( too for emailing me the directions on how to do it. And to others who offered their help I thank you too.

We joined the 6 word blog hop again this month hosted by Coach Daddy ( ). Its a lot of fun, I encourage you all to join in next month. And I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Fill-In and I would love it if you would join us in that too. If you are interested , let me know in the comments and I will get you the information.


Phoebe and Spooky

Hi everyone! My Mom spoke to soon the other day when she said we were all doing well. Spooky could use some prayers. He lost his appetite Tuesday afternoon so Mom took him to the vet yesterday. He also had diarrhea and nausea. The vet is doing blood work, but we won’t know the results until later today. He got some fluids, but he is still not feeling well.


Mom bought me a bulletin board to put all the photos of my purrince on:

004I wanted a pink one- Phoooey! Mom said this was on sale at Michael’s and if I want a different one then I have to pay for it- this one is kind of cute, I like polka dots.

006Isn’t my purrince a handsome boy? I am very lucky that he loves me. I still need to get an album or book to put his poems in.

Make sure you visit us on Saturday for our first Blogoversary- Mom has been crocheting a bunch of stuff to give away. And Grammie is helping her with some of the stuff too. I love my Grammie so very much.

Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! The bikini is on it’s way to Canada -first stop is The Critters in the Cottage,then The Florida Furkids, Gooey Lounge, The Kitties Blue, Truffles ( Melissa’s Mochas Mysteries and More) and Christy Paws. I hope some of their readers will want to join in the fun too.

My sweet Purrince sent me a card with some photos – he is so handsome.And some Hello Kitty stickers too- for me ( got that Mom, not for you). 003

And he wrote me another poem:

There iss a kittygurl named Phoebe
who iss mee berry own sweetie!
Shee iss charmin an smart;
shee has stolen mee heart…
An shee lookss grate inn her Beekeeni!!!

And Lucy wants to let everyone know there is an I Love Lucy special tonight on CBS at 8 pm, they are showing 2 colorized episodes.007One is when Superman guest starred and the other is from when they went to Hollywood. What is your favorite episode?

This is going to be a great week. My Grammie will be here to watch us Monday night . I love her so very much. I hope you all have a great week too.


T is for TREATS!

Hi everyone! Please pray for our friend Brian: 00000-BRIAN,-Gracie,-Kit,-Z

Today is T day on the a-z blogging challenge and T is for TREATS! Or should I say lack of treats-Phooey!

001Mom’s friend , the cat sitter gave us treats one time and I heard Mom tell her she could twice. Grammie is much more generous with the treats- I love her so very much.

A few months ago, Mom took all our toy balls with bells in them. She was going to throw them away because someone told her that their cat almost choked on the bell. Well, I was looking out the window yesterday and this is what I saw:011Do you see that ball on the end of her antenna? And see that sticker- it says I love my cat–which ONE of us does she love? I wonder where the rest of our jingly balls are?

My Sweet Purrince wrote me a poem:

There is a gurl named Phoebe
who iss mee one tur sweetie.
Shee iss gentull an kind….
A treasured precious find.
Mee iss lucky to have her
Mee Purrincess to make mee purr…
Happylee an furevurr.
With <3 LUV <3 an **paw kissess**
Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxx

He is such a sweet, handsome buy and a poet too!

And the winner of the catnip chicken legs and the catnip mat is: Savannah ( )  Congratulations!!! And to all of you drooling over those chicken legs, I will be giving more away soon so keep checking.