ROAR of the Week -freekatlitter and Boris’ Scavenger Hunt

As you know Wednesday is ROAR day. I just heard about another free thing you can do every day from the same place that does Freekibble. Now you can click onto -all you have to do is click on to the page and they will donate cat litter to shelters.

My ROAR of the week is more of a squeak. After the flea fiasco, I am low on funds.  I figure my choosing of Second Chance as the place for Dave’s Pet Store to send a  percentage of my purchase to will have to do this week. I actually choose them every week and I always spend quite a bit on all my cat food, wet and dry. I also purchase turtle food and lighting there as well.

I am also planning to participate in Boris the kitty’s scavneger hunt. If you are new to the blog, I donated to his cause a couple weeks ago. He is a sickly kitty, but he is always trying to help other kitties. This looks like fun, I don’t think I will get all 75 items, but I plan to do all the ones that will get donated to One by One Cat Rescue. Here is the link:

Have a nice day!




  1. Dat’s wunnewful dat yous can donate like dat. And meez will check out dis scavenger hunt fing. Meez nevew heard of it afur. As fur Free kibble, wees fink dat’s pawsum and nevew miss a day tu “click”. 🙂 Sorry yous short, weez know all ‘boout dat. Mommy sez weez liv in a state of short. MOL Hers sez so long as sis Lexi and me awe taken cawe of evewfin’ els is pointless and secondawy. 🙂

    Luv ya’


    1. Dezi- your mom is smart, I agree as long as the cats are cared for, nothing else matters.

    1. You are very welcome Boris-you do so much, it is the least I can do.

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