Friendly Fill-Ins Week 51

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins Week 51- next week will be a full year since we started them and we appreciate and thank all who participate. Remember to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader, you can also answer in the comment section.

1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is _________________________________.

2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say ___________________________________.

3. I have a hard time                              .

4. I really enjoy                               .
My answers:
1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is An Interrupted Life: The Diaries 1941-1943 by Etty Hillesum.I reviewed this book back in September 2016.
If I had the money, I would buy the rights and get it made into a movie. I found it even more interesting than Anne Frank’s Diary because Etty was in her 20’s when this was written and was trying to find love as more of her rights were being taken away. It is so good that I haven’t finished it because I know there will be nothing else of hers to read.
2. I could afford a billboard, it would say SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!
3. I have a hard time WITH ANY KIND OF CHANGE.
4. I really enjoy BEING HOME WITH MY CATS.
And for The A-Z Blogging Challenge, we have an x-mas tree, I didn’t want to take the Christ out of Christmas, but I couldn’t think of any other X to crochet.



  1. That little tree is so sweet, you could make a woods out of them fur Christmastime:)

    A book I would like to see made into a movie is: I have no idea, all the books I might choose are already in film versions.
    2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say probably similar to yours about spay and neuter. Or maybe to adopt/rescue instead of other means.
    3. I have a hard time driving in strange places because I get lost quite easily. I even got lost using my GPS, cause I made a wrong turn due to watching the road and not hearing the direction lady when then traffic was heavy. I have no sense of direction, which makes following directions hard too.I need to see it on paper like a map. .

    4. I really enjoy classical music, especially music from the baroque or classical period. Think Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn etc… I love to listen to choral music from that time frame, we have a program on the radio each Sunday morning . I think a lot more of musical themes or stories in music could be made in to films:) (Operas, and other musicals have already been filmed…but there are lots more…) .

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I get lost easily too and I don’t even drive in traffic. I need to start listening to classical,I am sure the cats would like it too. XO

  2. So many lives were interrupted in the horror of those times, i’m not sure i could read the book at all.

    It really is okay, at least as far as i am concerned, to use the letter Chi, the Greek X, to represent Christ. The ancient Christians did so.

  3. I love your answers! I know exactly what you mean with #3, and I’m the same way. And I also have the exact same sentiment for #4. There is nothing better than being home with the furbabies! And I love the direction you went for the letter X. That’s perfect. Happy Friday!

  4. Oh wouldn’t that be great to have a bill board that says, Spay and Neuter your pets. That toy, the Christmas tree is terrific. The kitties are having such fun with their new toys. You all have a great day.

  5. Yes to your #3… ! Me too! A big yes to your answer for #2.
    1. A book I would like to see made into a movie… The Mystery of David’s Bridge by Pamela June Kimmell. It is a wonderful book and would make a great mystery movie.
    2. My billboard would say Find Friends With A Sense of Funny and Friends That Love Cats!
    3. I have a hard time with overcoming PROcrastination.
    4. I really enjoy quiet.
    Thank you Ellen and Annie!

    1. Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. Great billboard and I would love to see Pam’s book as a movie. Have a nice weekend! XO

  6. What wonderful fill in answers today. Cats are wonderful company for sure..I admit to being a wee bit envious of Madi’s ability to relax and snooze. I have a terrible time sleeping.
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. Awww..that is so sweet. Joanie sends lots of XXXXXXXX’s! So does Penny.

  7. I’m totally with you about #2. That would be the best message on billboard!
    I really enjoy being home with my cats, too. It’s the best 🙂

  8. Wow! We can’t believe it is almost a year since you started the fill-ins! Our Mama has talked about planning to participate in them . . . FOREVER! Talk about a major procrastinator! Good idea for a biilboard . .. wouldn’t it be great if we saw billboards reminding people of the importance of that message , all over cities everywhere in the world?!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I hope your Mama will decide to join the fill-ins, it is never too late. XO

  9. Cute xmas tree. Nothing wrong with fudging the rules.
    1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is any of Aunt Pauline’s books.
    2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say Don’t Declaw Your Cats. I also like the spay/neuter one.
    3. I have a hard time figuring out why I have to go to the vet when I feel fine.
    4. I really enjoy biting my peeps.

    1. Thank you for your great answers to these fill-ins. I think the billboard should say both things 🙂 I know you like to bite your peeps, KaTwo bites me sometimes and she is from New Jersey just like you.

  10. Oh the x-mas tree is adorable!!! Well done…..wondered what you would come up with for that letter. Also love your fill-ins today. I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone would say on their billboard!!

    Hugs, Pam

  11. 1) Well, I just finished “I Heard You Paint Houses”, about Jimmy Hoffa, and it’s going to be made into a movie…I’ll go see it!
    2) My billboard would be Don’t Declaw, for sure.
    3) I seem to have a hard time recognizing that my car is low on gasoline! Thank goodness The Hubby knows and keeps the tank full, otherwise I’d be on the side of the road!
    4) Sitting outside on a gentle Spring afternoon is a slice of heaven for me!

    1. Thank you for your answers I like them all. I want to read that book, I love mob stuff. Excellent billboard! I usually let the red light come on reminding me of needing gas, you can go quite far after that too 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you, I feel the same way about what you write. You are much better at expressing yourself in writing than I am though. XO

  12. Joanie is the purr-fect model! I’ve never heard of that book before – but I’m going to try to find it. We’re a lot alike … I’d prefer to be home with Bear Cat … and I don’t deal with change very well … it makes me beyond anxious!

    1. Joanie thanks you. I suffer from anxiety too as I have written before, I wouldn’t leave the house without effexor.

  13. We have #3 in common. I have a very hard time with change. I like to know what is going to happen and when, no surprises. I have to work my way up to whatever change is coming. Sudden changes make me cranky, at least until I get used to whatever it is.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

    1. I like to know what to expect too so I can be prepared. I hope you have a blessed weekend too.

  14. X is hard to find a word for. I had no idea who Xerxes was until our daughters named our cat that. Our oldest daughter seems to have a psychic connection to animals. She asked him what he wanted his name to be and then she started naming different names. She went through a host of other names before she got to Xerxes.
    Xerxes was on of the names of the king in the Bible who was married to Ester.

    I agree with you, we don’t like X in Christmas either. In fact, I won’t shop in a store that uses that in their ads. Great post. Have a great weekend.

    1. I knew about Esther, but didn’t know that Xerses was her husband. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. 1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is Station 11, by Emily St. John Mandel.

    2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say Be Kind Today.

    3. I have a hard time thinking about the future. .
    4. I really enjoy Spring! .

    1. Thank you for your fill-in answers. I like your billboard idea. I am not familiar with that book, I will look it up. Have a nice weekend!

  16. Ellen,
    1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is I can’t think of one right off. It’s been eons since I’ve read anything longer than a blog post..
    2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say EXCERCISE GOOD JUDGEMENT FOR A HAPPIER LIFE
    3. I have a hard time I know God is in control but letting go of things that trouble me lately is an issue.
    4. I really enjoy sketching my artwork for the A2Z Challenge and am looking forward to spending more time with my sketch pad.

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “X”

    1. Thank you for these great fill-in answers , I really like the billboard idea. You did a fantastic job with the sketching.

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