All-Star Game and Cats with Dry Skin

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tonight is the All-Star game and being that  my hubby is a baseball fan, Lucy thought she would celebrate: 011

Today is Medical Issues day and I am wondering how many people’s cats have this problem. I have been noticing that several of our cats have scabs on their backs. We definitely don’t have fleas so I am blaming the dryness from the central air conditioning. I have been searching the web for something to back up my theory and have found nothing. Please comment if you have a cat with this problem and if you have found a solution. I have been thinking of fish oil supplements to help with dryness, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The big book sale was a hit, I got lots of goodies like 2 Sinatra cd’s, a sketch book and lots of cat books. I am going to have a contest starting Friday with some of the books- they are used, but they are hard to find. I am keeping this short and sweet today.