Our Winnings!

Hi everyone! Mom is letting me write today too so I can tell you all about the great swag we won from Savannah. Thank you Savannah for sharing your loot with us and thank you to Cupcake, the Jack Russell that had won, but told Savvy to pass it to the next in line.

DSCF1882 This bag was filled with goodies! Mom thought she could have the bag, but we decided it makes a nice bed.

DSCF1890 Look at all this loot!

DSCF1892Sammy likes the wand toy the best

DSCF1894and so does Brody.

DSCF2073 Miss Piggy Joanie claimed these Wellness Kittles Tuna and Cranberry treats.

DSCF2088 She wanted these socks too until I explained they are for chairs so they won’t scratch the floor.

DSCF2079 (2)KaTwo loves the laser

DSCF2076There were 2 shirts for Dad, this one and a Blog Paws one.

DSCF2086Penny was happy with the box

DSCF2074and this tin filled with nip is mine all mine.

There was a lot more stuff too like a Hauspanther nip toy and cardboard toys too! And there was even a little bottle of vodka too- Mom and Dad are going to use it when they make horseradish, it keeps it better than vinegar does. There was room spray, hairball medicine, lots of food samples, can covers and a notebook for Mom. Thank you!

momma-kats-search-badge Savannah shared a story about a Momma Kat and her kittens in need of a home. It is sad, but the ending was good. Please visit and spread the word to help them get forever homes. Click here

I hope my Grammie comes to visit me soon, I love her so very much!


Toy Tuesday

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to have a little contest today. My Mom and I babysit on Thursday and Friday for my great-niece ( her great grand-daughter). We have been having a little trouble figuring out baby toys from cat and dog toys. The other day, one was in the dog’s toy basket and I picked it out. My Mom said, “that is Nora’s , give it to her” so I did and the dog was more than happy to play with it. Turns out it was a baby toy, one of the cats had knocked it off the counter into the dog’s toy basket.

Another day, I asked my niece why the baby was playing with a cat toy. She said she even double checked the tag to be sure it was a baby toy.

I have 3 photos below, the first person to identify all 3 toys correctly will win some crocheted catnip toys ( for cats). Just list the number and if you think it is a dog, cat or baby toy. Good Luck! It is trickier than it looks.

DSCF08171 DSCF08182 DSCF08193

Moose Monday

Hi everyone! Today is Moose Monday. A few months ago when the Canadian Cats returned my bikini they sent us a moose. DSCF0832 He is cute, isn’t he?  Mom wanted them to send cow kitty, but this guy is pretty nice. He came like this for easy travel: DSCF0839  Thank you Kali and Shoko.

DSCF0834  OK, I said you were cute, but back off, I have a boyfriend.

The funny thing is, my folks have never seen a moose around our house. They have seen foxes, turkeys, deer, coyotes and even a bear. Then last week, Dad saw a moose walking down the road. I guess this guy told his friends this was a moose friendly area.

Today is the day to reveal our theme for the April A-Z challenge. Our theme is cat books, Mom already has her list ready and the titles or the author’s last name will start with the letter of the day. On one day, the main kitty’s name in the book is the letter because X is a toughie. There is still time to sign up for the challenge: click here

Tomorrow we have a fun game planned so please stop by.

Treats Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have more photos from Christmas to share, these are all about treats.

037Phoebe showing off the bag from Grammie and the 3 bags from Auntie Mariann ( for everyone to share).  034 030Prancie got a bag from Grammie too.  022So did Spooky

015and Stinky

027And Millie and Penny have one to share

012Polar Bear has a big bag to share with his 2 wives.

005And Sammy has been sharing the yummy food Cat Scout Oliver sent him as part of his Secret Paws.

029022Notice all these Joanie photo bombs

( anywhere there are treats, there is Joanie)Phoebe 033

Phoebe wants Grammie to know she loves her so very much.


Inspire Me Monday

Happy Monday everyone! You all know how we love to hop, well, this week we are hopping on Monday too. Inspire Me Monday is a fun hop hosted by Create with Joy to display your creativity. If you are looking for some crafts and recipes be sure to check it out. Inspire Me MondayI had fun torturing dressing the kitties for Thanksgiving photo shoots this weekend. I crocheted little pilgrim hats for them.007

I found the instructions on Ravelry ( I combined 2 patterns). I have one pattern on Ravelry that I designed for the catnip turkey legs. Here is the link in case you want to crochet some. turkey leg

Phoebe will be starting a giveaway Thursday that includes a turkey leg and a pilgrim hat .

Poor Snowball still has no boyfriend. 041

MEME Monday

Happy Monday everyone! A very happy Monday, my niece and her hubby welcomed their daughter Rylee yesterday. I am not posting photos, but if you are my Facebook friend, I did share their photos on my page.

