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Sammy is thinking, don’t jostle me when you carry me to the car.

Sammy is going to the vet for more blood work. I thought all his tests were good last week except for the thyroid. Well, there was a heartworm test that takes longer to get back and he tested positive. There is another test to see if there are any active right now. The vet said this could kill him. I am praying that nothing is active, I have read this can resolve itself too. I will be getting heartworm preventative for all at the vet today. I feel like such a bad kitty mom. I thought the risk of monthly chemicals for prevention was riskier than the chance of an indoor cat getting heartworm, but I was wrong. If you don’t already use one for your cats, I highly recommend it especially for those in areas more prone to them.

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  1. Oh, Ellen, please don’t blame yourself.You are doing what can be done, and you are warning others. Love Sammy and do all you can for him, protect your others with preventive meds, and pray for them
    all. . .just as you are. ? ? ❤

  2. Ellen, you are one of the best petmoms around. I think it is a wonderful thing to educate others with your experiences. You are all in my prayers. ❤

    Please remember that all pets should be tested before starting HW preventatives. They need to be retested after being on it, too.

    Parasites are nasty creatures. The medications to kill or prevent them are poisons. A good vet is crucial.

    1. I know that cats can’t be treated for it, but even if they already have it they can be on preventative to keep them from getting more. XO

  3. We had neffur even heard of heartworm before! Thanks to you, We can at least be on the alert.
    We are purring furry hard that the V-e-t can help Sammy.
    Love and kitty kissies to you all.

  4. The vets do not recommend heartworm preventive for cats because cats are not the proper vector for heartworm, just as people aren’t. You didn’t do anything wrong, so please do not blame yourself.

  5. We’re sorry you are having to deal with this too, but please, please, don’t be hard on yourself. We all know that as cat moms, we can only do so much, and we agree with Mimi above.

  6. Praying that they are not active heartworms……but in any case, this is not your fault – these things happen…..and are so hard to prevent. We are sending prayers and tons of POTP and will be waiting to hear GOOD news………

    Love, Pam and Teddy

  7. Oh don’t feel bad you’re doing the best you can as a cat mom. I didn’t know that either. Hope Sammy feels better. Found your blog via Cat chat with Caren and Cody.

  8. We are sending many, many purrs and prayers for Sammy! This is most certainly not your fault, Ellen. We’ll be thinking about you all and hope the test comes back with good news!

  9. I didn’t think cats could get heart worms either. Hope maybe the blood test was wrong. Certainly don’t blame yourself Ellen. I have never even thought about having any of mine tested. And I so agree with you about the preventative. I don’t like putting all the chemicals in their systems either. We sure send a whole bunch of purrs for Sammy. Keep us posted.

    1. Thank you, I will keep you posted. Cats handle them differently so it isn’t always a death sentence like it is with dogs. XO

    1. Thank you. The first test said he was exposed, this new test will let us know if any are alive in him.

  10. Ellen,

    I hope Sammy is going to be okay. What causes heartworms? My oldest daughter has four kitties. They currently are under the weather. Two of her cats, she allows outdoors. Is this something that passes from one cat to another? I’m curious now, so I’m going to ask Google. Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

  11. Oh dear…
    I and my fur sibs are sending POTP and lots of purrs to Sammy P. We pray that he will be OK. Our vet has also been advocating getting heart worm medicine for all of us. Mom is still on the fence about this.

    Scout Charles

  12. Our Angel Cerise had active heartworms back in the mid 1990’s when not much was known about them in cats. She was called the miracle kitty as she survived them! They put her on steroids and antibiotics. Even though she was an indoor kitty, mosquitoes, who carry the virus, can get inside and bite unsuspecting kitties. She and her two sisters were immediately put on the monthly heartguard with no ill effects. Sammy, we are purring for you but don’t dispair! You could be a miracle kitty too sweetie. Please keep us posted!

  13. We are purring and praying for Sammy. Please don’t blame yourself Elllen. You are the best pet Mom around.
    Huge hugs,
    Angel Normie, Angel Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  14. Oh dear! We need to worry about indoor cats getting this? You take most excellent loving care of your fur family. Sometimes stuff just happens. Fingers and paws crossed that everything comes out OK.

