Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Ten Things of Thankful.

I used ribbet to make my art, Joanie is enjoying a sun beam with Gremmie ( she gave him some shades because as you know, gremlins don’t like bright light).

Did anyone notice Gremmie was wielding a potato peeler on Thursday?

Here are my thankfuls-

  1. The big snowstorm missed us, we only got a dusting.
  2. Pinterest– great for finding recipes, crochet ideas and toddler crafts to name just a few of my boards.
  3. The Great One is a fun age, we made Easter cards and she did such a good job with the ink pad and paint. I took photos, but they are on my mom’s phone at the moment.
  4. No vet trips this week.
  5. I read in Catster that Matilda the cat at the Algonquin passed away in October. That made me sad, but I am thankful that I got to meet her when we stayed there in 2015.

I took this photo, I even brought her one of my crocheted toys.

6. My Sammy was in the latest episode of The Codmother-click here.

7. Cheap cabbage -I made a big casserole of golompki ( stuffed cabbage)

8. Went shopping and to lunch with my mom.

9. My dvd set of the tv show Homefront, I am enjoying binge watching it. I loved it when it ran in 1991-1992. It was never sold on dvd, but a few years ago I found this on Amazon. I didn’t realize it when I ordered it that someone had copied it from the tv so it isn’t the best quality, but it is better than nothing. It is funny at the end of each show the voice over says what is going to be on Dateline that night- even back then people were complaining about the president.

10. Reese’s pieces, I gave up chocolate for Lent so they have been my sweet of choice. I know I should have given up all sweets, but I didn’t.

Don’t forget the #SciFIPawty is all day from 11 AM -11PM with Stunning Keisha as dj at 9 PM.

A Hop and a Challenge

I have been nominated by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader, to participate in the “Three Day Quote Challenge”. The rules of the challenge are simple. They are as follows:

1. Post for three consecutive days.
2. Choose and share one or three quotes each day.
3. Challenge three additional bloggers each day.

Today is Day 1 of my challenge and because I  completed a quote challenge 

in September where I used all cat quotes, I thought I would do some other favorite quotes. I love quotes and have a Pinterest page for my favorites.
My quote for today is from Eldridge Cleaver ,   “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” .  I just said this to my Mom yesterday when she was telling me I need to learn to mind my own business about cats that are not mine. I currently have a feral waiting to get spayed next week ( long story).

On Day 1, I now nominate the following bloggers:
For Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, I am cheating a little. I didn’t make this art, but I am eagerly anticipating the both of these graphics on canvas from Vision Bedding and once they arrive, I will be having a giveaway so one lucky winner can get something custom-made of your choice. Thank you again, Ann of Zoolatry
for these: Stinky FOREVER
Over the Rainbow Bridge, Lucy
I have some other graphics that some of you made for me that I hope to have put on canvas someday too.
Caturday Art

The Grass is Greener?

Happy Monday everyone! Mom is letting me do the post for fun and games today. She saw a cute grass container on Pinterest so she decided to make it for us. Here is the link:


Mom cut the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle and painted it to look like a kitty. Then she put some little rocks in the bottom to help absorb water and added potting soil. She planted oat grass seeds:003005and watered them. In less than a week we had fresh grass.

001Do you notice something wrong with this photo?

003Take a good look. My grass is mostly white?? Mom tried to say it was gourmet grass like the white asparagus, but I don’t believe it. Dad said it didn’t get enough sun.Geez Mom, you clearly don’t have a green thumb, do you? At least you did an OK job painting the kitty.


The grass tasted the same, Lucy and I really enjoyed it. 005

Joanie will be showing off her tummy again tomorrow. And I am trying to get Mom to let me do a giveaway Thursday.




Happy Monday everyone!Today is fun and games day so I looked on Pinterest for something fun and simple. There was a cute sock toy with feathers in it from Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/264732/baby-sock-cat-toy . All you need is a baby sock, catnip, feathers and a needle and thread.I added some polyfil to the sock first and then some catnip. Just add some feathers to the top and sew it shut.Here is Prancie with ours: 003.

We are still looking for contestants in the tail length contest: 004


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I finally got the Christmas tree down and everything put away except anything with a snowman, those stay up until Valentine’s Day. Sammy had a great time at Cat Scouts, they went skiing and check out his snowboarding moves: sammysnowboardThank you to whoever helped him do this.

Today is fun and games day so I looked for something on Pinterest. You know those seen on tv arches that look like a big brush that cost $20. Well, you can make your own much cheaper with 2 toilet bowl brushes from the dollar store. I actually had some carpeted wood pieces I saved from an old cat tree ( and I have the nerve to call the hubby a hoarder 🙂 ) Here is the link to the directions: http://www.lovepetsdiy.com/diy-self-petting-station-for-cats/  If you follow the directions, yours will look like the real thing. I am not a fan of directions and I am quite lazy…..

My board already had one hole in it so I just used that and stuck the brush part of the toilet brush in it. Mine is shorter, but my cats seemed to like it, especially Lucy. I had to hide it though because Joanie thought it was fun to chew on and I worried it would break apart being that is was so cheap. 021020

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!

Phoebe said you have 3 days left to enter her Grumpy Cat Giveaway.





Fun for a Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and I found an easy treat dispenser you can make for your kitty. I saw it on Pinterest, but it was actually from a kitty blog that I had never heard of. Here is the link: http://thecatpinky.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-home-made-cat-toy.html I was hoping to have found another blog, but it doesn’t look like there were any posts made since 2010.

I washed out an empty soda bottle and cut 3 holes in it with a small knife. Amazingly I didn’t cut myself. I had to use the blow dryer because there was still a little water in it. Then I added treats and put it on the floor: 025 026As you can see, it was a hit. It took them a long time to get the treats out too.

We have more letters to Santa:005Joanie 011Prancie

Phoebe said to remind you to comment today or tomnorrow if you haven’t yet for a chance to win a crocheted item for your mom ( or dad). Have a great day everyone!

Advent Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I guess Phoebe let you all in on my secret- I can’t sing 🙂 Today is not only the start of the week, but also the start of December. I bet a lot of you remember Advent calendars with a piece of chocolate for every day. I have always wanted one for my kitties with treats in it, but have yet to find one in the USA. I have seen several companies in the UK that sell them, but the shipping is too much.

Well, I went on Pinterest for ideas, I LOVE Pinterest, it is so addictive-this is my page:http://www.pinterest.com/pilch92/  I have over 4,000 pins of cat photos and over 900 Grumpy cat ones. I did find several make it yourself Advent calendars. I had the cat treats, scrapbook paper and husband to make the circles and cut them out. I only had to buy a mini muffin pan ( Walmart $5.97).005

006. Here is Sammy checking it out:008I am going to have to keep it in the diningroom because the kitties will eat all the treats in one day.

Phoebe said to remind you to comment today or tomorrow if you haven’t already to be entered to win a gift for your mom or dad.