Mondays are fun and games day so I thought I would tell you about a fun blogging challenge coming up. I know a lot of you love to cook so you may want to sign up for a Christmas Recipe Exchange hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup

Phoebe made a MEME on the LOL Cats site phooey

She found my new costume stash for next year. Great deals at CVS and Michael’s Craft Store.

Don’t forget to comment to enter the giveaway for the Peanuts catnip mat and a  catnip pumpkin and turkey drumstick.


We are off to Dezi’s Birthday party today !

NEMO Cat Show

Happy Monday everyone! Monday is fun and games day here so I will tell you about all the fun I had at the NEMO ( New England Meow Outfit) cat show yesterday. I went to the same show last year, it as my first cat show ever, in case you missed that post, here it is: Cat Show 

Last year I dragged my Mom and as much as she loves my cats, it wasn’t her thing. This year, I met another Cat blogger there which made it a lot more fun, it was Carol from Peaches and Paprika  

I will have to wait until another post to show our photo together because I forgot to ask her if she minded if I showed it. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do, she is an amazing photographer and a very nice person too.

Last year, I got to meet Jake and his Mom of Life with Abys . She is very creative and comes up with the best costumes for the cat/owner costume contest. Jake is so smart, she had just dressed him and he decided to go potty, so he got in his cage and took off his pants to go- I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. Here he is in his costume: 024A red shirt and khakis- can anyone guess who Jake was? Carol got better photos so I hope to get a photo of Jake and his Mom from her.

There were also a lot of vendors with great prices on cat toys. We really loved this one lady’s paintings: 013( she was even sweet enough to pose)014017


She doesn’t have a website, but her name is Suzan and she can be reached at dudulasuzan@yahoo.com  Her prices were good and she also does custom paintings too.

There was a table with raffle items so I bought 3 tickets and won something 🙂 A book called All Cats Have Asperger’s, a necklace and a small plaque. I hope to get to more cat shows soon. It is so fun to be near so many cat loving people and cats.

Don’t forget to comment to be entered into our latest giveaway for breast cancer awareness:010


Chewy Review

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the United States and happy Monday for everyone else. Monday are usually fun and games day so I thought we would do a review for some treats we got from Chewy. Nothing is more fun for my kitties than getting treats. Penny called dibs on the Chewy box.


We were given the treats for free from Chewy , but the kitties are giving their honest opinion.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crunchy Naturals with Real Tuna Cat Treats, 2-oz bag

sounded so promising, they are made in the USA, grain free, no artificial colors or flavors and tuna is the #1 ingredient. I don’t usually buy fish flavors, but when I open a can of tuna, all the kitties like a taste so I figured these would be a hit.

043Phoebe was excited.045She ate them, but wasn’t begging for more. 046Joanie sucked them up like a vacuum cleaner while Sammy backed away.

050I gave Spooky 3, he tested one and popped the other 2 in his mouth at the same time. 054Millie wouldn’t touch them and he usually loves treats. 053Penny didn’t want them either. Out of 15 cats, 2 loved them ( Spooky and Joanie) and Phoebe thought they were OK and no one else would touch them. I am very surprised that Sammy and Millie didn’t want them.

They are on sale for $1.57 for a 2 ounce bag which is usually $3.49 so if your cat is a big tuna fan they are worth a try.


Enjoy the rest of your day and please cross your paws for Lucy tomorrow ( ultrasound day).


Happy Monday everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Lucy- they are definitely helping and I am very grateful fro everyone’s care and concern.

Monday is fun and games day. I think I have been having more fun than the cats. I have been having fun with Flat Madi and Sammy. 004They played Three Blind Mice on the piano. Sadly, I only recognized the first few notes because I haven’t taken a lesson in about 9 years.

006They enjoyed playing with the Frolicat Pounce that we won from Dezi ( https://dezizworld.wordpress.com/ ).

And as much as I prefer cats to babies, I have been enjoying shopping for my niece’s baby ( due October 28th). 002One is never too young to start training to be a cat lady 🙂


Madi Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and we have been having lots of fun. Flat Cat Scout Madi was here all weekend. It was rainy so Joanie played Fish with her ( Madi won)

003Phoebe showed Madi her bulletin board of her purrince:002I hope we didn’t bore her.

Our friend Billy the Time Cat sent Phoebe and I a belated birthday gift. His Mom makes really cool items out of beads and she made us each a Dr. Who coaster:004She is very talented to do all the intricate work. My big fingers can’t even text with a cell phone. Here is the link to her Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/TCAshop . She crochets too and has some nice blankets for kitties.