    I just read your antifreeze comment about your state on Caren and Cody’s blog. 17 states have legislated adding a bitter taste to antifreeze. Connecticut, where we live, is not one of them. I wrote to our state representative. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yes, we do have to worry. I am glad you are doing something to get it passed in your state too. XO

  15. Got my fingers and toes crossed that all will turn out well.

    I agree with Annie. You’re a good petmom. You’re doing what needs doing an relying on your vet to guide you though everything.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Scritches to all the babies. ♥

  16. You are not a bad mom. I debated with myself about heartworm prevention before deciding to use it. Like you, I was afraid of the risk of the chemical. Sending purrs and hugs xo

  17. No, you are not a bad cat mom! A cat we rescued from a field several years ago, Bucky, had heartworm. We were told it’s very rare for cats. He was outdoors for years so maybe that’s how he got it. This was in PA, but I don’t know what areas are prone to it. I do hope the vet finds that they aren’t active in Sammy and all goes well.

  18. shop vac……sendin de best blessingz R pal st francis haz ta offer ya get better N de next wermz ya see R fishin wermz….N tell yur mom knot ta EVEN blame
    herself…..due knot EVEN thinkz bout it……be well dood ♥♥♥

  19. Our Mama doesn’t like to give us too many preventive meds/ chemicals either unless absolutely necessary. We didn’t know indoor cats or cats in general, could get heartworm! We think it must be really rare and random and certainly not your Mama’s fault. Your Mama is the best mom ever! Hopefully the heartworm isn’t active. We are sending you lots of love and support.Keep us posted!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. poor baby, I am hoping nothing is active. I must be a bad kitty Mom too because I had my Angel Bobo for 18 years and NEVER gave him flea or heartworm (and he never had either), and Cody is 10 and I have never used either for him as well. I guess I am awful!

  21. Purrayers & POTP for Sammy ! Please don’t beat yourself over this. None of my cats have been tested either, and my vets have not suggested it. The symptoms and effects are different in cats. Hope all will turn out all right !

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Maybe your vet doesn’t suggest it because of where you live, some areas are more prone.

  22. You are not a bad cat mom, you are very caring! I hope the vet visit is good and the heartworm is inactive, or better still that the first results gave a false positive. I am sending good thoughts for Sammy.

  23. Oh awnty Ellen, NOooooo!!!! Poor Sammy. We’re sendin’ lots and lots of purrayers. We had no idea ya’ll were in an area with a mosquito purroblem. The shame is that the medicine is so costly, we can’t affurd it. But the treatment which is dangerous, is even more costly. It’s just a shame V E Ts can get away with the things they do. Anyways, we’re purrayin’. hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. I can’t blame the vet, my vet clinic always pushes the heartworm preventative, but I thought they just were trying to make money. XO

  24. EEEKKK!!! Sammy mee iss sendin **purrsss** an POTP an hope thee meddycayshun werkss fast an all will bee well. An Aunty Ellen yur a fantabuluss Kat Mum…nevurr doubt yourself!! Yur simple amazin!
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you. There is no medicine for cats with heartworm, I am praying that the test shows hew doesn’t have any and was just ewxposed. XO and chin scritches

  25. It is very rare where we live, and I’m thankful. Honestly, this is the first cat I’ve ever heard of getting heartworms. I am so sorry for you and your pack. I hope it works out for Sammy and they aren’t active. Since his is in relatively good health otherwise, that might help. How tragic. Could he have had the heartworms when you first got him?

  26. Oh dear. We’re sorry to hear about Sammy’s heartworm diagnosis. We are purring and praying that this all resolves.

    Please don’t be so hard on yourself, Ellen. You are a very good cat mom!

  27. Oh gosh, please don’t feel guilty about this. I feel the same way as you about chemicals. Everything is a balance, and sometimes it is SO hard to know what is best to do. Our vet has never recommended heartworm preventative for our cats, even when we had outdoor ones. I am curious to learn more about it and why that might be, so look forward to your post.
    I was glad to read your update about the antigen test in your post today. We are still sending warm thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thank you. I think all cats need to have preventative if there is a chance of heartworms. That was a big scare.

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