Ice Cream Cone

Hi everyone! We are finally getting some warm Spring weather, it got up to 74 degrees yesterday. Which made me want some ice cream which is why we have a catnip ice cream cone for the letter I.

KaTwo is checking it out.

We were on Speedy’s Disapproving Bun Day yesterday, not the kitties in bunny ears though, if you want to see what it was click here. Thank you Speedy!

Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends!


H is for Happy Pill

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? and Comedy Plus’ Awww…..Mondays Blog Hops. Today is also letter H day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. What better way to start a Monday then with a Happy Pill?

This week, I am reading James Altucher’s latest book, Reinvent Yourself.I really admire this guy because despite failing at many businesses, he never gave up. This book is filled with things he learned through failure. He also writes about things he learned from people he admires.

He says we are not just the sum of the 5 people we are with the most, but also the 5 things we read, watch, etc. He has a lot of simple, yet so wise advice. I have written about him a few times in the past. I have most of his books and reviewed one here.

Kuddos to Four- Legged Furballs’ Mom, she was the only one that noticed Polar Bear did not wear bunny ears!

B is for Banana

Hi everyone! Today is letter B day for the #A-Z Challenge.

This is supposed to be a banana, I was hoping it would look more like a Yeoww! nip nana, but it doesn’t have the curve.Don’t worry, I am not doing all fruits, tomorrow is something totally different.

We are also joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? and Comedy Plus’ Awww…. Mondays.

I just finished a great book that my hubby is reading now and my Mom plans to read too. How Would Buddha Think? : 1,501 right-intention teachings for cultivating a peaceful mind by Barbara Ann Kipfer is an easy read filled with so many wonderful things including teachings, essays and meditations.

One teaching that really stuck with me was to not become attached to expectations. How many times do we go to a party or a movie and have certain expectations? We will enjoy everything so much more by just being in the moment and not expecting anything. Sounds so simple, yet it takes effort.

C you tomorrow ūüôā A little A-Z humor.


A-Z Theme Reveal

Hi everyone! Today is the day those of us participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge can reveal our themes.   My sweet little Phoebe pretty much gave it away yesterday. I am going to crochet a cat toy ( 4 hats too) each day of the challenge. At the end of the month, I will have a giveaway and 2 lucky winners will split everything.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays Blog Hop today. I am also joining It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

I just finished a wonderful book called Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance and Joy by Debra Engle Landwehr. The author explains how we all have spirit guides with us throughout life and all we need to do is ask them for help. She refers to them as spirit guides, but I think of them as guardian angels as I am sure many do. There are meditation exercises to help us open up to them. I have never heard a message from mine, but I know they have saved me from countless accidents and bad choices.

Erin the Cat Princess was the only one that figured out what kind of car Sammy is making for the cardwood derby- good job Princess Erin!


Pet Blogger Showcase and Selfies

Hi everyone! I know you are all waiting to find out all the information I got while I was spying. ¬† First off, I found this. Sammy has been getting his car ready for The Cat Scout’s Cardwood Derby. He says his car is top secret, but I know this goes inside of it. I snapped a photo of him working on his car too. Can anyone figure out what kind of car he is building?

And I found this stuff :

  I think it has to do with the April A-Z challenge because I found an apple, banana, cork toy, donut, Easter egg, fortune cookie, goldfish and come other stuff too. The big theme reveal is tomorrow, but I think her theme is crochet.

Now, I need all your help to solve a mystery. Where are my shades? I haven’t seen anyone with them lately.

I got to see my Grammie on Saturday, I love her so very much. And guess what? My friend Bear Cat and his Momma featured me in The Pet Blogger’s Showcase. Many thanks to them.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday Blog Hop.

Guest Post Tuesday-Fat Cats and Giveaway

A couple weeks ago , I received an email from someone wanting to write a guest post. She is from Australia so her statistics are from there, but I found the article a great reminder for everyone- especially me. Thank you for this Melianie-

 Your Cat Maybe Fat- What Can You Do About That?

