Opt to Adopt Tuesday ( and Everyday)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I guess it is appropriate that Joanie is getting her stitches out. She was supposed to go Wednesday, but I moved the appointment in case the weather is bad ( one never knows in New England). I know she wants to ditch that cone, but I am thinking she will need it for a couple more days so she doesn’t scratch.

We are joining the Opt to Adopt blog hop so I am putting a link to the adoptable cats at the Secaucus, NJ Animal Shelter. For some reason, cats end up there a long time. I live 3 hours away, but adopted 2 from there and both had been at the shelter for close to 2 years. Here is the link: http://www.sasnj.org/Adoptable-Pets.html. I know our local shelters reduce fees and find ways to get these poor kitties adopted and I wish all places would do that.

Well, Joanie and I are off to the vet. Phoebe said to remind everyone that today is the last day to enter her giveaway.



  1. Joanie, come home happy! Tell mommy Katie and I said hello and send #headbonks.

    1. Joanie is happy, she won’t need the cone unless I catch her scritching it. Thanks for the headbonks 🙂

  2. Here in Michigan, there appears to be a shortage of kittens on the west coast of the state, versus the Metro Detroit area. Hopefully, there is a way to get ‘inventory’ moved to where it’s needed; I’d even donate a trip or two. The hard part is giving the cats to another group; some rescue orgs are very strict with guidelines for adopters and won’t settle. Perhaps this is why there are cats staying a long time at your shelter? Picky is better, but it’s hard to have cats languishing for years…

    1. This place is somewhat picky and checks references, etc. They don’t advertise enough though. Around here, one shelter has a lonely hearts club that reduces adoption fees after a while and they will have $5 Fridays, etc. How kind of you to be willing to transport.

  3. Good luck at the vet’s today Joanie! We know you will feel better with those stitches out! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Joanie, here are small kisses all over you and my best purrs for you to be every bit 100% better! Love and snuggles to you.

  5. Weez’ll be purrayin fur Joanie, and hope all goes well. As fur yous shelter, altho’ we hate dat da kitties awe there fur so long, we purreciate dat they keep them there andavailable stead of killin’ ’em. Ow shelter dusn’t hav long time wesidents. Well we mean da closest big shelter which be ’bout 45 miles away. Ow town has a pound and they shoot da kitties da minute they pick them up, and dogs after da 3 day waitin’ period, so there awe no adoptable animals here in ow town. And da shootin’ fing makes mommy weally mad, but nopawdy seems to be able to make them change. Anyways, hope yous hav a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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