Caturday Saturday and Pet Photo Fails


We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

I used Lunapic’s Watercolor Effect for my art. The puzzle is below.


We are also joining The Pet Photo Fails Blog hop hosted by Melissa and Mudpie.

Not sure if this was Rusty or Rudy.





  1. The Watercolor effect is perfect for a patriotic Emmy♥ Rusty or Rudy, it’s a funny fail. Little head pushing up under the hat. It’s early but I am here. I am not a morning person… Ha.

  2. Angel Emmy is patriotic to the core. She sure doesn’t flag her duties as a veteran AmeriCAT. you show ’em how it’s done, Emmy!
    And speaking on behalf of Rudy AND Rusty, just to make sure — hats off to both kitties!

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