Friendly Fill-Ins Week 103

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. Be sure to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. I could really use ____________________.

2. ________________________ is a charity that I like to support.

3. One time, I broke                           , and                          .

4. I wish that I had                    , when I was young(er).
My answers:
1. I could really use a few extra hours in a day this week.
2. Alley Cat Allies is a charity that I like to support.
3. One time, I broke my foot, and it healed wrong so now I have a bump on the top of my right foot.
4.I wish that I had started an exercise regimen when I was younger so I wouldn’t be such a sloth now.
And now for my X on The A-Z  Blogging Challenge.
  Xeranthemum- for a photo click here.
We are also joining Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus and Create with Joy’s Friendship Friday Blog Party. You should all join in the fun too.


  1. 1. I could really use dumber mice in the yard.

    2. My treat jar is a charity that I like to support. ~ MARLEY

    3. One time, I pushed a fancy cocktail glass off the table, and I get lectured about it. But he said mainly he was worried I would step on a piece while he was scooping it up. So that was sort of OK. I still felt bad. ~ IZA .

    4. I wish that I had eaten more, when I was young(er) so I wouldn’t be be so small today around Iza. ~ AYLA

    1. Thank you for these great answers to the fill-ins. Dumber mice? I am sure your kitties can get them. Iza, your Dad just wants you to stay safe. And Ayla, you are the perfect size. XO

  2. Now who would have thought there was such a pretty flower that starts with an X.
    Prancie is wearing it well:)

    1. I could really use help to keep the house clean…and to make needed upgrades and repairs…

    2. Froggy’s Pond is a charity that I like to support. (A local shelter run/started by our vet for FIV + and other not commonly considered adoptable kitties….and they are so wrong. These kitties are all over me when I go there…they are in your face friendly. They would be ideal furry ones in forever homes…)

    3. One time, I broke a long bone in my foot…and sometimes I still feel it aching, esp in cold damp weather. .

    4. I wish that I had been given the opportunity to take piano lessons when I was young(er)…(Though I did take music lessons all through high school and many years after that. Not now anymore, and it was not on piano…)

    1. Thank you for these great answers. Help cleaning the house would be nice. And Froggy’s Pond sounds like a wonderful place, FIV + cats can live normal lives. Sorry your foot still hurts. XO

  3. My human loves to exercise, and she only got into it about 20 years ago (she was NOT a kid!). She thinks that people who consistently exercise have somehow “gotten” it, and that’s what helps them keep it up.

  4. Sloths are cute and I have about a zillion of them following me on Instagram. haha I exercised when I was young, but I have a bit of sloth in me these days, too. 🙂
    I’m sorry that your foot healed wrong. Does it still hurt?
    I think some extra hours in a week would be great!
    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. No, my foot never hurts, but there are some shoes I can’t buy. I hope you have a blessed weekend too> XO

  5. Well I knew X would be a flower but had NO IDEA WHAT KIND! I love it – perfect with your “V” Vase!! Sloths? I like them…..I’m afraid I’m one myself but I say that sloths may be slower but they eventually get where they’re going!

    Happy Friday
    Love, Pam (and Teddy Bean too)

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like the flower. You have Teddy to keep you walking, you are not a sloth. XO and love to you both

  6. Days should be longer, but still only needing 8 hours sleep — i might be able to get to more of my to do list.

    It’s never too late to start to exercise, i promise!

  7. I could really use extra hour for napping this weekend.
    I call myself a sloth, too. Hate exercise and love napping!
    Your Xeranthemum is very pretty. Have a great weekend xo

  8. I keep trying to start exercising, but then I keep stopping! Now I know why I couldn’t guess what your “X” would be–I’ve never even heard of it! They’re very pretty–both the real ones and the crocheted version. 🙂

  9. LOL, seems like we all wish there were either more hours in a day and/or more days in a week! So sorry to hear that your foot didn’t heal correctly – does it hurt to stand and/or walk? As per exercise, it’s never too late to start. I like yoga, which can be done in the privacy of one’s own home… I’e heard that goat yoga is a new ‘in thing’, but can’t imagine that it’s better than cat yoga…. you’ve probably got everything you need to begin with, but a nice non-slip yoga mat is nice (Purrseidon loves to sharpen her claws on yoga mats.)

    1. We have 2 unused yoga mats 🙂 My foot doesn’t hurt, but there are some styles of shoes I can’t wear.

  10. I exercised liked crazy when I was younger: karate, weight lifting, aerobics, attempts at jogging and by golly now that I’m older I’ve turned into a sloth myself. Yet, my weight is 112. I watch what I eat constantly and walking is now my choice of exercise.
    Love the flower!
    Angel Normie, Angel Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

    1. Walking is the best for you. Thank you. I am glad you like the flower 🙂 XO

  11. I wish we could make more time for ourselves. It flies by now that I was blessed with early retirement. ~grin~ As for exercise, I joined the local YMCA after seeing my mother’s indolent nature land her in a wheelchair. It’s a struggle to go because of my social anxiety but I always feel better for the effort. And I do enjoy the progress seen with weight lifting and swimming even if I am still fat. ~sigh~ Hope you can find some exercise you enjoy and make time to do. ~hugs~ Be well!

