Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I finally got the Christmas tree down and everything put away except anything with a snowman, those stay up until Valentine’s Day. Sammy had a great time at Cat Scouts, they went skiing and check out his snowboarding moves: sammysnowboardThank you to whoever helped him do this.

Today is fun and games day so I looked for something on Pinterest. You know those seen on tv arches that look like a big brush that cost $20. Well, you can make your own much cheaper with 2 toilet bowl brushes from the dollar store. I actually had some carpeted wood pieces I saved from an old cat tree ( and I have the nerve to call the hubby a hoarder πŸ™‚ ) Here is the link to the directions:Β  If you follow the directions, yours will look like the real thing. I am not a fan of directions and I am quite lazy…..

My board already had one hole in it so I just used that and stuck the brush part of the toilet brush in it. Mine is shorter, but my cats seemed to like it, especially Lucy. I had to hide it though because Joanie thought it was fun to chew on and I worried it would break apart being that is was so cheap. 021020

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!

Phoebe said you have 3 days left to enter her Grumpy Cat Giveaway.






  1. Hey, guess what? The Human put all our Christmas stuff away today too. It looks kinda boring around here now, though. Maybe we will decorate for the Super Bowl? XOXOXO

  2. What a great idea for a “personal scratcher”! Bravo………..hope Sammy had as much fun as I did at the Winter Wonderland event. WOO HOO!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy had a great time, he has been telling everyone about it. Glad you like the personal scractcher-maybe your mom will make you one.

    1. You are entered to win a grumpy- if you tell Phoebe how pretty she is , you get an extra entry.

  3. I took down the twinkle lights yesterday, so that’s the end of the season. I wonder if I could make one of those brushie-things for my friendly ferals? When out shopping on the weekend, I’ll check out the dollar store…thanks for the DIY project!

  4. We have to get the Xmas decorations down before Jan.14 (LP’s birthday!) and we did it just in time this year as they went down on the 13th! πŸ™‚ Great snowboard shot Sammy! πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. Aww, cute pics! You’re lucky to have a mommy that obviously isn’t too lazy. The lady here is but that does look like a fun project.

  6. Wow dat’s purretty pawsum. Weez posed to be gettin’ a new cat twee so mommy took down meez ledge of fear as she called it so we hav sum alweady to go boards too. And mommy kuld splurge da kupple dollars fur sum bwushes at da dollaw twee to make us one of those. Fanks fur sharin’ it. As usual Phoebe be too gawjus to need it tho’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I hope your mom makes you one, you will like scritching your chin on it. Phoebe says thank you and you get an extra entry.

  7. Our Christmas stuff was put away a long time ago….at least it seems like a long time. Your mom is very creative with the DIY brush thing. I prefer to rub on the corners of the walls.

  8. Looks like Sammy had a blast at Scouts! Sampson was a bit disappointed with me for making him miss the pawty. Hopefully he will make the next one!
    That brushie cat toy you made looks great!

  9. I bet Phoebe looks lovely next to the terlot brush! I’m sure that would be too difficult for TW to make. She bought flannel 4 years ago to make catnip knots and I’m still waiting.

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