Contest winner and thinking outside of the box.

005This is Snowball choosing a winner. 006

Being that I only had 5 entries, I decided to write each name on a paper and crumple it. Originally I was going to pick whichever piece Stinky ran to, but being a cat and all, she wouldn’t cooperate. Congratulations to Leeann and thank you to everyone that entered.

The other day, I wrote about my out of the box thinker, Lucy. Whenever a cat starts doing that, a trip to the vet is in order. I had all sorts of bloodwork done on Lucy as well as getting her urine tested. I am happy to report that her kidneys are fine ( great for a 15 yr. old cat). She had started doing that when Snowball arrived- like me, she hates any change. I tried those phermone plug ins, but they get hot and I worry about fires so I went with a spray.  I also get puppy pads and put them near the litter boxes and that works most of the time. I also carry Lucy to the bathroom twice a day to remind her to go then I can clean the mess up right away. The pads are great, but if it goes to the edge then they leak.  When I am gone out for the day with my mom, my very sweet hubby will “pee” Lucy for me ( carry her to the bathroom). That beats a hubby bringing me flowers any day.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone, although it feels like a Monday and if you are like me then you will be a day off all week.



  1. Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome contest! All of the kitties are very much enjoying the handmade toys! I will have to e-mail you some pictures of them playing with them! =^-^=

    1. You’re welcome-I am glad the toys arrived and that your kitties are enjoying them. Make sure you enter the latest contest.

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