May the Fourth Be With You

Hi everyone! I am not a Star Wars fan, my hubby and I are Trekkies, but I couldn’t resist a chance to show off this photo of Lucy from last year. 001 Lucy as Princess Leia. I used pinwheel cookies and yes, I ate them after the photo shoot. Lucy retaliated with a pee on the bed that night,but I guess I deserved it.

I had a few stories left to read in that Chicken Soup book so I figured I would give them a chance and it just made me more mad. I went to that author’s website and she has the story on there so here is the link. She wrote about how good her cat was to tolerate her son using him as a basketball-can you believe it ? OK, I am done my rants for now.

Please purr and prayer for Ann of Zoolatry’s Zoey who is battling eye infections:

Purrs and Prayers for ZOEY, Zoolatry BADGE



  1. TBT here: Some books just set you wrong. I read the first paragraph of Homer’s Oddessey years ago where the author mentioned having Homer’s eyes removed and I never read a word further. I just couldn’t.

    When LC first arrived in 1993, I noticed she was bumping into furniture her 2nd day. The vet said she had ear mites and eye infections and caused that goopy stuff to seal her eyes shut whenever she napped. It was all cured of course (medications and dabbing her eyes frequently with distilled water), but it left me disturbed by cat blindness.

    1. I can see why LC’s experience would turn you off of the Homer book. I am glad she was cured.

  2. Lucy is adorable there. I do remember that!

    I am so disgusted by that story, A Cat and His Boy. She should be ashamed! How could she allow a little boy to do those things and justify that the cat thought it was okay?!? Obviously it was not okay! Would she let someone do that to her son? That is abuse.

    1. I was disgusted too, I wrote to the Chicken Soup people and got a response that I will share on Friday.

  3. Ugh! What an awful story and this woman is not a cat lover at all. I have to say, the Chicken Soup humans who buy these stories do not give the humans very good terms in their contracts, so they probably don’t get very good ones. My human would have rejected that story without looking at it twice.

    I am sending lots of purrs to Zoey.

    1. I know your human would never allow a story like that. I did get a response from the Chicken Soup people that I will share on Friday.

  4. I don’t know who has said that cats are clean ! Arthur sometimes takes revenge for whatever it is on the doormats !! The picture is very cute !

  5. Did you leave a negative comment on the author’s website? I would have! Who knows, maybe we’ll read it so we can give it a bad review and spread the word to NOT read it! Nah – too many other good books to read without taking the time to read bad ones!! Lucy looks adorable. May the Fourth Be With You!!!

    1. I wrote to the CHicken Soup people because there was no way to comment on the website. I got a decent response that I will write about Friday.

  6. Princess Leia with the edible hairdo! HAHAHA Lucy was being very patient wasn’t she……well she did look very glamorous until your appetite got the best of you!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Oh, I hadn’t even noticed that “May the Fourth be with you” day had rolled around yet. Thanks for helping me stay in the loop! And, Lucy made the purrfect Princess Leia.

    This author you’ve mentioned concerns me, too. People like that are very disturbing to me, and it is so disheartening to hear stories like the ones she shares.

    And, of course, purrs and prayers to Zoey!

    1. I did write to The Chicken Soup people and got a response that I will share on Friday ( Phoebe won’t give up her Thursday). I miss my Lucy, she was the best model.

  8. I love this photo! LOL And we would have eaten the cookies too.

    1. Thank you – I am glad I am not the only one that would ( and did) eat the cookies. 🙂

    1. The Chicken Soup people wrote to me about that story and I will share what they wrote on Friday.

  9. Her won used the cat as a basketball? Now I’m pissed. Not to be confused with the payback for that cookie thing.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  10. I like to pick up cat books at garage sales and resale shops, but if they piss me off, I donate them right away, to get them out of my house! Which may limit my list of ‘cat books I hate’ that I want to post about, since the books are gone now! Lucy was a very cute Princess Leia, and you ate the cookies too!

