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Happy Friday everyone and Happy May 1st. I am sad to see the a-z challenge end- I wish there were more letters in the alphabet. We are lucky to have a guest post today from Cat Scout Felix.

33-Felix-Hat Greetings! Felix here again to share a wonderful story that combines kitty and maritime history!  Did you know that in Amsterdam, rescued stray cats are sheltered and cared for in several barges floating in the Singel Canal, in the center of the City?

The barges are a major tourist attraction, and are open part of each day to potential adopters and tourists who support the cause. The first barge was acquired in 1969 and named De Poezenboot (Pussycat Boat) by its owner and cat lover, Henriette van Weelde. She wanted to provide a home for orphaned and sick kitties in the city. At first, her rescues stayed in her home, but soon she had too many!

de-poezenbootIn 1971, Henriette purchased a second barge. Soon she acquired another barge and lots of volunteers started to offer their help.

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In 1987, the Stichting de Poezenboot (Pussycat Boat Foundation) was established to support the rescue, medical and caregiving activities of this only floating kitty shelter in The Netherlands. The barges are renovated and maintained for seaworthiness and cat comfort and amusement.  Veterinarians provide care at cost or on a voluntary basis.  Events are held throughout the year to publicize the Foundation and its inhabitants!

If you travel to Amsterdam, be sure to visit and make a donation to this worthy cause. It is estimated that the city has over 50,000 stray cats!  Check out their cool website, too!                                                                                             logo-de-poezenboot-gr





I’d also like to share with you a story that appeared earlier this week in the Smithsonian Institution’s on-line Magazine. It features more information about maritime pets! 

Thank you for another great story Felix.

Please read our interview it will be available Friday morning at:

Thank you Funny Farmers- it was an honor to be interviewed by you.



Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I finally got the Christmas tree down and everything put away except anything with a snowman, those stay up until Valentine’s Day. Sammy had a great time at Cat Scouts, they went skiing and check out his snowboarding moves: sammysnowboardThank you to whoever helped him do this.

Today is fun and games day so I looked for something on Pinterest. You know those seen on tv arches that look like a big brush that cost $20. Well, you can make your own much cheaper with 2 toilet bowl brushes from the dollar store. I actually had some carpeted wood pieces I saved from an old cat tree ( and I have the nerve to call the hubby a hoarder 🙂 ) Here is the link to the directions:  If you follow the directions, yours will look like the real thing. I am not a fan of directions and I am quite lazy…..

My board already had one hole in it so I just used that and stuck the brush part of the toilet brush in it. Mine is shorter, but my cats seemed to like it, especially Lucy. I had to hide it though because Joanie thought it was fun to chew on and I worried it would break apart being that is was so cheap. 021020

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!

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