Cats are definitely cuter if they are fluffier, chubbier and bigger-just like Garfield, Snowbell and others. But did you know that fat, a.k.a. obese cats , have higher risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and problems on skin, respiratory system, reproduction, to name just a few ? Don’t say your cat is not fat. According to Australian Veterinarian Association 2.4 millions cats in the OZ are considered obese. That’s 4 in 10 cats. And your cat is most likely one of them.

How to Know if Your Cat is Obese?


Ideally, domestic cats should weigh 8-10 pounds. Some breeds like Siamese and Persian cats, however, can weigh up to 12 pounds and Maine Coon cats can be as heavy at 25 pounds and still be considered normal. It’s best to check what the normal weight is for your cat and stick with that. Now if cats weigh 20% heavier than normal, then they will be considered by vets as obese.

No weighing scale? No problem! Greencross Vets suggests owners to answer these questions honestly to find out:

  • Is it difficult to feel your cat’s ribs?
  • Is your cat round- shaped with no “waist”?
  • Is your pet reluctant to move around?
  • Is your pet waddling when walking?
  • Is your cat feeling so tired easily?
  • Did someone say your cat is fat?
  • Has your pet been desexed?
  • Does your cat keep on eating as long as there is food in the bowl?

If your answer is “yes” to most of these questions, then your cat is probable fat.

It is always recommended to see a vat for a serious checkup. Most owners never take the vet’s advice seriously, though. Normally, vets will recommend helping the cat to lose 2 or so pounds. Humans go on thinking that 2 pounds will be lost on its own, like ho it normally happens to us. Its different on cats , though, because a cat’s 2 pounds is 28 pounds in humans.

How to Keep Your Cat Fit and Healthy ?

Besides the enormous expense of having unhealthy, obese cats, the extra weight they carry will be an everyday burden for their entire life. As owners, it is our responsibility to provide them with the best living condition possible. Here are some ways:

¬†Don’t feed dry kibble, Choose wet canned food.

Cats are carnivores by nature.Their usual preys-rabbits, birds and mice-are mostly protein with only up to 5% calories from carbohydrates. But, the generic dry kibbles that modern domestic cats are eating for years have up to 50 % calories from carbohydrates. Dr. Lisa Pierson, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, suggests feeding our feline friends with canned food that is mostly rabbit or poultry. Fish and beef are okay, but can be problematic to some cats, who are used to eating dry food.

Many owners tend to just fill the bowl with food and then refill it when nearly empty. This should not be the case. Read the maker’s label and follow that accordingly. Concord Veterinary Hospital also recommends feeding cats only twice a day-once in the morning , and once at night. Never give more food even if they crave or plead for more.

Scratching Post

Be more active.

How much active should your cat be? Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association recommends 5 hours of physical exercise to keep a cat healthy and avoid obesity. Indoor cats do not get as much physical activities as outdoor cats, making the former prone to boredom. And boredom results to overeating. Walking your cat and letting it play in the park with other cats is the best.

But if being outdoors is not possible, you can still have fun activities indoors that will help burn those extra calories and beat boredom. Many owners play with the laser light, or throw a ball of yarn , or set up an area for play. A scratch post with extra features for fun play is a great idea for this. You can also hide a canned food somewhere and let the kitties find ’em! This will be very rewarding for your pet, without spending extra for treats.

These things are easier said/read than done. Take it slowly and surely so you and your cat don’t feel the shock of this healthy change. Too much change at once can be very overwhelming and stressful. For example, if your cat is fed 4 times a day, make it 3 for a week or so, until you get to the normal norm.

Lastly, always measure your cat’s progress-the weight, food intake, minutes of activities, etc. because those figures will always inspire you to do better. Soon, there will be no obese cat on the planet, or at least in your home.

Author Bio

Melianie Cho is a veteran blogger who specializes on various topics including pet care and pet product reviews for :

Melianie is also an avid pet lover with two adorable kitties.

Last week when I was decluttering some books I came across this: 015so I thought it would be great for a giveaway today. I will also add some crocheted catnip toys to: 016

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