Opt to Adopt Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day and we are also participating in the opt to adopt blog. A couple weeks ago Brian showed us poor Turtle, her son got adopted and not her. I feel so bad for her and would love to take her, but 15 is our limit ( OK, its hubby’s limit- I would have no limit and end up a hoarder). She could get turned out on the street because she is healthy and spayed. Please spread the word to help her get a home or at least a foster home. Here is the link to the original post about Turtle and her son and how bonded they were: http://www.brianshomeblog.com/2014/12/help-bonded-family-cats-tater-tot-and-turtle-need-a-home-for-christmas-greenville-sc.html

I know a lot of you have kitties that hate going to the vet. I don’t mean the usual singing the song of their people, but really hate the vet. My niece’s cat, Nixon is one of those and there is finally a solution. There is a pain medicine used for dogs and humans, Β but apparently can be used for cats to calm them in these situations. It is Gabapentin, I may ask for some for Millie the next time we go to the vet. He gets so upset and always ends up with diarrhea in the carrier. Has anyone tried this medicine for the calming effect?

Have a nice day and please spread the word about Turtle.

Opt to Adopt

Phoebe said you have 2 more days to compliment her for more entries into the stuffed grumpy giveaway :005


  1. How funny – my human was given those meds for herself last week! I didn’t know she was scared of going to the vet. At least I’m now assuming that’s why she got them.

    1. That must be why she got them, humans are scared of the vet too πŸ™‚ I hope they helped your mom and weren’t the ones that gave her a bad reaction.

  2. We sure hope that Gabapentin works well for Millie.We’re lucky in that our kitties are fairly good about going to the dreaded vet. Gracie and Zoe usually sing the song of their people, but they’ve actually gotten better. Moosey is VERY good about going. Walks right into his carrier, rides quietly in the car, and is loved by the staff at the vet practice because he is so sweet.

    We will share again about Turtle.

    1. Thanks for sharing about Turtle, it is so sad she doesn’t have her son, but to have to go back out would be unbearable. You are lucky your kitties are so good going to the vet.

  3. It made me very sad when I heard about Turtle. I hope someone can adopt her.
    Apart from singing my warrior songs, I am very good to go to the vet. Mum even thinks I am not singing as long and loud after so many trips the last few months. Hmm, that must mean she thinks I am too quiet. I can soon change that!

    1. You must be getting used to those trips. I feel so bad for Turtle too, I would not have let her son go without her.

  4. We’re hoping that Turtle finds her home soon……very sad that they didn’t get adopted together……….Not familiar with that calming med……As long as my Mom holds me in the car I don’t get toooooo upset but I sure can’t wait to get home after being at the vet – I can tell when we turn into our driveway and start yelling “LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!”…..hahaha

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. That is nice that your Mom holds you in the car. I am usualoly driving so the kitties are in carriers.

  5. Wishing Turtle her forever home SOON! If I took in every cat I’ve been offered in the last few years, we’d have at least 50 cats! I love them all, but the reality stinks…cannot handle more financially, plus there’s that hubby problem like yours. He’s got a limit, which in my opinion is this big (holding thumb and finger apart a tiny bit) while my limit is like this (holding arms wide).

  6. We know we’re probably stating the obvious but have you tried Feliway? We not only use it in its plug-in form, but they have a spray – and also wipes. We pin the wipes to the car vent to keep it going while driving.
    We hope the Gab works for Millie!

  7. Never heard of that med. I need something to calm me once I GET to the vet. I will rip them apart. Phoebe looks very beautiful too. Is she doing her fur differently?

    1. hoebe is giving you 2 extra entries for that compliment- it made us both laugh. Maybe your Mom could ask for that med for you.

  8. We’ve been purring extra hard in hopes Turtle’s forever family will find her quickly! Or her son’s adopters would change their minds and adopt her too. Our dad says we too are at our limit (Patrol Sergeant Zuzu agrees too). We’re sending our best purrs to her!

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