Day 2 of blogging-just some babble about hobbies, etc.

Hi everyone or should I just say hi me. I have had a blog for almost a day and no followers 🙁  I am just going to babble today and tomorrow then I will start Monday with some kind of order like one day cat behavior then health, play, etc.  I also love books so I will recommend cat themed books for all ages.

My hubby and I are going to plant our garden today ( weather permitting), by the end of the long weekend it will be completely planted. We do have other interests besides cats. Well, mostly David does- he loves to garden, read science fiction, make wine and learn about Astronomy. He even made birch beer a couple months ago.

I love to read, crochet, cook and shop. I love books about cats, but I read at least 6 books a week so I also read memoirs, bioagraphy, self-help and other non fiction.  I usually crochet cat toys that I donate to be sold for a dollar each- that money goes to PALS in Spencer, MA a great rescue group. I will be doing weekly ROARS to give credit to all the people out there helping cats and that will be one of the places.

I like to shop with my mom, it is our hobby and our cardio workout. Mostly, I just like to be home with my kitties- and hubby too. It is good that we are both hermits and don’t like to travel- we were truly made for each other. We have a few friends, but are very selective and anyone that is going to be our friend has to like cats. To quote Mark Twain, “when a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”