Happy Thursday! New Flavor of Friskies Party Mix.

Happy Thursday everyone! Not sure about you, but this week is flying by for me. I am happy to say my house is very clean as the flea issue has me vacuuming daily plus I have laundered everything ( curtains, blankets, etc.). In a way the fleas were a good thing because I wouldn’t have had the motivationย to clean that much. I tried to convince my hubby that the fleas are in the furniture and we should get rid of it and buy new stuff, but he wouldn’t fall for it ๐Ÿ™

Today is behavior day and I am curious to know how many others have this problem. My cats hate throw rugs. I can’t have one down for more than a day before someone ( usually Lucy) pees on it. They also find them a great place to vomit and poop. I try to keep one by the front door because there is a staircase there and in Feng Shui that means money will flow out of the house. Obviously, I haven’t had the rug there in a while. I just washed it again and I hope the kitties will allow it.

Same thing happens with the one in the bedroom and the kitchen. I am not sure if it is coincidence that they vomit on it or if they are that repulsed with my decorating choices. Please let me know if this happens to anyone else.

Lucy may be reviewing a book tomorrow- I bribed her with a new flavor of treats. 005Friskies Party Mix- Meow Royale ( Lobster, Steak and Shrimp). They are a hit around here.




  1. So sorry you are having a problem with throw rugs. M says that none of her kitties ever had a problem with them. One kitty used to like bu burrow under one and sit there ready to pounce whenever someone walked by. Hope you solve your issue.

  2. MOL Nope weez don’t mind fwo rugs at all. mommy dusn’t hav any at da moment as they wuz destwoyed in ow wecent flood. But mommy wuld rather us fwo up on a fwo rug than da cawpet, so meez suwe she will get sum as soon as evewyfin’ gets fixed up here and twy to diwect us to them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. Actually, it’s the opposite – they love your throw rug choices! At least, they love yours for relieving themselves on! And doesn’t the “throw” in throw rug mean you are supposed to throw up on it?

    Are they all made of the same material? I’m wondering if maybe it is the fabric that is attracting them. We kitties are very texture conscious. Seriously.

    1. Very funny Sparkle, I guess my kitties do think they are for throwing up. They are all basically the same so I guess that texture is purrfect for peeing.

  4. Sorry for your rugs ; do you have enough litter boxes in safe spots from a cat’s point of view ? Mum’s daddy had a kitty who scritched on a particular rug : he tried to put pepper on it to make it less attractive. Maybe it could work for you ? Purrs

    1. Technically, no. I know I am supposed to have one for each cat plus one extra which would total 16. I will try the pepper-thank you.

  5. ConCats. Don’t furget to take da west of da awards too, cuz weez nominated yous fur all of them. As fur puttin’ ’em on yous sidebaw, yous do dat fwum da dashboard. On da dashboard yous put yous mousey on da Appearance word and da menu will pop out. Yous then choose “Widgets” and then when in widgets, yous choose “image” and yous will have options fur where to put it., selct where yous want it to go and then fill in da blanks and save. Ifin yous need mowe help, email us and weez can walk yous fwu it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope dat helps.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you Dezi and Lexi- I didn’t realize you nominated us for all of them-how sweet. And thank you for telling me how to put the badges on the sidebar. I will try to do that tonight. You are 2 sweet kitties and your mom is sweet too XO.

  6. Hi, who would do a book review for Pawty Mix??? BOL!
    My 3 kittehs love to throw up on our Persian rug – of course. Wouldn’t dream of throwing up on the tiles.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop and we look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you even better, *waves paw* :=o

    1. Thanks for visiting our blog again- we have you listed under our favorite blogs.

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