Caturday Saturday and Pet Photo Fails

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade.  We are also joining The Pet Photo Fails Blog hop hosted by Melissa and Mudpie.

I made my art with Lunapic’s Dreaming effect.


I forgot yesterday was Tuxie Appreciation Day- my Emmy is not happy about it so I will feature her in the photo fails –

     These were from my Christmas photo shoot.


And here is this week’s puzzle:

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  1. Those are cute fails. I like the art, and thanks for the puzzle.

  2. Don’t worry about forgetting Tuxie Day, Ms Ellen. Mom only remembers our Gotcha months. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty (we still love her)

  3. Charlee: “Poor Emmy! Dada didn’t do anything for Tuxie Appreciation Day here either.”
    Lulu: “Maybe that’s because we were still working on rescuing Chaplin from the Ninja Hedgehogs.”
    Chaplin: “You can always trust a dog to make excuses for a human.”

  4. That art effect is really beautiful. I forgot about Tux Day yesterday and I wish I had featured my Oreo. Oh well, next time. She’s still a baby and won’t realize it 🙂

  5. Your artwork looks great! And happy belated Tuxie Day, Emmy! We appreciate you!

  6. Today, I had a number of photo fails trying to get a picture of my sweet cat, Motor, in front of the fireplace. Got maybe one good. The rest were her turning her back to the camera or deciding it was time to groom, lol.

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