    1. I think it is great you exercise and you are not fat, I have seen photos. XO

  12. A few extra hours in a day would be just about the best thing right now. I love learning more about rescues, so I looked up Alley Cat Allies, and they certainly do wonderful work. I will definitely send them a donation. I have somehow managed to never break a bone, but my sister broke her toe once, and it didn’t quite heal right either. The same goes with one of her fingers. I used to hate exercising, but when I started finding activities that I actually enjoy, then I started loving it. My current favorite is kickboxing, but I also love doing dance fitness. Thank you for hosting this always fun fill-ins challenge!

    1. I think it is great you found exercise you enjoy doing, I wish I could 🙂 I am glad you like participating in the fill-ins 🙂 XO

  13. I love that pretty pink flower, but the kitty is cuter.

    Love all your answers. That exercise stuff is a hard thing. I fight with it too.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ♥

  14. Beautiful photo and great fill-ins this week! Our Mom agrees with all your fill-in answers except your foot (so sorry!), replacing it with her collarbone which looks a little crooked when she weighs less, making it stand out more.

  15. Love your flower! TW wishes the days were longer too but she still worldn’t get anything done. TW has always done a lot of walking but that’s all the exercise she does.

  16. prancie….yea… we sew knew that two dayz X waz gonna bee Xeranthemum we just dinna wanna feel or look like show offz sew we just said Xray tetra ..just like….coz !!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 ♥♥

  17. That flower is adorable! And I wish there were more hours in the day. It feels like there’s never enough time to do everything I want to do.

  18. Hidey ho….we are so late but my dad had a great day and that makes it all ok.
    Their friends came over for lunch and Bday cake

    We sure do hope your mom is feeling better
    Hugs mad your bfff

  19. I could really use two million dollars (One million for me–one million for govt taxes!)
    Northwest Harvest (food bank) is a charity I support.
    I broke dishes and plates.
    I wish that I had a dog when i was younger.

  20. I could really use a new doctor who knows what the hell he’s doin’!!! Batavia Food Pantry is a charity that I like to support. One time, I broke my mama’s nicnac & I cried all day. *My mom is in heaven. AND I wish that I had a new body, so I could start all over again and never ever take my body for granted again… especially my back.
    WOW, a flower that begins with X… GOTTA come back tomorrow for the Z… Good Luck! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I hope you get a better doctor soon. Don’t forget about Y :)I hope you have a nice weekend too! XO

  21. 1. I could really use that weed trimmer I have on order. The grass gets higher every day.

    4. I wish I had done more educationally/career-wise when I was younger. Life is so expensive.

    Prancie, you are so pretty!

    1. Thank you for your answers. I agree, life is expensive. Prancie thanks you and I agree, she is a pretty girl.

  22. Good answers, indeed! Love the kitty pic with the X flower! I must say, I was always active growing up and tried to continue. I’m here to say that it doesn’t always keep one from being a sloth! LOL! 😆

  23. Oh, we love Alley Cat Allies too. And The Female Human is always hissing about having more hours in the day. It must be a human thing. We cats have plenty of hours in our days, quite enough to eat and sleep!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  24. Ellen,

    I’m going to have to remember your ‘X’ idea to try to sketch in next year’s A2Z. Nicely done! Now, I will answer the fill-ins below:

    1. I could really use _more time this week to get things done before DH’s surgery_.
    2. ______is a charity that I like to support. (I don’t have a favorite charity)
    3. One time, I broke _my wedding glass goblet on one of our anniversaries _ , and _it broke my heart and I became paranoid or a little superstitious thinking that maybe I jinxed our marriage_. .
    4. I wish that I had _kept a daily journal_, when I was young(er).

    You mentioned wishing you had started exercising when you were younger. It’s never too late to begin but I won’t lie to you it will be more challenging because of old habits and mindset, so if you would like to add activity to your day, then start out light. The key is to stick with it. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the fill-in fun. I’m playing catch up this morning making all my return visit rounds. Have a good day and I’ll see you on the dance floor a little later. 😉

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch Xenops

    1. That would be a nice sketch. Thank you for these great answers. I am sure your marriage is solid enough to not jinx it. I hope DH’s surgery goes well. XO

  25. Sorry ’bout your foot awnty Ellen. That sounds painful. We’d have never guessed your x. Mommy says she could always use a few extra hours in every day. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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