1. Happy Independence Day! We are hoping that Sawyer comes home really soon.

  2. Happy 4th July!
    I am praying for Sawyer to return safely home.

  3. Happy 4th to the Meowing Crew and Meowing Crew’s Mom and Dad! Joanie and her kids! Praying for Sawyer every day and hoping with all that I have he returns home to his family.

  4. We hope Sawyer comes home to his furrever family. Since I found out I’ve been praying he comes home to his family.
    Joanie we love you’re celebrating the fourth with your little family & your furrever family today.
    Happy July 4, 2021.๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿงจ

    1. We are praying too. Joanie thanks you. Happy 4th from all of us. XO

    1. Thank you. We heard some nearby, but the windows were shut and the a/c on so we barely heard. XO

  5. We have been purring and praying so much for sweet Sawyer to return home safe and sound.

    We hope you all enjoyed a quiet Independence Day!

  6. Oh, Sawyer! I don’t know how I fell so far behind reading blogs and sure hope you’re home safe. I’ll visit the family with fingers crossed.

    Be well, my dears. Your posts are a treasure.

    1. He is still not home, but everyone is praying. And you are too kind, thank you for the compliment. XO

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