Day 3: Still practicing-tomorrow is the official start of my blog.

I love waking up between my 2 favorite men- my hubby and my Sammy. I must admit, I love all my cats, but I do have favorites. I am sure most parents have favorites too, not that they would admit to it. Lucy is my favorite, she is 15 and I have had her for 13 years. She is a meanie to the other cats and loves to swipe at them, but she is my  only lap cat. I don’t know why most of the cats love David’s lap- I rescued all the cats and most prefer him. So Lucy is number one in my book-plus she is always willing to pose with whatever costume I put on her.  006 This photo is her most recent – for NYC Fleet week. Sammy is my favorite boy and he sleeps on my pillow( all 21 pounds of him). Then there’s Joanie, Sammy’s actual sister- she is hyper, but very sweet. Those 3 are my “posse” and are usually with me when I read on the bed.Phoebe is one of my favorites too, but she only likes to be close to me when it is raining. She is very sweet, we call her Miss Congeniality. I will write about all my kitties eventually- they all have good points and bad.  For example, Lucy likes to think outside the box- I can deal with that most of the time -unless it is on the bed 🙁 I have found ways to deal with it and I will share that information in an upcoming post.

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. Hubby and I will be doing more planting. Yesterday we got the potatoes in and some tomatoes, squash and cukes. Tomorrow is my official “opening day” of my blog. I encourage you to comment and tell me what you want to read about.

PS: Don’t forget to watch the Mad Men Mid Season Finale tonight! I love that show, my only complaint is there are no cats in it.