    1. I do the same thing, I try to write reviews on Amazon of really good and really bad books. I miss my Lucy.

  11. Maybe some of these authors should come and read all of our blogs for a while, then maybe they would understand whey we don’t care for those awful tales at all. Gads:(
    They think they like cats or dogs? OK, Meowmy will stop now befur she says other bad things…MOL!

    We remember that Lucy picture with the cookie up-do! MOL!

    We will purr hard fur Zoey.

    1. I think only one of the writers was a cat blogger and her story was good, I will be following her blog now too. The Chicken Soup people wrote back to me and I will tell about that Friday, but they did admit that story was wrong.

  12. lucy…..we will all wayz love see in ewe az princess leia ~~~~~ ♥♥♥ N de food servizz gurlz still sneekin round blog land frum werk, sew may bee her shuld knot look at de linx fora wee while yet…..we all noe her haz toy let tongue….N her place oh employ iz knot de place ta let loooze ~~~~~~~

    1. You kitties are too funny. I did write to the Chicken Soup people, I will share their response on Friday.

  13. Princess Lucy-Leia is so cute! The Force is string in this one! 🙂

    That book does not sound like something I’d like to read, so thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thank you. I wrote to The Chicken Soup people, I will share their response on Friday.

  14. Lookin’ good Leia, er, I mean Lucy. And I can’t believe some people and how they treat their pets. And then write about it for all to know.

  15. I remember this picture of Lucy as Princess Leia! It’s so cute and a fun memory.

    That was interesting what Summer said about Chicken Soup and maybe makes sense why they get these kinds authors/stories. That’s such a sad shame.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, it was interesting, I never realized that.

  16. Cute Princess Leia hairdo.

    As for the story, it just goes to show that some people don’t have the common sense to keep their stupidity to themselves, let alone publish it in a book. Too bad she wasn’t spayed before breeding that miserable little human.

  17. We love the edible hairdo!!!

    OMC we can’t believe that story. How could that Mother stand by and watch her child be so cruel to the cat? We wonder how that child turned out 🙁

    The Florida Furkids

  18. Poor deer Zoey gurl….wee hope shee iss doin better now!
    An Lucy made a purrfect Purrincess Leia gurl 😉
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

    1. I miss my Lucy, she was a good sport about dressing up- Phoebe can be a little difficult.

  19. **hangss head** mee not like anyfing on mee…not even mee harness….
    This has NUFFIN to do with you mee sweet buttercup. Mee just iss a bit notty that way Phoebe….sorry…..

  20. That iss good to know Phoebe gurl…..
    Last nite mee was thee nottiest efurr an LadyMum tried to calm mee down butt mee was just plain bad. Mee keeped hollerin to go out butt shee said “NO!” as it was dark out an there are feral katss an that makess LadyMum nervuss…..mee tried to claw thee new drapess…..
    Mee to reelly mouthy with LadyMum an Bach’ss (which not werk) an Feliway not werkin….mee was inn bedroom hollerin an next fing mee herd this HUGE crashysmashy an mee new LadyMum threw sumfing.
    When shee let mee out there was her favorite kat mug inn peecess an tea all over thee place… her cryin…..
    Mee tried to ~head rub~ her butt shee berry uppyset so mee slunk off to bed…
    Today mee quiet….LadyMum has a wicked headache an shee iss still berry uppyset. An no there iss nuffin wrong with mee fizzically….it was mee beein notty…..
    ***hangsss head***
    Sum Purrince mee iss… 🙁
    humbull ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kissesss*** yur notty Purrince, Siddhartha Henry

    1. Oh-no!! That is awful. Please be a good boy. It is too bad the feral is round, maybe your Mum’s group could get it fixed and maybe find a home for it so it won’t bug you. XO and love my sweet boy- please try to be good.

      1. Mew mew mew they have tried…way too feral to even come near a live trap…
        Mee has to ‘live an let live’ mee Purrincess….
        An mee iss doin better xcept fur thee scareytime Furiday nite 😉
        ***paw kissesss*** xxxxx xxxx an ~~~head rubsss~~ yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry~~~

        1. I am so relieved that you are doing better my sweet boy. I was very worried. Love and hugs to you and your Mum.pawkisses to you too.

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