Guest Post Tuesday-Fat Cats and Giveaway

A couple weeks ago , I received an email from someone wanting to write a guest post. She is from Australia so her statistics are from there, but I found the article a great reminder for everyone- especially me. Thank you for this Melianie-

Β Your Cat Maybe Fat- What Can You Do About That?

Cats are definitely cuter if they are fluffier, chubbier and bigger-just like Garfield, Snowbell and others. But did you know that fat, a.k.a. obese cats , have higher risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and problems on skin, respiratory system, reproduction, to name just a few ? Don’t say your cat is not fat. According to Australian Veterinarian Association 2.4 millions cats in the OZ are considered obese. That’s 4 in 10 cats. And your cat is most likely one of them.

How to Know if Your Cat is Obese?


Ideally, domestic cats should weigh 8-10 pounds. Some breeds like Siamese and Persian cats, however, can weigh up to 12 pounds and Maine Coon cats can be as heavy at 25 pounds and still be considered normal. It’s best to check what the normal weight is for your cat and stick with that. Now if cats weigh 20% heavier than normal, then they will be considered by vets as obese.

No weighing scale? No problem! Greencross Vets suggests owners to answer these questions honestly to find out:

  • Is it difficult to feel your cat’s ribs?
  • Is your cat round- shaped with no “waist”?
  • Is your pet reluctant to move around?
  • Is your pet waddling when walking?
  • Is your cat feeling so tired easily?
  • Did someone say your cat is fat?
  • Has your pet been desexed?
  • Does your cat keep on eating as long as there is food in the bowl?

If your answer is “yes” to most of these questions, then your cat is probable fat.

It is always recommended to see a vat for a serious checkup. Most owners never take the vet’s advice seriously, though. Normally, vets will recommend helping the cat to lose 2 or so pounds. Humans go on thinking that 2 pounds will be lost on its own, like ho it normally happens to us. Its different on cats , though, because a cat’s 2 pounds is 28 pounds in humans.

How to Keep Your Cat Fit and Healthy ?

Besides the enormous expense of having unhealthy, obese cats, the extra weight they carry will be an everyday burden for their entire life. As owners, it is our responsibility to provide them with the best living condition possible. Here are some ways:

Β Don’t feed dry kibble, Choose wet canned food.

Cats are carnivores by nature.Their usual preys-rabbits, birds and mice-are mostly protein with only up to 5% calories from carbohydrates. But, the generic dry kibbles that modern domestic cats are eating for years have up to 50 % calories from carbohydrates. Dr. Lisa Pierson, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, suggests feeding our feline friends with canned food that is mostly rabbit or poultry. Fish and beef are okay, but can be problematic to some cats, who are used to eating dry food.

Many owners tend to just fill the bowl with food and then refill it when nearly empty. This should not be the case. Read the maker’s label and follow that accordingly. Concord Veterinary Hospital also recommends feeding cats only twice a day-once in the morning , and once at night. Never give more food even if they crave or plead for more.

Scratching Post

Be more active.

How much active should your cat be? Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association recommends 5 hours of physical exercise to keep a cat healthy and avoid obesity. Indoor cats do not get as much physical activities as outdoor cats, making the former prone to boredom. And boredom results to overeating. Walking your cat and letting it play in the park with other cats is the best.

But if being outdoors is not possible, you can still have fun activities indoors that will help burn those extra calories and beat boredom. Many owners play with the laser light, or throw a ball of yarn , or set up an area for play. A scratch post with extra features for fun play is a great idea for this. You can also hide a canned food somewhere and let the kitties find ’em! This will be very rewarding for your pet, without spending extra for treats.

These things are easier said/read than done. Take it slowly and surely so you and your cat don’t feel the shock of this healthy change. Too much change at once can be very overwhelming and stressful. For example, if your cat is fed 4 times a day, make it 3 for a week or so, until you get to the normal norm.

Lastly, always measure your cat’s progress-the weight, food intake, minutes of activities, etc. because those figures will always inspire you to do better. Soon, there will be no obese cat on the planet, or at least in your home.

Author Bio

Melianie Cho is a veteran blogger who specializes on various topics including pet care and pet product reviews for :Β

Melianie is also an avid pet lover with two adorable kitties.

Last week when I was decluttering some books I came across this: 015so I thought it would be great for a giveaway today. I will also add some crocheted catnip toys to: 016

Just leave a comment to be entered and I will announce a winner tomorrow.


