Caturday Saturday and Pet Photo Fails

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop .  We are also joining The Pet Photo Fails Blog hop hosted by Melissa and Mudpie.

  Joanie gave me blooper when she shook her head with the bunny ears on and they slid down.

I used this photo to make my art with Lunapic’s VanGogh effect.

There are two puzzles today. Crystal wanted one of Joanie with Olaf. 🙂



preview99pieceImageedit 4 3113166512

preview99pieceJoanie with Olaf


  1. Gosh – for a moment we were afraid Joanie had run afoul of a ceiling fan ! Glad np cats were harmed in the making of this blooper !

  2. Joanie the arty star! Bloopers or not, these are wonderful photos and make for some great, whimsical art.

  3. Innovative way to wear bunny ears, Joanie, it could lead to a new fashion trend! Cute puzzle pictures, too!

    1. I would never torture kitties with shoulder pads- I lived through the 80’s. 🙂 XO

  4. Joanie is so cute. I don’t think any of her photos are fails! And the Art is wonderful! We can’t wait to do the puzzles. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Mom’s bummed out about her car, but she is furry happy and thankful that Cinnamon (and her) were not hurt.

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