ROAR- Great rescue group of the week

Hi everyone- all 7 of you- thank you for reading. Wednesdays are for ROARS- I love the KATY Perry song, Roar so I decided to do a weekly ROAR that will bring attention to a great rescue group or person. This week I am picking Dakin in Springfield, MA for everything they do with spay/neuter and rescue of cats, dogs and pretty much any little creature that comes through the door. As this blog grows and hopefully generates some money, I will donate to the group of the week. This week, I am bringing donations of used household items for their thrift store “Diamond in the RUFF”.  Our niece, Patti has 2 boxes and we have a box.  If anyone ever wants to declutter or needs a place to bring items after a tag sale , I can’t think of a better place to do it. The store is run by volunteers so all the money goes right to the animals.

The trick today is going to be dropping off the donations and not looking at the cats in the shelter that are waiting for adoptions. It breaks my heeart to see them in their cages- especially, the “lonely hearts club”- ones that have been waiting a long time. Now that I have this blog 15and meowing, I can’t get a number 16- plus, David is content, well, tolerant of this number.

Hope you all have a great day and please remember the thrift store if you decide to declutter.

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