  1. Wow! Pipo fits in that ‘cat-agory’!
    Um…yup he is fat, MOL! Wait, its not really funny.

    He is on a grain free food now, and more play time, too…
    Hope some ounces fall off…wait, he can give them to Minko who is about 6.5pounds…he needs some fleshing out:)

    1. Poor Minko is so small, I wish he would eat. I bet my Sammy is bigger than Pipo- he is 20 pounds, possible 21.

      1. Pipo varies between 14 -15 pounds. Our now angel Toki was 20 or 21 pounds….and sadly, it caused his demise at the tender age of 7.
        He developed diabetes and it was so far gone when it was discovered, we had no $$, we were traveling a lot, and no good kitty sitter other than boarding at the vet…and he was going to be unstable…so we had to make that horrible decision…..he would try to come to see us, and he couldn’t, he would collapse, and once he even fell into his water dish.
        Nope, getting too portly is not a good thing.

        1. That is so sad. I have about 5 of them that need a diet and less treats from Grammie.

  2. I think it is extremely important to plan your pet’s diet with your veterinarian, just as you do all of their healthcare. As a retired vet tech, I have seen so many trends come and go, at the expense of the pet’s health! Read, educate, and ultimately, talk to your vet.

    1. There is so much information that we can get now that it is overwhelming and I agree we should talk to the vet. I need to discuss Sammy, he could stand to lose a little weight and Tallulah and KaTwo and Prancie.

  3. We are strictly portion controlled here! As a result, no one is fat. And although Smokey (my human’s dad’s cat) isn’t fat, when she came to stay in the upstairs area of the house, my human stopped giving her dry food and she get the same premium canned food we do – plus play time with the red dot! She is still looking for a home – I’ve met her a couple of times and she seems to be getting over all the upheaval she went through.

    1. Poor Smokey, it is sad when kitties lose their humans to death. I hope she gets a happy ending.

  4. Luckily we have quite a big secure garden so our little monster/angel comes and goes through the cat flap as she pleases and seems to get plenty of exercise. She’s not particularly fond of those packets of “treats” you can buy either and sticks to her own portion-controlled cat food. We’re very lucky with her and don’t have to worry about her weight.

  5. Obese kitties or dogs – BIG problem in many ways for sure. I have to admit that when Sammy weighed 14 lbs. (his vet never pronounced him obese though – just big boned) he was more cuddly and cute. He now weighs just under 12 lbs. and when I feel his backbone, his hip bones, his shoulders and see his thin little face, it makes me just a bit sad. I suppose that’s what keeps some people overfeeding their pets – the “cute” factor. In Sam’s case, his hyperthyroidism and age is at work……but the weight loss has definitely helped with his arthritis.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I know what you mean, my Lucy has a bony back and I want to keep feeding her. The vet thinks she needs to lose a pound, but at 16, I just want her to eat. I think Sammy looks very handsome now and in his older photos. πŸ™‚

  6. Not to be contradictory, but the veterinarian’s I’ve talked to have little to no advice on nutrition or diet, other than telling me I have to buy expensive prescription stuff that has really lousy ingredients! Therefore, we took Angel and Chuck OFF all dry kibble, and have found a pretty good canned food that they both like. Here’s the kicker: the canned food company just changed from 6 oz. cans to 5.5 oz.! So, Angel and Chuck are on a surprise diet! The friendly ferals will soon be on the same diet, as the last of the 6 oz. cans are used, to be replaced with 5.5 oz. Yep, I feed the outside cats premium food too; they need to stay in tip-top form, don’t ya think?

    1. I have talked to several vets an never get the same answer which only leads to more confusion. We just need to research and do what we think is best. That is so kind of you to give the ferals high quality food, I am sure they need it especially in the winter. Too bad the cans have less now, it seems that way with everything.

  7. we wood all bee in sad sad shape if we had ta gives up R fish…..


    a grate guest post two day by melianie; thanx for sharin & best best fishes two everee one in de contest !! πŸ™‚ β™₯

  8. Great post about fat cats. I have a couple that are fat but I do believe that some cats are prone to being fat. Most of mine are just fine and get the same amount of food and probably more than the fat ones.
    You all have a great day.

    1. I agree that some are prone to it just like people ( me πŸ™ )

  9. Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting over the past few weeks. Mom promises to get her act together and start visiting and commenting again. She is still blue over losing Lily.

    1. Tell your Mom to take her time, it is very hard to lose a kitty you love so much. I am sure all of you are missing Lily.

  10. Other than Annabelle whose natural shape is ’rounded’ (because she’s a manx) the 3 amigos are all a bit on the thin side. Especially our boy Ping. There is nothing wrong but for some reason they are all less meaty. Less than Mom would like.

  11. Obesity is a growing problem for kitties in the US. Unfortunately the nutritional problems that ail humans are being transferred to our pets too. Great tips!

