Opening Day for 15andmeowing-1st contest!

Hi readers ( all 3 of you),

First off- Happy Memorial Day to everyone- thank you to all who serve and have served.

This blog is going to have some kind of order so Monday is my Opening Day. To celebrate I am having my first giveaway. To enter all you have to do is comment on this post- if you win, I will need your address to send it to.  The prize is 3 crocheted balls that are stuffed with polyfil and homegrown and dried catnip. 003This is just a sample of what they look like. I will send you 3 different colors ( one of these and 2 others).  The contest prizes will grow as my blog does so please spread the word.

Monday is going to be about entertaining cats. They provide us with so much entertainment that we should do the same for them. Especially indoor only cats and they all should be. The best kind of play is interactive with you. There are toys you can buy like fake fishing poles or wands with feathers. Those are all fun and I have never seen a cat refuse to play with one. If you can’t afford one of those then a simmple shoelace will do- a long one.

Millie, our male cat that my husband found in the millyard, loves to help my hubby with his boots. He can’t resist any kind of shoelace. Any toys like that should be put away after play time to prevent a choking hazard. Also, many cats like to chew stuff like that and can get bowel obstructions.

Enjoy the holiday and make sure you play with your kitty.


  1. Nice blog posts! Really well written as well. I will help spread the word 🙂

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