All-Star Game and Cats with Dry Skin

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tonight is the All-Star game and being that  my hubby is a baseball fan, Lucy thought she would celebrate: 011

Today is Medical Issues day and I am wondering how many people’s cats have this problem. I have been noticing that several of our cats have scabs on their backs. We definitely don’t have fleas so I am blaming the dryness from the central air conditioning. I have been searching the web for something to back up my theory and have found nothing. Please comment if you have a cat with this problem and if you have found a solution. I have been thinking of fish oil supplements to help with dryness, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The big book sale was a hit, I got lots of goodies like 2 Sinatra cd’s, a sketch book and lots of cat books. I am going to have a contest starting Friday with some of the books- they are used, but they are hard to find. I am keeping this short and sweet today.


    1. This is along the back so I don’t think they can scratch there-but, maybe it is allergies.

  1. Fleas are not the only things to which cats can have a contact allergy or even an ungallant allergies. And then their is stress or not enough water in the diet. Does the kitty eat wet or dry food? Does it drink water? Lots of things to look at. I have had pets with allergies that we have never figured out the cause. Then it is just a case of treating. Good Luck! Hugs, Janet

    1. Thank you Janet, I give them all canned food with only a little dry. I will need to look into the contact allergy though.

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