Mancat Monday

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays Blog Hop today. Polar Bear loves this toy rat from IKEA. He has one upstairs, but this is the first thing he goes for when he is visiting downstairs. He lives upstairs with his 2 wives, but they all visit down here when supervised. He is sweet, but likes to walk up to the other kitties and whap them with those big mitts of his.

All this heat and humidity is getting to me so I am only doing one hop today. I do want to tell you about a new cat blog, I am not being paid to tell you, but I like to help new bloggers, especially when I like their mission. They want to help spread the word that cats should not be thought of as bird killers when there are plenty of other things that kill birds. Also, the strong bond between humans and cats. It is called Cats, People and the Environment.

Are My Cats Meanies?

Hi everyone! Today is 9/11, a sad day in the U.S. My thoughts are with those that perished that day and their loved ones. I took this photo in 2008 in Brooklyn:

twin towers

Today is behavior day and as I have written before, I am never at a loss for behavior problems/issues.

Poor Phoebe takes a fright whenever it rains or when the evil vacuum comes out. She always hides under the covers on the bed, she is the only kitty that does that. I don’t understand why my other cats step on her when she is hiding. They see the lump on the bed and go over and step on it or try to sit on her. Does anyone else have cats that do that?  I am just wondering if they don’t realize the bump is her or if my cats are just meanies.

014 Who would want to squish this cutie?

I will be having another contest next week. Thanks for reading everyone!

Disaster Preparedness for Cats

Good morning loyal readers today is medical day and instead of picking one issue, I thought I would write about disaster preparedness. You should always have some first aid supplies on hand as well as a carrier for each cat and a disaster plan.

You probably have most items in your home already that you would need for a cat injury. Here is a link to a great site with a list for you: I see there is one item I don’t have that I plan to get the next time I go to a drug store and that is Quikclot to stop bleeding. Amazon also has it available:

It is also a good idea to have enough pet carriers/crates to put your cats in should you have to evacuate for a fire, flood or other reason. I will admit that I have never had a fire drill, but I have thought about how I would deal with an emergency. I think if there is a fire, I am going down with the house unless I can get all 15 out safely. We don’t have 15 carriers, but we have 8 and 2 of them are big enough for 4 cats. I pray we never have to test this out.

One more safety precaution is to get a sticker/window cling for your windows listing how many pets are inside just in case the fire department ever needs to get them out. The ASPCA has a free sticker you can get, I have that link listed under my favorite links and I urge you to get one if you don’t already have one.

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003Lucy wants to be in the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island on July 4th.