  12. Mee-you Lady Ellen an Purrincess Phoebe mee iss around 8-9 poundss now which iss a good weight…mee was 4.12 poundss when mee was 5 monthss old an so skinny!
    Now mee had muscless an curvess! As mee iss a Burmese wee maature slower than other breedss. So LadyMum feedss mee brekkie at 6 AM an snack at 10 AM. Suppurr iss 5-6 PM an nitetime snack iss at 10 PM. LadyMum splitss thee dailee amount innto 4 porshunss πŸ˜‰ Shee iss clevurr!
    So mee getss mee propurr amount an mee doess not feel hungree all thee time!
    Them crowshayed toyss look grate Lady Ellen; yur so tallented!
    **Paw kissess** to Purrincess Phoebe xxx
    Siddhartha Henry the ‘littul Purrince’

    1. That is smart of your Mom to split up the portions. I feed Phoebe ( and everyone too much) – they get regular meals at 7:30am and pm, the also get a mini meal at noon and 10 pm and usually treats around 3–even more treats when Grammie is here. Phoebe sends her love and paw kisses. XO

      1. Mee LadyMum could see mee had/ad a vor…voraaa…BIG appytite so shee figured splittin thee meelss up an spacin fingss out wood keep mee feelin bettur. So far so good. Mee nagss fur Greenie Treetss allot Purrincess Phoebe πŸ˜‰ LadyMum givess in most of thee time…shee iss like yur Grannie mew mew mew…
        ****paw kissess**** an mee undyin <3 LUV <3
        Yur sweet Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

          1. Mew mew mew that iss rite…mee furgot…not used to havin mee own Grammie….
            **paw kissess** Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx
            Pee S: There iss a card n stuff inn thee mail fur you mee sweet gurl <3

          2. Thank you!!! I am so excited πŸ™‚ My sweet purrince sent me a card, I will always treasure it like I do the other one and the photos you sent me too. XOXOXOX Love, Phoebes

  13. Flynn was always between 14 and 16 pounds depending on the time of year. He looked a bit too lean at 14 but maybe slightly chubby at 16 pounds. He went down to 9 1/2 pounds when he reacted badly to the antibiotics and hyperthyroidism meds. He is back up to 12 pounds now and looks much better even though he still has bony hips and spine. If he can hold this weight I will be happy. If he can put on a bit more, I will be even happier!

    1. I pray for Flynn every day- that is great that he gained some back already and hopefully will add a little more to his handsome frame.

  14. Very interesting post! I weighed in at nearly 13lbs last time I was at the vets. I have my mancatly statutory low undercarriage, but the vet says I’m fine AND I am very active (when I’m not napping!)

  15. I think some cats are heavier than others even when they are fed the same portions. Malou eats way less food than Esme but is heavier. I think everyone here looks good but I’m sure the vet wouldn’t agree! (especially if he saw Levon’s belly bowl!) πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I agree, cats must have different metabolisms just like people, no one is the same. πŸ™‚

  16. Mee-you mee sweet Rainbow gurl…mee finkss tou mite have to start a scrappybook fur all thee cardss an fotoss’ an poe-emss mee sendss you…seemss mee sendss ‘flat’ stuff mew mew mew…
    Mee furgot to fank Grammie so here iss mee offishall FANK YOU GRAMMIE here!!! <3
    Oh an mee has a questshun 'bout thee big mousie you sent mee a few weekss ago. Did it squeak or speek?? Wee were playin with Fuzzy last nite an LadyMum felt sumfing innside thee mousie… now mee iss cureeeuss!!!
    ~~head rubss~~ an ***paw kissess***
    Yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Yes, I do need a scapbook. Sammy has one for all his Cat Scout adventures. My Mom best get me one- immediately! I think the mouse chirped πŸ™‚
      XO Pawkisses my sweet purrince. Love, Phoebes.

  17. Mee-you thee mousie ISS chirpin…LadyMum played with it an it chirped..fank Buddha hee werkss!!! An yess a scrappybook soundss like a good idea πŸ˜‰
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry yur ‘littul Purrince’ xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I think I want a bulletin board, scrapbooks are nice, but I want to have a wall of your photos right near where I sleep- so I will always have you near me my sweet poetic purrince XO Love, Phoebes- paw kisses too.

  18. Oh yess a Bullytin board wood bee pawsum an it could bee put rite bye yur bed where you sleepss an restss…yur so so clevurr! Another reeson mee adoress an <3 LUVSS <3 you mee Purrincess <3
    **paw kissess** Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1. Mee iss a good poe-et beecause mee has such a wunderfull kittygurl to rite ’bout! πŸ˜‰
        **paw kissess** an ~~head rubss~~
        Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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