Penny’s Tips Volume 115

Hi everyone. Before I get started, I want to ask for some prayers and purrs for BellaDharma’s mum. To visit, click here. 

My Grammie suggested I do my post from my heating pad. She said I can’t let Rosie keep taking over because she blabs all the family business.

I must admit, that was a good idea. I hate to leave my K&H Manufacturing Pet Bed Warmer. I don’t want another kitty to use it.

I did stretch my legs though and I came across all these craft supplies.

There were pinecones, feathers, glue, googly eyes and paper. I put them all together and made a place card holder for Thanksgiving. What was that Sammy?

Those are for my Arts and Crafts class at Cat Scouts tomorrow.

Oops! Time to go.

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  1. Hi, Penny!! I think you stole Sammy’s show…well, sort of!
    Nice gobbler you made:)

    If us pups had a heating pad, we wouldn’t want to give it up/share it either…
    Come to think of it, there is a gently used one in our back porch…we used that for MJF when he chose to stay out of the house instead of the warmer indoors…that way his older bones wouldn’t get chilled.
    Still, I don’t think both of us would fit on it…Hmmm, now you have petcretary thinking about how to get that back into use here for us! The floors in this old house can get chilly, esp in the cold of winter.

  2. Hey, we hope you DO earn commissions for advertising a company’s product. Seems fair to us. Thanks for the tips, Penny. All I want is a turkey taste!

  3. Sending best wishes for BellaDharma’s LadyMew. Sounds like you are in trouble using Sammy’s craft supplies.

  4. Sammy has great craft supplies Penny, no wonder you wanted to make something with those fun feathers. Hope you left enough for his Cat Scouts.

  5. I follow Sherri-Ellen’s adorable blog and I am very concerned about her health. Her last post was heartbreaking and I hope she finds the medical help she needs.

  6. I love your tips, Penny, but I enjoy Rosie telling us all your family business too. We all do.

    Prayers for your friend.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to the kitties. ♥

  7. Penny, it’s good that you have the heating pas! They are so comfy and we cats really like warm!!!! 😉
    The Thanksgiving card holder is very pretty!!! I like it very much 🙂
    Mum and I were sad to hear about BellaSita and paid a visit and power of the paw.
    Purrs, Julie

  8. Mee-yow Sammy pleese due not bee upset with Penny….shee meened well….Aftur all shee ISS a crafty kitty 😉
    Penny yore furry cree-ative….mee cuud nevurr due craftyss liek you!
    MANY thanx fore makin such a lovelee badge Aunty Ellen. BellaSita aka LadyMew bursted innto teerss when shee saw it.
    Mee will try to put it on bloggie. WErdPress messed with Widgetss an mee has trubbell postin…..butt mee will try. If it not werk mee will show it inn mee next post!
    ***purrrss*** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma an ((huggiess))) BellaSita (aka LadyMew)

    1. I wish I could take credit, but Ann of Zoolatry is the talented one that made the badge. I can’t figure out the widgets now either. Penny thanks you. XO

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